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Revitalizing the recurring meeting

As the Wellness and Benefits Administrator for Pinnacol Assurance, Logan Shaver is constantly on the hunt for better ways to deliver content to employees. Specifically, he keeps an eye out for tips and tricks for being more engaging and memorable—a common need for those in HR. But once he saw Prezi, Logan ultimately chose an entirely new platform over best practices.

“I can deliver the exact same content in PowerPoint as I do in Prezi and the difference in terms of audience buy-in is incredible. For me, Prezi is a no-brainer.”

Logan Shaver, Wellness and Benefits Administrator, Pinnacol Assurance
Logan Shaver Wellness and Benefits Administrator
Pinnacol Assurance

What a difference a platform makes

Logan presents in two onboarding meetings per month, both of which are full of back-to-back, slide-based presentations. “Before I used Prezi for my section, I was presenting with PowerPoint,” he explained. “The problem with using slides is that they’re expected--especially for group presentations. There’s only one way to get from one slide to the next, and people are mostly tired of it.”

With Prezi, Logan was able to display an overview of categories before diving into each different subtopic (in an order based on audience preference). “The way Prezi flows keeps the audience interested,” he said. “Now they prompt me rather than the other way around. It’s more interesting for them, and it makes my job much more fun. It’s a win win.”

In addition to a more engaged in-person audience, Logan’s use of Prezi granted him a more engaged remote audience as well. “Before using Prezi, my team and I would send out a downloadable PowerPoint to those who couldn’t attend the meeting and we’d never hear anything back. Now that we send out a view link with Prezi, we get so many follow up questions and comments from our offsite viewers. It’s the same exact information as it always was, but now people are interested in it.”

Expanding success

In addition to bi-monthly onboarding meetings, Logan also used Prezi to talk about a variety of topics at optional Lunch and Learns. The difference he saw echoed the success of the onboarding sessions. People were more engaged than they were with slides, expressed more curiosity, and asked questions during and after the presentation.

“Halfway through a slideshow, no matter what, half of your audience’s eyes are glazed over,” he said. “I have not seen that one time with Prezi. Its conversational nature encourages and allows you to answer quick-fire questions. I can deliver the same exact content in PowerPoint and the difference in terms of audience buy-in is incredible. For me, Prezi is a no-brainer.”