The best presentations are conversations

Research identifies collaborating with prospects as one of the top ways to win a sales pitch.1

Deliver content that goes with the flow.

Conversational presenting lets you adapt your delivery on the fly for a more relevant and engaging experience.

When a business presentation is too rigidly structured (with strictly ordered slides and a one-size-fits-all script), there’s no room for adaptability. Presenters are forced to wade through slide after slide of superfluous topics to reach the stuff that’s relevant to a particular customer. With a shift in approach, you can easily turn presentations into dialogues that are collaborative, dynamic, and engaging enough to keep viewers tuned in from beginning to end.

What would you like to focus on?
Let’s talk about…
The average buyer is over halfway through their decision-making process before they even speak to a salesperson.2

Let your audience steer the conversation.

Skip the “About Us” section and get straight to the good stuff. Let your audience decide what they want to know in the order they want to know it.

Instead of telling a story slide by slide, conversational presenting can be achieved using a single space. This space can be explored in new ways each time, just like a digital map. Imagine your entire presentation laid out with an infinite variety of route combinations to get from Point A to Point B, or Point C, or Point Z. Rather than committing a sequence of information to memory, this map-like arrangement encourages you to learn the parts of your story individually and move through them at will. You’ll feel more confident and more prepared and your audience will sense this, too.

Can we look at…
No problem.
72% of survey respondents found two-way presentations more memorable than linear ones.3

Be a presenter who’s remembered.

According to Science, our brains literally “sync up” during conversations.

No matter how terrific your content, it will fail to have an impact if your audience can’t remember it once you’ve gone. If you want to make a lasting impression, you need to deliver a message that’s memorable. Conversations do a good job of sticking with us because when we exchange dialogue with someone, our brain activity literally begins to mirror theirs. Science calls this process neural coupling, but in business you can think of it as being on the same page.

Oh, I get it now.
The future of presenting (English only)
Adam Somlai-Fischer
What is conversational presenting?
Spencer Waldron
Use Prezi Business to make every presentation a conversation.
Conversational presenting doesn’t have to be limited to an in-person experience. The Prezi Business platform allows you to create a dialogue no matter where you are.
Allow your client to hold your idea in their hand by presenting on a mobile device.
Generate a shareable link to your presentation so viewers in other locations can follow along.
Meeting rooms
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