Let a Certified Prezi Designer bring your presentation to life

Prezi and 99designs have teamed up so you can easily hire a Certified Prezi Designer who can bring your Prezi videos and presentations to life. Match with professional designers, who know Prezi Video and Present inside and out, to ensure your remote presentations are one-of-a-kind.


How it works

01 Tell us what you need

Whether it's a custom presentation, a PowerPoint conversion, or a branded template, we'll start with your project and timeline requirements and work from there.


02 Get matched with Prezi Designers

Based on the info you give us, we'll create a list of Certified Prezi Designers who can help deliver your creative vision. You pick the one who best fits your needs.


03 Bring your presentation to life

Work with your Certified Prezi Designer to unlock the potential of Prezi. You'll have the chance to review designs and give feedback until your presentation is perfect.



Just a few of the great presentations created by Certified Prezi Designers. Yours could be next!

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Template for Illumina
Prezi Video Template
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World-wide seasonal variation of 7Be related to large-scale atmospheric circulation dynamics - Mr.Prezident
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How companies are managing remote team trends
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Portfolio - New Hyatt Master
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Scale of the Universe
Prezi Classic to Prezi Next Conversion
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Why JR Butler?

Questions? Answers.

What is 99designs?

99designs is the most trusted creative platform for professional creators to find and do work online. 99designs has teamed up with Prezi to offer you the chance to request work through Certified Prezi Designer.

Who are Certified Prezi Designers?

Certified Prezi Designers are designers who have gone through (and passed) Prezi’s rigorous application process. They are best-in-class Prezi designers, and we are confident in their ability to showcase your project. With Certified Prezi Designers, we can guarantee high-quality, customized, conversational storytelling that will captivate your audience.

How much will my project cost?

Your total cost will depend on the scope and complexity of your project, as well as your timeline. When you create a project, you'll indicate your ideal timeline, and the Certified Prezi Designer(s) you select will factor this into their quote.

How am I matched with a Certified Prezi Designer?

We will find the best Certified Prezi Designer based on the specific details of your project. You’ll need to answer a few simple questions in the project brief, and we’ll recommend a few Certified Prezi Designer. They are chosen based on factors such as relevant industry experience, portfolio examples, and availability. You can then choose the Certified Prezi Designer who best represents your style and vision.

When and how do I pay?

99designs collects payment for the project up front. You would then release payment to your Certified Prezi Designer upon completion of the project.