How management needs to evolve with the rise of hybrid work
Recorded on October 13, 2021

The 2021 Microsoft Work Trend Index report shows that 73% of surveyed workers want flexible remote work options to continue moving forward. Upper management no longer has the option to think that hybrid work environments are only a temporary situation as a result of the pandemic, and they have to start training managers to take on hybrid work as the new normal. Are you or the leaders in your organization ready to manage hybrid teams? 

Watch this webinar with Eden Liu, the Customer Success Manager at Reincubate, to learn how to prepare your managers for hybrid work, including: 

  • How leaders can tap into emotional intelligence to build rapport and offer support 
  • What tools you need to cultivate collaborative teams
  • How to find and develop the best strategies for each unique team in your organization  

Watch now! 

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Eden Liu

Eden is the head of Customer Success at Camo by Reincubate. Camo allows people to use their phone camera as a high-quality webcam to look great on video!