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Reinvent meetings for the hybrid workplace

Hybrid work represents a brand new frontier for many companies, but most people are still falling back to traditional but ineffective habits when it comes to meetings and communication.

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Improve the way you manage time and run meetings in the hybrid workplace

Recorded on July 27th

Featuring: John Hall, co-founder of Calendar

Adopt the right tactics and habits to be more efficient with your time and make your meetings more valuable to your company.

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How to do hybrid meetings right

Featuring: Juraj Holub, Chief Meeting Designer at Slido + Sabine Brossart, Webinar Manager at Slido

Get practical tips on how to prepare, run, and facilitate inclusive hybrid meetings that keep everyone engaged.

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How to build a great organizational culture at a hybrid company

Recorded on August 12th

Featuring: Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners

A hybrid workplace has to be a fully supported strategy in and of itself. Learn how to build a world-class culture at a hybrid organization.

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How professionals can stay visible at work (even when remote)

Recorded on August 24th

Featuring: Jessica Chen, CEO of Soulcast Media

In this fireside chat, you’ll find out how to increase your visibility and recognition in remote and hybrid work environments.

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Giving micro-feedback in the hybrid office

Recorded on September 9th

Featuring: Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead, Software Teams at Atlassian + Molly Hellerman, Global Head of CTO Operations & Innovation at Atlassian

Micro-feedback was common in the physical office, but hybrid work environments require a more intentional approach. Learn how to provide effective and impactful micro-feedback.

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Your ultimate guide to reimagining your meetings

For even more actionable tips, key insights, and best practices for executives, sales, HR, and marketing, check out our free ebook, “Reinventing meetings for hybrid work: Your ultimate guidebook to virtual meetings, presentations, and collaboration in a hybrid world.”

Featuring insights from business professionals at Slack, Slido, Zapier, and more, you’ll get everything you need to create truly compelling meetings in the hybrid office.

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