Presentation tips

How you share your message is often just as important as what you say. Try these best practices to learn how to become a more effective presenter.


How to present on video

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, whether you're talking live on a video conference or sending a recorded update. In this three-part series, Emmy Award-winner Jessica Chen shares presentation tips that'll help you present your message with ease and confidence on video.  

Setting up your space
Setting up your space
preparing the content of your video
Preparing the content of your video
body language on camera
Body language


Amp up your home studio

Make your videos look and sound more professional by setting up your own studio at home. There's no need for special equipment — simply making a few adjustments can help you feel more confident on camera and produce content that wows your audience.

video lighting
Video lighting
video background and backdrop
Video background and backdrop
video audio
Video audio


Presenting with Prezi

When you’re ready to present in front of an audience, check out the presentation tips in our training series to learn about linear vs. conversational presenting, presenting remotely, and helpful tips before you take the stage.



Storytelling with Prezi

Learn how to apply storytelling best practices to make your message resonate with and engage your audience.

brand storytelling and other types of business storytelling
Three types of business storytelling: Brand storytelling
customer and employee storytelling
Three types of business storytelling: Customer and employee storytelling
personal storytelling
Three types of business storytelling: Personal storytelling