Prezi is a team of people who come together around a set of core values that guide our mission, shape our culture, and define the kind of company we want to be.


We make the world better

We go to work every morning because we believe that better communication will lead to a brighter future.

We make Prezi for everyone, because anyone’s ideas can have an impact. We strive to improve ourselves, our company, our community, and the world. We forego short-term gains that compromise our long-term mission. We realize there’s more to life than making great software.


We stand up

We strive to eliminate those moments when we look back and think, “I shouldn’t have let that go.”

We scrutinize the status quo. Mercilessly. We offer (and welcome) honest criticism. We call out those who fail to keep a promise.


We get it done

Sometimes, mountains need moving. We’ll move them one rock at a time, if that’s what it takes.

We choose our battles - we know we can’t achieve everything at once. We learn from our mistakes to avoid making them twice. We do everything necessary to deliver on our promises.


We stretch

As we reach toward our goals, we’re ready to step outside our comfort zones and acquire new knowledge and skills.

We learn to do things we’ve never done before. We try things that might seem impossible, and find out they’re not at all. We see the inherent value of potential and ambition.


We delight

We create a more beautiful future by building products with elegance and style.

We think making people smile is worth the extra effort. We want the joy of living to emanate from our products. We use empathy as our guide to producing quality work.