Prezi Business is the right platform for exhibits in a trade show because it helps to grab the attention of the attendees. It's definitely a massive improvement over simple slide decks.
Dorothy Remoquillo
Global Alliance Manager, Fujitsu
Prezi Business gives us many advantages over slides. Its fantastic storytelling abilities let us better engage our audience and focus on exactly what matters most.
Carlos Tadeu
Logistics Manager, Avon
Prezi allows you to tell the story you need in order to catapult your audience into something they can relate to, rather than a deck that fails to grab their attention.
Melissa Tatoris
Retail Marketing Executive, IBM
Chupa Chups
There's nothing better than a high-impact presentation to strengthen, promote or build a brand. With Prezi Business we not only have visual support, but also the analytics to know exactly what interests our customers.
Abel Antonio Martinez Carrillo
Planning and Business Development, Chupa Chups
Innovation Group
Using Prezi Business means we don't have to 'hold that thought' or skip back and forth between slides.
Cate Cole
Learning and Development Business Partner, Innovation Group
UN World Humanitarian Summit
Prezi is a wonderful and visually-driven tool that conveys content in a contemporary way. The Prezi team did an amazing job helping IBM present our research studies to the retail industry during the NRF 2017 Show.
Patricia Waldron
Global Director, Distribution Sector Marketing, IBM
Plastic Ingenuity
Prezi Business allows me to build presentations that are both linear and non-linear. I love how content can go from A to Z, but jumping back to point M can be done without breaking the presentation.
Kate Spann
Graphic Designer, Plastic Ingenuity
JH Kelly
Conferences are the perfect use case for Prezi. Instead of the typical varying levels of (dis)interest you see during slide-based presentations, audiences immediately react to the platform's innovative format.
Lane McIlvoy
Project Manager, JH Kelly