Presentations on Google Workspace just got a major upgrade - Prezi has arrived on the Google Workspace Marketplace

by Barclay Ballard 2021


How the CEO of Prezi Continues to Grow a Business That Went From 1 Million to 100 Million Users

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How Intel's Andy Grove Taught Prezi's CEO to See Into the Future

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The Verge

Prezi is releasing new video features to make virtual teaching more exciting

by Monica Chin 2020


Prezi CEO on the Future of Remote Working

by Bloomberg TV 2021


How teachers are emerging as the tastemakers of collaborative technology

by Jim Szafranski 2021


Quicktake "Take the Lead"

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Prezi introduces dynamic video teaching tools as education moves online

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Jim Szafranski Leads Prezi (And All Of Us) Into The Future Of Interactive Content

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Nasdaq Spotlight - Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi

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Prezi is adding interactive graphics for creative remote schooling — Future Blink

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Business Insider

How the CEO of a startup challenging the dominance of Microsoft Powerpoint conquered his quarantine mornings

by Juliana Kaplan 2020

5 Annoying Work-From-Home Habits You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

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Getting Smart

Selective Attention Span Shapes the Length of Effective Instructional Experiences

by David Ross 2019


The Top Ten List Of Practical Career Advice For College Graduates

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