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Frequently asked questions

What is an AI presentation?

An AI presentation refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create and automate various aspects of a presentation. It leverages AI algorithms and tools to streamline the process of designing and optimizing presentations. AI can assist in the presentation design phase by suggesting visual layouts and text editing features, which is what the Prezi AI presentation maker offers. The AI-powered tool can help create aesthetically pleasing slides and ensure consistency throughout the presentation.

Whether you use AI to create visually appealing AI slides or refine and enhance content, AI plays a pivotal role in making presentations more efficient and effective. AI presentation makers like Prezi offer a range of features to meet the diverse needs of presenters across different industries and domains.

What are the benefits of AI for presentations?

The use of AI for presentations includes a wide range of applications and benefits across various fields. Here are some key uses and advantages of AI presentations:

  1. Efficient content creation: An AI presentation maker can automate the creation of slides and content, saving time and effort in the design process. This is especially useful for businesses and professionals who need to produce presentations regularly.
  2. Better visuals: AI can suggest design elements, layouts, and visual elements that enhance the overall aesthetics of a presentation. It can ensure consistency in design and make presentations visually appealing.
  3. Automation: AI for presentations can automate repetitive tasks, such as formatting and content generation, freeing up time for you to focus on content strategy and delivery.
  4. Personalization: An AI presentation maker can analyze input data and preferences to customize presentations, making them more relevant and engaging for viewers.
  5. Cost savings: By automating various aspects of presentation creation and delivery, the AI presentation maker can help you reduce costs associated with design and manual content adjustments.

In essence, AI for presentations offers a versatile set of capabilities that streamline the entire presentation creation process. It's particularly valuable in today's fast-paced and data-driven environment, where clear and engaging communication is key in different professional and educational contexts.

What does Prezi AI presentation maker mean for you?

  1. Faster creation: Don't waste time on complex design work just to get going. Turn hours of design work into just minutes of preparation with our AI presentation maker.
  2. Boundless creativity: You are never boxed in with Prezi. Our AI presentation maker uses our open-space canvas that provides you with a limitless landscape to explore and build.
  3. Visually engaging content: Prezi offers the most compelling way to present a narrative through visuals, and Prezi's AI and storytelling features will help you easily create visually compelling presentations that keep your audience's attention.

Is the Prezi AI presentation creator included in my Prezi subscription?

Yes, Prezi’s AI presentation maker is indeed included in your subscription, providing you with endless opportunities to elevate your presentations to new heights. With this innovative tool, you can swiftly turn your ideas into visually stunning presentations, complete with AI-generated content, images, and all the Prezi-goodness (think zooming frames and cinematic movement) that makes Prezi presentations the most attention-grabbing in the world.

Is the content I create with Prezi’s AI presentation tool uniquely my own?

Yes, the visuals or text enhancements you generate using Prezi's AI presentation maker are uniquely yours. While AI may assist in content creation, the unique essence and ownership of the created content inherently belong to the individual who guided and personalized the AI's creative process.

What sets Prezi’s AI presentation generator apart from other slides with AI?

What sets Prezi’s AI presentation maker apart from other AI slide tools is the perfect balance of automation and personalization, giving you ease of use and control over the creative process all in a matter of minutes. While other tools “magically” generate a one-size-fits-all output, our artificial intelligence presentation features encourage you to actively participate, so you can tailor it to fit your unique vision. 

Prezi AI enables you to create impactful presentations quickly, striking a powerful balance between efficient design and individual style, all while keeping the visual storytelling impact. Moreover, using our storytelling engine, we help you transform what normally would be a mere slide into an attention-grabbing story that resonates with your audience. Instead of a static, forgettable slide, you're guided to create a dynamic and memorable experience, filled with cinematic movements and zooming frames to focus attention; all built upon an open canvas for limitless creativity. It's not only about making presentations faster; it's about empowering you to craft a narrative on a platform that's proven to be 25% more effective and 22% more persuasive than the normal slide presentation.

Which AI can create a PowerPoint presentation?

There are various tools that can help with the creation of presentations through AI functionalities, mirroring the conventional PowerPoint format with slides. However, Prezi sets itself apart by not only allowing you to achieve a slide-based presentation effect through the addition of multiple frames on your canvas but also by offering an unparalleled open-space canvas framework. This unique feature, coupled with advanced AI text editing and visual layout capabilities, provides a more dynamic and engaging presentation experience.

What is the best AI presentation maker?

Choosing the best AI presentation maker can greatly improve your chances of creating compelling and visually appealing presentations. AI-powered presentation makers offer a range of features that can save you time, improve your design skills, and help you engage your audience effectively. While there are different AI presentation makers out there, it's important for you to first understand your specific needs. Consider factors such as the type of presentations you create (e.g., business, educational, sales), your design skills, and your preferred presentation style. Also, think about the ease of use and the type of AI assistance that best suits your workflow.

If you're looking to create highly engaging presentations that don't follow the same-old slide structure, Prezi will be a great choice for you. What makes Prezi's AI for presentations unique, is that it doesn't constrict or compromise creativity. The Prezi AI presentation maker becomes a collaborator, providing valuable recommendations. It evaluates your ideas and suggests text enhancements and narrative structures that could connect with your audience. The outcome? Attention-grabbing presentations that truly move and inspire your audience.

Can the AI presentation maker be customized to my needs?

Absolutely! Our artificial intelligence presentation features offer various visual story layouts and text editing features that you can use as a foundation to make your presentation your own. You have complete control over text, objects, images, shapes, videos, and more, making it easy to personalize your story.

How do I get started with Prezi's AI presentation maker?

Just sign up and you'll gain immediate access to all the AI presentation features. Once in, start by creating a presentation either from scratch or by selecting a suitable template from our template gallery. In the editor, click on a text element, and you'll discover the button “Ask AI” which offers a range of suggestions for how you can edit and display your text.

How do the AI features work?

Just select a text element and click on the button “Ask AI”, and Prezi AI will suggest different ways you can edit and showcase your ideas. From there, you can start customizing your text and visual layout to match your desired outcome.

Can Prezi AI help me make video presentations?

To create AI slides for a video, follow the same process as creating a regular Prezi presentation, using the AI features for text editing and layout suggestions. To convert this presentation into a video recording or present it online, navigate to the Present button at the top right corner of the editor. When you click on it, you'll see an option to record your presentation as a video. From there, choose how you want your content to appear and start recording/presenting. Alternatively, you can also import your Prezi presentation when opening the Prezi Video tool. To learn more about presenting online, read this support article.

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