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Fighting slide fatigue with style

When Richard Tarity, CEO of NascentHub, decided it was time to refresh his brand, he went above and beyond. In addition to a rejuvenated website, Richard knew it was time to revamp the company’s communications. In other words, it was time to ditch slides.

"I knew a lot of entrepreneurs who were using Prezi and I thought, I have to get in on this. This is the next level of presentations.”

Richard Tarity, CEO & Practical Strategist
Richard Tarity CEO & Practical Strategist

Fighting slide fatigue

The desire to escape slide fatigue was felt by Richard and his colleagues alike. As a group of strategists, their job depends on being able to tell stories through proposals to one of the toughest crowds out there: decision makers.

“We wanted to get away from PowerPoint as a group,” he explained. “A lot of people are simply conditioned to listen to a slide deck from beginning to end, so even if you have great content, there’s an immediate sense of fatigue when you share it.”

Since switching over to Prezi, ViewSat’s sales team has seen significant improvement, both in numbers and in their professionalism.

Creativity: here to save the day

Prezi Business answered the team’s needs by allowing room for their imaginations. Richard praised the platform for its flexibility, both in design and format. “I like the fact that you can be creative in Prezi; the process of building a presentation ties you closer to your content. Slides have become so canned and regimented that neither the presenter nor your audience, can really engage. Prezi is the exact opposite.”

Today, Richard and his colleagues are able to share the story of NascentHub along with their proposals using a freshly branded template. Instead of talking through a set of slides, they can respond to a prospect’s interests by zooming into different areas of the presentation. “There are lots of stops and starts now,” Richard said happily. “I get to dig into the content that really matters to each prospect, and that type of custom presentation lets me give a much more solid pitch than if I were to share the same exact same information in PowerPoint.”