Giving micro-feedback in the hybrid office
Recorded on September 9, 2021

Successful teams incorporate continuous feedback into their rituals. In an office, "micro-feedback" happens as a matter of course when you drop by someone's desk or run into each other while grabbing a coffee refill. But in remote settings, we must be more intentional about our interactions and feedback exchanges. And as more companies choose a hybrid work model, it’s essential to figure out how you balance feedback for employees working in the office, from home, and those who choose a mix of the two.

Watch our webinar to learn how to give micro-feedback effectively in a hybrid office. You’ll get tips from Ashley Faus, the Content Strategy Lead of Software Teams at Atlassian, and Molly Hellerman, the Global Head of Innovation Programs at Atlassian, including: 

  • How to look to the world of sports for micro-feedback inspiration 
  • How to be more intentional with your feedback, no matter where your colleagues are
  • How teams can use micro-feedback to maximize impact in a hybrid environment 

Watch now! 

Featured Speakers

Ashley Faus and Molly Hellerman

Ashley Faus is a Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian. She is a marketer, writer, and speaker by day, and a singer, actor, and fitness fiend by night. Her work has been featured in multiple publications, including TIME, Forbes, The Journal of Brand Strategy, and MarketingProfs, and she's shared insights with audiences at Harvard Business Review, INBOUND, and Content Marketing Conference.

Molly Hellerman is the Global Head of CTO Operations & Innovation at Atlassian. In this role, she drives strategic business decisions for Atlassian’s R&D team, working directly with the CTO and other company leaders to encourage, inspire, and operationalize innovation.