Ever-changing messaging and a platform that can keep up

When you’re in the business of selling creative concepts before you can sell products, there’s always a variety of expectations to consider when it comes to messaging, and proposals are routinely up for inventive adjustment. Accordingly, Beth Blough, Director of Furniture Sales at Business Interiors by Staples, knew traditional slide-based tools couldn’t be the most effective approach.

“Prezi constantly pushes us to find different ways to communicate, and the better we get at using the platform, the more effective we become.”

Beth Blough, Director of Furniture Sales, Business Interiors by Staples
Beth Blough Director of Furniture Sales
Business Interiors by Staples

Giving Presentations Body Language

Coordinating core brand principles, client-specific needs, innovative design, and all their related assets, required a platform dynamic enough to keep up. When Blough saw Prezi’s extensive format support and zoomable canvas in action, she was intrigued.

The difference started with dropping files such as videos or images into a large open space rather than on a page or a slide. Blough and her team found that being able to navigate to these assets at any point in the presentation made for a much more organic, conversational pitch. Next, being able to zoom in on additional details as necessary helped keep charisma up and information overload down.

“The movement the platform lends allows a presenter to really expound on a problem or experience if needed,” she explained, noting that when you present, it’s not just about information, but also the cadence of its delivery. “Prezi essentially enables you to build an agile presentation that engages your audience by way of digital body language,” she added, “and when you’re presenting remotely, that’s extra important.”

Differentiation That Works

Today, Blough and her team use Prezi for RFPs as well. In addition to saving them the expense of going out to print, bind and mail, Blough noted that allowing potential clients to actually interact with her team’s core messaging and products has made all the difference.

Blough’s directs can send entire RFPs to potential clients with a single link, and then discuss as it’s explored. Letting the viewer control the narrative in this way and at this point in the relationship adds a level of comfort that is crucial in a first impression— particularly when the average price point of what you offer is the same amongst competitors.

“In our line of business, the way we talk about who we are, what we stand for and what we do is our primary differentiator,” she explained. “Prezi constantly pushes us to find different ways to communicate, and the better we get at using the platform, the more effective we become.”