How to do hybrid meetings right
Aired on August 5, 2021

Moving forward, 98 percent of meetings will include participants joining remotely. That means in order to be productive, collaborative, and effective with everyone’s time, you need to change the way you run your meetings. 

Learn how to run meetings that make the most out of the hybrid work model. You’ll get insights from Juraj Holub, the Chief Meeting Designer at Slido, and Sabine Brossart, the Webinar Manager at Slido. Tune in to learn: 

  • The unique challenges of hybrid meetings
  • How to engage your audience, no matter where they are 
  • Best practices for meeting hosts and facilitators  

While the recording for this webinar is no longer available, you can get access to the slide content, along with many other helpful resources, by filling out the form. 

Featured Speakers

Juraj Holub and Sabine Brossart

Juraj Holub is the Chief Meeting Designer at Slido, which has made over 1.5M events around the world more interactive. He works with conferences like Web Summit and SXSW, as well as Fortune 500 companies by helping them transform their meetings and events. He also crossed Iceland by bicycle.

Sabine Brossart is the Webinar Manager at Slido. Her mission with Slido is simple — to get audience interaction into every meeting so that dull and inefficient touchpoints will soon be a thing of the past. She's a walking jukebox and proof that you do not need to be a tech genius to create great (virtual) experiences.