What makes Prezi so unique

Words won’t do it justice. Neither will a simple video. But here’s our best attempt at defining why Prezi is the better way to present.

Everything you need to create, present, and analyze your best presentations ever


Alone or with a team, it’s easier than ever to build beautiful presentations.

A simple, intuitive interface
In the cloud

Create and collaborate wherever you have a connection.

On your desktop

Use our app to keep working anywhere, even offline.

Prezi is available for Mac and Windows.

Completely customizable
Choose a designer template

Customize with a wide range of fonts and colors.

Import your media

Easily add your own photos, videos, and PDFs.

Make your data dazzle

Create gorgeous charts and zoom in to reveal the compelling stories behind your data with supporting text, images, or videos.

Work together, win together

Secure cloud-based collaboration means you’re always on the same page, even when you’re continents apart.


Place feedback right where it counts in the presentation.


Deliver visually stunning, interactive experiences that engage and captivate.

Reach your audience anywhere

Prezi Next is engineered for smooth, high-resolution remote presenting across all devices, even when there's no wi-fi.

Mobile Presentation Remote

Move freely about the room—and your conversational presentation—with your phone or tablet as a remote clicker.

Prezi works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Edit, practice, and present on the go

Our desktop app lets you perfect and deliver your conversational presentations even when there’s no connection.

Prezi is available for Mac and Windows.

Use Presenter View to keep your cool

Leave yourself notes, cues, and prompts only you can see while you present, so you’ll never miss a beat.


It’s what happens after your presentation that counts. Prezi Analytics breaks it all down for you.

See what's resonating

Fine-tune your content by knowing how much time viewers spend in each part of your presentation.

Know when people are viewing

A real-time meter tracks viewers as they progress through your presentation, and when they drop off.

Track who's sharing it

Get individual insight into who’s viewed your presentation, when, and for how long. Adjust your follow-up accordingly.

Get even more with integrations
Prezi with Slack makes team collaboration quick and seamless.
Know when your leads are viewing and sharing your presentations.
Are you ready to reach the Next level of presenting?