How to create a portable video production studio
Recorded on September 30, 2021

With the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces, you’ll likely find an increased need to record a video or go live from different locations. 
But — audiences will no longer tolerate grainy video and poor audio. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get a full broadcast-class setup that fits in a wheeled carry-on. 

Watch our webinar with Shawn “Doc” Rock, the Community Manager at Ecamm Network, for tips on creating your own portable production studio. You’ll learn: 

  • What fundamental equipment you’ll need 
  • How to establish a network connection on the go 
  • Best practices for lower bandwidth situations 

Watch now! 

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Shawn "Doc" Rock

Shawn “Doc” Rock is the Community Manager at Ecamm Network. He’s also a YouTuber, trainer, speaker, podcaster, moderator, and designer on a mission to positively touch a billion people’s lives by collaborating and sharing stories and ideas. He recently founded the Let’s Get Live (LGL) community, which has helped provide a rapidly expanding platform for people to help one another and learn and grow together. Connect with him on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter