Presentations that mean business

Finally, the selling power of Prezi backed by an entire suite of creation, collaboration, and analytics tools designed just for business teams.

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A new perspective on presenting

No other presentation platform gives you as much visual storytelling power as Prezi Business, combining spatial dimension and motion to keep your audience engaged as you guide them through your message.

Not just presentations. Conversations.

Prezi Business lets you adapt your pitch on the fly to address what matters to each customer. Skip forward, explore a side topic, or jump back to review—all without flipping through slides.

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Prezi makes our sales and client presentations flow into conversations, allowing us to interact at a whole new level

Alouette Alexander - Senior Marketing Manager

Built around building your business

Through concept, creation, delivery, and analysis, Prezi Business is a suite of tools designed for success at every stage of your pitch process.

Create as a team

Seamless collaboration

Download Prezi Business to build and edit together in real time, even when you’re continents apart.

Present anywhere

Any time, on any device

Anyone with the link to your prezi can view it in crisp HD, whether they have Prezi software or not.

Prezi Business is available for Mac and Windows

Analyze results

Optimize your efforts

Know who views your prezi, which parts of it, and for how long. Then target your message to the right people at the right time.

See live leaderboards

Track your team’s performance in real time. Use the competitive sales data to fire up productivity and motivation.

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Custom branding

You send us your fonts, logo, and colors, and we’ll make you a template you can use again and again.

Creative Services

Let our pro prezi designers turn your tired old slides into a moving presentation experience.

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