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Make your Google Meet presentation stand out

Make your next Google Meet presentation your most engaging yet. With Prezi Video, you can show your content right alongside you as you present, so you have more on-screen time than if you share your screen. This gives you more face time with your team and the opportunity to stand out in any virtual or hybrid meeting.

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keep it personal
More time on screen = more engagement

Your audience is the most engaged when you’re on the screen, but too often, presenters are blocked by their screen share and audiences don’t see the body cues and facial expressions that make presentations more interesting. Prezi never makes you choose between face time with your audience and the content of your presentation – you display your content next to you on screen, allowing you to build a more personal connection with your audience while delivering a big visual impact.

design meetings for all attendees
The old methods of presenting don’t cut it on Google Meet

With more people working remotely and meeting virtually, your Google Meet presentations need to engage audiences on a personal level to have more lasting power. Prezi turns your Google Meet presentations into two-way conversations, letting your audience show GIFs and on-screen reactions without needing them to unmute or affect meeting time. With this simple addition, you’re able to get feedback throughout your presentation more easily and interact with audience members who may not typically speak up in meetings.


Start with a template
Save time and effort with designer templates, icons, and images for any topic.

Repurpose existing content
Browse shared presentations, videos, and designs you can customize as your own.

Convert your PowerPoint slides
No need to scrap those old slide decks. Simply “prezify” what you already have.

make the most of your meeting time
Record a video presentation

Sometimes the best option is to skip the meeting entirely and connect asynchronously. In these instances, record a video presentation instead of writing an email. Recording a video allows you to describe difficult concepts without having to write it down, which saves you time and gives your team a break from reading another dense, text-heavy email. Video presentations also give your team the opportunity to watch it when it’s most convenient for them – perfect for accommodating the more flexible schedules found in remote and hybrid work models.


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Prezi Video

Prezi Video

Appear right alongside your content while presenting to your audience.

Prezi Video
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Prezi Present

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

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Prezi Design

Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

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Frequently asked questions


How do you make a Google Meet presentation?

Find hundreds of presentation templates and video examples on Prezi to help you get started on your Google Meet presentation. Any content in Prezi can be adjusted so that it appears next to you on screen. Use Prezi’s editing tools to customize your content and make it your own, then connect your presentation to Google Meet and start presenting. If you’re short on time or want to make a simpler presentation, use the “quick record” option in the online editor.


How do you present on Google Meet with Prezi?

Use the Prezi Video desktop app to connect your presentation to a Google Meet meeting – open and make edits to your presentation in the Prezi Video app, then join your meeting in Google Meet. Once you’re in, select the Prezi Video Virtual Camera from the camera list and your presentation will appear next to you on screen. Use the controls in the Prezi Video app to navigate your presentation. Most presentations are best with your content alongside you as your present, but you can go full screen at any point to show only your content or hide it from view.

Get the full tutorial to learn how to present on Google Meet with Prezi and discover more tips.


How do you record a Google Meet presentation?

A great advantage in the modern office is the ability to work and communicate asynchronously. You can record your Google Meet presentation while you’re delivering it live in a meeting, but you can also record your presentation in Prezi Video. This gives you greater control over the timing and delivery of your presentation, and allows you to create a better asynchronous presentation for those who weren’t there in person. You can pause while recording, trim your video, or save it for later. Share your presentation in any messaging or collaboration app with a link or video file.


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