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Your Microsoft Teams presentations don’t have to take place through a screen share. Prezi lets you display your content next to you on screen, so you have more facetime with your audience and the opportunity to stand out in any virtual or hybrid setting.

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keep it personal
More engaging Microsoft Teams presentations

The most engaging part of your Microsoft Teams presentation is when you’re on the screen, that’s why Prezi shows your content next to you, not in a screen share or something that blocks you from view. With more time on screen, you can build a better personal connection with your audience and deliver a more memorable and impactful presentation.

design meetings for all attendees
Give your audience more ways to interact and respond

Remote teams don’t have a physical office space to meet and get to know one another, so use your Microsoft Teams presentation as a chance to let your team interact with one another. Prezi gives your audience more opportunity to engage with your presentation by showing GIFs and on-screen reactions. They don’t even need to unmute or affect meeting time.


Start with a template
Save time and effort with designer templates, icons, and images for any topic.

Repurpose existing content
Browse shared presentations, videos, and designs you can customize as your own.

Convert your PowerPoint slides
No need to scrap those old slide decks. Simply “prezify” what you already have.

make the most of your meeting time
Record a video presentation

You can also record presentations to create more visual and engaging updates to share in your email or messaging apps. This is a great way to share your Microsoft Teams presentation with more people, even those without a free time slot on their calendars, and gives them the opportunity to watch it on their own time.


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Prezi Video

Prezi Video

Appear right alongside your content while presenting to your audience.

Prezi Video
Prezi Present

Prezi Present

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

Prezi Present
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Prezi Design

Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

Prezi Design

Frequently asked questions


How do you make a Microsoft Teams presentation?

Find hundreds of presentation templates and video presentation examples on Prezi to help you get started on your Microsoft Teams presentation. Or you can start creating your presentation in minutes with the “quick record” option in the online editor. No matter what you start with, you can adjust your content so that it appears next to you on screen. Once you’ve added all your content, connect your presentation to Microsoft Teams and start presenting.


How do you present on Microsoft Teams with Prezi?

Use the Prezi Video desktop app to upload your Microsoft Teams presentation to a meeting – either start a new Microsoft Teams meeting from the Prezi Video app or join an existing meeting. Make sure the Prezi Video Virtual Camera from the camera list is selected, and your presentation will appear next to you on screen. Use the controls in the Prezi Video app to navigate your presentation. We recommend keeping your content next to you on screen, but you can also go full screen to let your presentation take up the whole screen or hide it from view.

Get the full tutorial to learn how to present on Microsoft Teams with Prezi and discover more tips.


How do you record a Microsoft Teams presentation?

Recording your Microsoft Teams presentation is great for record keeping and for creating asynchronous presentations. While you can record your presentation through the Microsoft Teams app, you can also record your presentation in Prezi Video. This gives you greater control over the timing and delivery of your presentation, and allows you to deliver a more tailored experience for those who weren’t there in person. You can pause recording, trim your video, or save it for later. Share your presentation by sharing the video file, or create a link that you can share in any messaging and collaboration app.


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