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Increase virtual team collaboration
Increase virtual team collaboration

Hold more fun and productive kick-offs, project syncs, and team meetings with our virtual team collaboration tools. Create brilliant assets and presentations in Prezi and share them right alongside you in a virtual meeting to drive meaningful discussions. With live on-screen commenting and GIFs, your whole team can participate and share their thoughts without even having to unmute.

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Make the most of your meetings

Create engaging presentation content and display it next to you on screen, so you never lose face-time in a video meeting. Can’t make it to the meeting? Don't worry — you can record your message with Prezi Video and share it with your virtual team afterwards.

comments and edits in Prezi
Streamlined collaboration processes

No more scattered and disjointed feedback. Collaborate in real time in any virtual meeting, and add comments and feedback directly to your shared team projects in Prezi. Collaboration with your virtual team takes place in one location – your Prezi project.

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Better meetings for everyone, everywhere

Create an engaging and productive meeting experience for everyone on your team. Make and share virtual presentations that engage those who work from the office, as well as those who work from home. With on-screen GIF sharing and more ways to communicate, everyone gets an equal opportunity to interact and participate, no matter where they’re based.


Works with the top video conferencing tools

Connect your Prezi content to boost team engagement and drive conversation in any virtual team call.



Even more reasons to get Prezi for your virtual team


You’re in the driver’s seat

License management
Add or remove team members, and transfer licenses with ease.

Content ownership
Keep control of your team’s content, even when someone leaves.

Privacy control
Publishing settings and overviews let you manage who sees what.

MSI Installation
Remote software deployment gets everyone the latest versions fast.

We’re your biggest supporters

Phone and chat support
Our customer support experts are standing by to help.

Dedicated success manager
Let your personal guide get your team up and running.

Branded templates
Get your own template with your fonts, logo, and colors.

Advanced training*
Get personalized trainings and webinars, plus the option to get Prezi-certified.

*Available with software commitment minimum

Your security is our priority

SOC2 compliance
We stay compliant and constantly up-to-date with SOC2 requirements.

Continuous monitoring
We constantly scan and test our infrastructure and application.

Cross-team integration
Our security, engineering, and product teams partner with each other closely.

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Get our whole lineup of virtual team collaboration tools

Prezi Video

Prezi Video

Appear right alongside your content while presenting to your audience.

Prezi Video
Prezi Present

Prezi Present

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

Prezi Present
Prezi Design

Prezi Design

Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

Prezi Design

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a virtual team?

A virtual team is a geographically dispersed team who use email, instant messaging, file-sharing, online meetings, and other collaboration tools to work together. Virtual teams have become more common as technology allows people to communicate online effectively, and it’s the team structure that a lot of companies adopted as they worked remotely in 2020.


How do virtual teams work together?

Virtual teams use collaboration tools and asynchronous communication to work together. Since there isn’t any in-person communication, a successful virtual team needs to have strong online communication skills and trust that others on the team will be able to deliver good work on time.


Why is virtual team collaboration important?

Virtual teams don’t operate under the same constraints as traditional teams do. When it’s done successfully, collaboration among a virtual team is a lot quicker, since it can be done at any time and from any place. They’re also not limited to location when hiring, so they have the ability to find the best talent from anywhere and allow for more flexible working hours. In order to attract the top talent, businesses should focus on building a virtual team.


What are the benefits of virtual teams?

Virtual teams tend to be more cost-efficient than traditional teams because there is no office space to maintain. The lack of commute can also help employees save time and money. They’re easy to scale and grow, allowing recruiting teams to tap a global talent pool. Virtual teams can also be more productive, as employees typically have fewer distractions than in the office and have the ability to set a flexible schedule and work when it’s best for them.


What are tips for successful virtual teams?

Give your virtual team everything they need to do their jobs well, including virtual collaboration tools, multiple internal communication channels, and even home office equipment. Set clear goals and responsibilities for each member of your virtual team, and measure performance on output rather than hours spent “at work.” Recognizing your virtual team’s achievements can be really motivating and help build bonds among a team that doesn’t get to spend a lot of time together.


What makes virtual teams effective?

Effective virtual teams are able to get their jobs done while maintaining a sense of community and teamwork. They have great communication skills and are able to coordinate work around different schedules.


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