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create professionally-looking presentations
Create professional-looking virtual presentations

Create interactive virtual presentations, reports, and more to grab attention and keep it. Use templates to get started or repurpose an existing presentation with your own content.

keep it personal
Keep it personal

No more screen sharing that blocks you from view during video calls. Show your virtual presentation or content like text, video, images, and GIFs right next to you on-screen for a more memorable virtual presentation.

increase brand recognition
Increase brand recognition

Ensure your team uses the right logos, colors, and fonts on every virtual presentation when you customize your brand kit. Once your assets are in place, your Prezi brand kit automatically creates templates using your color palettes and preferred fonts.

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Make your presentations pop
Make your presentations pop

On virtual calls, where everyone is reduced to a small box, it’s more crucial than ever to stand out. Bring interactive media like GIFS and videos alongside your video feed to make a lasting impression.

make the most of your meeting time
Elevate virtual meetings

Distributed teams will mostly interact online, so make your meetings more engaging with highly visual presentations and boost participation with real-time reactions and feedback. Can’t make the meeting? Record a video and share it through messaging apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack.


Works with the top video conferencing tools

Seamlessly connect Prezi Video to a video conferencing platform of your choice and improve engagement in your virtual presentations.



Get all our virtual presentation tools

Our suite of easy-to-use products helps make anyone a great visual communicator. They’re all included with a subscription or Teams license.

Prezi Video

Appear right alongside your content in live or recorded presentations, keeping the human connection in remote meetings and videoconferences.

Prezi Design

Create stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, and infographics to make any message more compelling and easier to understand.

Prezi Present

No more clicking through slides to get to the topic you want. Navigate freely and zoom in on details to focus on what matters to your audience.



No need to start from scratch

Jump-start your amazing content with these quick, simple ways to create your best virtual presentations ever.


Virtual presentation templates

Discover stunning, fully customizable presentation templates made for everything from sales pitches and marketing reports to internal updates and employee trainings.


Presentation Gallery

There are millions of Prezi presentations out there. Check out our favorites in the Prezi Gallery.


Frequently asked questions


What is a virtual presentation?

A virtual presentation takes place online and allows you to present to people who aren’t in the same room as you. They’re convenient ways to sync with your remote and hybrid teams, but require a different set of skills than presenting in person.


How do you create a virtual presentation?

Creating a virtual presentation is a little different than making an in-person presentation, starting with one obvious difference – you need some kind of technology in order to show your presentation virtually. Most people share their presentation on a video conferencing platform. Create your virtual presentation using a tool specifically designed for the virtual format — Prezi Video, for example, incorporates visuals and content right on your screen — for the most seamless experience.


What makes a good virtual presentation?

Since your audience is attending virtually, they’re less inclined to give you their full attention (they may try to get a little work done or check their email instead). Breaking down your presentation into bite-sized chunks allows you to take multiple breaks throughout your presentation to check in with your audience. Bite-sized pieces of information are also easier to digest, and in an age of video conference fatigue, it’s best to make your virtual presentation as easy to understand as possible. Use visuals to grab their attention, and incorporate animations with GIFs and video to help convey emotion and tone.


Why are virtual presentations important?

As more people are working remotely and businesses are transitioning into a hybrid work model, virtual presentations are becoming a staple in the modern workplace. They take place online, making it so that more people are able to attend. A highly visual virtual presentation that is packed with relevant content can be even more engaging than in-person presentations and can promote better online collaboration among teams.


How do you make a virtual presentation interesting?

Unlike a traditional presentation, you don’t have the benefit of being in the room to establish a presence. In a virtual environment, presenters need to use their cameras to make a connection with their audience. Using visuals instead of text and keeping things moving along are good ways to keep your audience engaged and interested in your virtual presentation.

virtual presentation innovators
Meet the speakers of tomorrow

Prezi’s Virtual Presentation Innovators have made the transition from in-person to virtual events, and they’ve done it in style. They use Prezi Video to put their visuals next to them on-screen and create virtual presentations that can be even more engaging than traditional, in-person speaking events. Learn how they’re re-shaping the industry and get their advice for better presentations.

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