Prezi works with Webex

It’s you and your content together, in real time


• Cisco Webex Meetings Version

• Prezi Video App for Mac/ Windows

Prezi Video App

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As remote working and online learning become more commonplace, it can be difficult to choose between showing important information and maintaining a personal face-to-face connection.

Now you no longer have to choose. Prezi Video + Webex puts you and your content together on screen in real time like no other video conferencing tool can for better remote meetings, webinars, flipped classrooms, and online lectures.  



Getting started

1. Open both your Webex and Prezi Video apps. 

2. Click on “Video Conference” in the Prezi Video app.

3. Within the Webex app, click on the settings and choose Prezi Virtual Camera from the dropdown under Camera.


4. Use the Prezi Video app to control the presentation.

Note: Your video feed may look mirrored in Webex but the viewers will see the correct image that you see in the Prezi Video app.

5. When the call is done make sure to switch your camera back.


For more details, please visit our support page.