Prezi Business is for sales teams

Win new business, engage more customers, and keep them interested longer with Prezi Business for your sales team—proven the most effective way to present.

Proven 25% more effective than slides

A recent study by Harvard researchers found Prezi to be more engaging, more persuasive, and overall more effective than the usual slide-based tool.

To read the study, click here.

Not just presentations. Conversations.

Prezi lets you adapt your presentations on the fly to cover the topics that interest your audience most, in any order, without pausing to search through slides.

Reach your audience anywhere

Our secure, cloud-based software lets you access your presentations on the go, on any device, with just a link. No internet? No problem. That’s where our desktop app comes in.

Analytics: Fine-tune your follow-ups

Get individual insight into who views your presentations, when they view them, and which parts interest them the most. Then target your follow-ups with precision.


Prezi has been stuck in my mind since I first saw it five years ago. With staying power like that, it was the obvious choice for our client-facing presentations, where engagement and retention are crucial.

Alexandre Assis

Global Sales Director, Gelnex


Other great features for sales teams

Live leaderboards

Track performance in real time for motivation and friendly competition.

Salesforce integration

Know when your leads are viewing and sharing your presentations.

Success manager

Onboarding, trainings, and consulting to help your team succeed fast.


No team too big. No commitment too small.

Your needs are unique and your Prezi Business package should be, too. Request a demo and talk to us about our scalable pricing options.


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