Media Post

Harvard Professors Say Medium Affects Message, Influences Decisions

by Laurie Sullivan 2017

Direct Marketing News

Prezi Presents a Bright Future with Innovations, Purchases

by Alexander Neely 2017


Stop Using PowerPoint, Harvard University Says It's Damaging Your Brand And Your Company

by Paul Armstrong 2017


Scientifically speaking, Your PowerPoint Sucks

by Meg Miller 2017


The 1 Tip Key to Keeping Presentations Short and Engaging, According to This Year's TED Speakers

by Carmine Gallo 2017


6 Must-Have Tech Tools to Close More Sales

by Marc Wayshak 2017


Harvard Researchers Find Prezi App More Effective Than PowerPoint

by Chris Preimesberger 2017

Huffington Post

Conversational Presenting is Your New Best Friend in 2017

by Spencer Waldron 2016


Tools For CMOs That Are Making Outbound Marketing Hot Again

by Steve Olenski 2016

Small Business Trends

New Prezi Next Offers Audience Feedback in Real Time on Your Next Presentation

by Anthony Maina 2017


The scientific reason no one wants to see your PowerPoint presentation

by Oliver Staley 2017


Behind the Prezi Pixels

by Sarah Buhr 2015


The Automation Revolution: Or How To Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Robots

by Peter Arvai 2016


10 Tools to Streamline Your Sales Process

by Sujan Patel 2017


The 5 Advantages You Have If You're an Immigrant Entrepreneur

by Desmond Lim 2017

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