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New Breed

New Breed:

Commerz Direktservice

Commerz Direktservice:

”With Prezi, there’s no lapse between what I’m saying and what I’m presenting. Words and visuals just melt together. You can’t create that kind of connection with slides.”


Tearanny Street

Director of Marketing and Communications



”Slides are ineffective because our brains are trained to pause in between them, and those milliseconds make all the difference. With Prezi, the flow of concepts is clear and seamless, allowing the presenter to connect with the audience and tell a story.”


Kimberly Jones

Senior Manager, Cisco Corporate Affairs



The right platform to grab the attention of trade show attendees


”Prezi was the perfect platform to use at TEDWomen. If you're trying to change the world like me, ditch the slides.”


Sandi Tovsig

Sandi Toksvig, The Great British Baking Show





A presentation that helps you practice what you preach

”Prezi helps me convey complex points and wow my audience with sumptuous visuals. It’s a great way to stand out during presentations that really matter.”

Bennett Build

Chris Bennett

Owner Principal, Bennett Build



”Optics play a key role in our business, so Prezi was a perfect choice for our annual New Year’s meeting. The interactive nature fascinated viewers and made a wonderful, lasting impression.”


DI Peter Amend

Managing Director, Carl Zeiss GmbH Wien


”We started using Prezi and it has been very useful for our presentations. It allows you to make impressive presentations that become meaningful conversations.”


Alicia Hernández

Team Leader Learning and Capabilities Contents Factory HR, Vodafone



A presentation that moves and evolves with you

”Prezi Business gives us many advantages over slides. Its fantastic storytelling abilities let us better engage our audience and focus on exactly what matters most.”


Carlos Tadeu

Logistics Manager, Avon



What it takes to pitch your business at SXW Eco

”When I first saw Prezi, I knew it was just what Johnson Electric needed for an upcoming global learning and development program. The platform's visual output is too engaging to ignore, making it a great choice for anyone looking to break away from slides.”

Johnson Electric

Ivan Dominguez

General Manager, Americas Human Resources and Global Training and Development


”Prezi has enabled my team to have a broader conversation with our audiences. By advancing beyond a slide-based structure, we're able to bring more value and education about IBM Watson in HR & Recruiting to potential clients. I can jump around as I'm telling a story, as well as seamlessly discuss a larger portfolio of products. It's perfect.”


Ed Crowe

Solutions and Sales, IBM Talent Acquisition and Optimization

”Prezi has been stuck in my mind since I first saw it five years ago. With staying power like that, it was the obvious choice for our client-facing presentations, where engagement and retention are crucial.”


Alexandre Assis

Global Sales Director, Gelnex

SF Chamber of Commerce

SF Chamber of Commerce:

Engaging your audience from the start

”Prezi helped to bring my vision to life to communicate my story in a way that isn't possible with any other presentation software.”


Matt Millen

Senior Vice President, Revenue, Outreach.io


”Prezi showcased data, information, and imagery in a unique way that brought our sessions to life.”

World Economic Forum

Mara Sandoval

Visual Communication Lead, World Economic Forum




”Prezi Business allows Omnivore to present its multifaceted messaging conversationally. Being able to go into different storylines based on audience preference has been a key game changer.”


Tammy Smith

Director of Marketing, Omnivore

world humanitarian summit
living social


A seamless, interactive experience with customers

”We’re a cutting-edge company, and we needed our presentations to reflect that. Prezi Next was the perfect solution: a sleek, engaging, and conversational platform that allowed us to selectively share content.”


Claire Blair

Head of Marketing, ESP



A platform for your outside the box thinking

Origin bank

”Prezi allows our clients to engage on a higher level with our content. The dynamic navigation guides them through the information in a way that you can’t do with slides.”

BAL Global

Jennifer Baker

Director of Knowledge Management, Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, BAL Global



How to stand out at Dreamforce

”Prezi Business allows me to build presentations that are both linear and non-linear. I love how content can go from A to Z, but jumping back to point M can be done without breaking the presentation.”

Plastic Ingenuity

Kate Spann

Graphic Designer, Plastic Ingenuity

”Prezi’s dynamic platform allows us to emphasize the right facts at the right time. Our complex and diverse ideas can be presented simply, and in a far more impressive fashion than with slides.”


Andreas Hundt

Corporate Communications Germany, Takeda Pharma, Takeda

tgi fridays

”An internal survey showed that engagement in our quarterly Town Hall meeting increased by 35% when we switched from slides to Prezi Business. Keeping everyone’s attention was effortless with Prezi because of the interactive design”


India Meeks

Marketing & Proposal Specialist, Ventech

”Using Prezi Business means we don’t have to ’hold that thought’ or skip back and forth between slides.”

Innovation Group

Cate Cole

Learning and Development Business Partner, Innovation Group

”Like our products, our presentations must be extremely innovative and professional. Prezi answers that need by showcasing our content in a way that is as equally inventive and polished as our solutions.”


Julie Lowrance

Director of Communications, Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics and True Blue Power, Mid-Continent

”Conferences are the perfect use case for Prezi. Instead of the typical varying levels of (dis)interest you see during slide-based presentations, audiences immediately react to the platform’s innovative format.”

JH Kelly

Lane McIlvoy

Project Manager, JH Kelly

”Prezi Business is the way to go if you offer a wide range of solutions. The same presentation can be given in different ways, depending on your audience’s needs, so delivering a targeted pitch and reaching your goals becomes the standard.”


Alessia Nicolò

Marketing and Communications Manager, EMS

Commerz DirektService Employee training

Commerz DirektService Employee training:

Enhancing employee training programs for greater impact

”Conversational presenting is key in the financial services sector because it communicates complex ideas in a refreshingly clear way. Prezi empowers us present the way we operate with our clients: personal, visual, and interactive. As a tool, it is a reflection of our mission: to deliver better experiences and outcomes.”


Erik Landsness

Perigon Partners, Perigon

”Prezi gave our old sales content new life. Now we can take any message and create presentations for prospects that are vibrant and memorable.”


Birgit Bechtle

Head of Sales, Sunny Cars


”Before Prezi, our presentations and messaging were fractured. Now, we’re able to communicate with one unified voice, even though we’re spread out across the country.”

Delta Faucet

Jeff Schulte

Division Manager, Delta Faucet


”Presenting with Prezi made my story feel modern and alive. I wasn’t just transmitting information, I was sharing it in a way that was interactive and kept audience members from looking at their phones.”


Meagen Eisenberg

CMO, MongoDB

”Prezi is perfect for sales teams because it caters to their off-the-cuff style of working. By giving them a tool that’s pre-loaded with everything they need, they don’t have to worry about prep. They can have a personalized conversation with each prospect; varying interests are no longer an issue.”


Jason Hicklin

Head of Content, Unum

”The conversational element Prezi enables is key because when you let the audience choose what they want to hear, they feel like a part of the presentation. They get satisfaction from collaborating; other presentation platforms don't allow for that.”


Ellis Hall

Renewable Energy Coordinator, CNG Ltd.

”Prezi completely changed how my attendees view my presentations. Instead of zoning out, now they come up to me to say they understand the material.”


Pascal Clement

Social Innovation, UCANSS

”Using Prezi for presentations, especially as a speaker at conferences, is an incredible way to take your content to the next level. Prezi helps to tell a better, smarter story that engages your entire audience.”


Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder & CMO, Terminus

”Prezi has proved to be a great sales enablement tool, allowing us to effectively tell our story in a flexible manner, and in a way befitting one of the largest national integrated technology solution providers.”

Smartsource Rentals

Debbie Church

Marketing Coordinator, SmartSource Rentals

High Line Health

”The Prezi for Salesforce integration is a home run for me. There's immediate value in having presentation analytics recorded at the contact or lead level; it gives a clear understanding of how the content is being used over time.”

Swan Global Investments

David Lovell

Director of Marketing, Swan Global Investments


”Prezi has taken our sales presentations to the next level! The first time we used it at trade show, it proved to not only draw people into our booth, but keep conversations flowing naturally while easily bringing attention to our greatest selling points. It's the 'wow' factor that captures a prospect’s attention, and the conversational presentation we need to effortlessly tailor our discussion to particular interests. We couldn’t be more pleased with the product.”

ADD Systems

Regina Balistreri

Project Manager, ADD Systems

”Prezi allows a presenter to zoom in and reveal information. This dynamic delivery is key to storytelling; it makes your vision resonant and exciting.”


Samantha Mattingly

Digital Account Manager, Artsai

Portland GE

”The story of big data solutions is a complex one to tell, which is exactly why we chose Prezi for the job. The platform is an easy and dynamic storytelling tool -- with it we're able to create powerful narratives that lead to impactful conversations.”


Anne Legg

Director of Client Strategy, AdvantEdge Analytics

”We're so excited to introduce Prezi for our speakers' bureau. We can't wait to give them a unique and interactive platform, as well as an opportunity for better engagement with their audiences.”


Jennifer Palombi

Senior Manager, Professional and Scientific Communication, CooperVision

”If there’s a monitor in your presentation, it’s almost guaranteed that it will get the majority of the audience’s attention. Take live concerts for example: we pay to see the performer, but end up watching them on the big screen instead. Prezi AR solves this problem by allowing you, the speaker, to be placed inside your presentation. Your ‘performance’ along with your content is now delivered in a single package — and it works. Talent Swarm is all about immersive and collaborative work environments, so we couldn’t ask for a better presentation tool than this.”

Talent Swarm

Jim Novack

Founder and CEO, Talent Swarm

Womble Bond Dickinson

”Prezi definitely allows for increased creativity and flexibility when both designing and presenting information. It has a more polished look and the animations and engaging visuals give the presenter more of an opportunity to grab – and maintain – audience attention. Working on a broad canvas as oppose to a limited slide deck lets us quickly navigate to a warehouse of materials more aligned with our thought process in any given sales call situation. In an ever-changing industry where Nova has embraced a 'one size does not fit all' mentality, we need the flexibility to deliver the most appropriate messaging to clients based on their specific needs. Prezi provides us with that option.”


Jolene Zanghi

Sales & Marketing Specialist, Nova

Brunel University

”As a company that trains people to make their presentations more entertaining and reflective of their personalities, Prezi is the perfect fit for not only our clients but our own team’s talks as well.”


Sammy Wegent

CEO & Co-Founder, Speechless Inc

Neptune Radio

”We no longer have to re-invent the wheel every time we present. Now it takes hardly any time at all to create a presentation that includes all the details we need AND is customized to the client. Prezi has definitely helped keep us ahead of our competition.”

Vail Williams

Shrutika Tekawade

Marketing and PR Manager, Vail Williams


”When it came to showcasing our hardware we knew the creation of a compelling presentation was key. The obvious choice for us was to use Prezi. Prezi breathes life into our platform and adds tremendous value.”


Tom Trill

President, AGC Business Development Americas

”Prezi helps tell a story whereas slides simply deliver a technical description. By using it in place of PowerPoint, we've been able to take our presentations from static to dynamic and imagine a whole new way of communicating.”


Pasquale Cartella

Information & Communication Technology

UST Global
Harth Builders