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Make online class time more meaningful
Make online class time more meaningful

Create impactful virtual learning material and display it next to you on screen, so you never lose face-time with your students. When you’re not hidden from view, you’re able to use the gestures and nonverbal cues that help students stay engaged with the lesson and retain information much better than through a basic screen share.

Create engaging flipped classrooms
Create engaging flipped classrooms

Preview the day’s lecture with a short video your students can watch beforehand, so they come to class prepared and you’re able to get the most out of your class time. Creating a video is easy – record your lesson with Prezi Video and share it with a link through email or your learning management system.

Engage your students in more ways than one
Engage your students in more ways than one

Create engaging lessons that challenge your students and drive more thoughtful conversation. Your students can use GIF reactions or type their questions directly on the screen without interrupting your lecture. Once class is over, share a video recording of the lesson for students to watch later. Assigning classwork through Prezi also allows students to create their own creative content and do group work together through shared Prezi projects.

Bring students together, wherever they are
Bring students together, wherever they are

Design online classrooms so that they’re engaging for all of your students, no matter where they’re based. Make lessons that engage both virtual and in-person students — with more ways to connect and engage, everyone at your university will feel like they’re sitting at the front of the classroom.


Works with the top virtual classroom tools

Connect your Prezi content to any video conferencing platform and work in sync with your learning management system.



You get all our visual communication tools

Prezi Video

Appear right alongside your content in live or recorded presentations, keeping the human connection in remote meetings and videoconferences.

Prezi Design

Create stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, and infographics to make any message more compelling and easier to understand.

Prezi Present

No more clicking through slides to get to the topic you want. Navigate freely and zoom in on details to focus on what matters to your audience.



Teachers make Prezi look easy. Because it is.

With designer templates for every subject, tons of reusable content, and a full library of icons and images, there’s no need to start from scratch—unless you want to.


Start with a template
Save time and effort with designer templates, icons, and images for any topic.

Repurpose existing content
Browse shared presentations, videos, and designs you can customize as your own.

Convert your PowerPoint slides
No need to scrap those old slide decks. Simply “prezify” what you already have.


Frequently asked questions


What tools do college students need?

College students are most likely turning to technology to help with their classwork. They’re attending lectures online, taking notes on their laptops, and meeting other students virtually for group projects. College students should get a note-taking app, a task or project management app for keeping track of assignments, and a virtual presentation tool like Prezi Video for presenting in online classrooms.


What software do universities use for online lessons?

Online classes almost always involve some video class time, where students and teachers can use video software to meet as they would in a traditional classroom. Teachers can create engaging lessons with the help of Prezi and connect it to the video conferencing platform available at their university. They can also use a learning management system to share content — like the professor’s lesson plans and class recordings, assigned readings, and discussion boards — and give students a place to upload assignments.


What are the best learning tools?

There’s no shortage of learning tools that you can use at your university, but the best ones will engage students while keeping your classroom organized and easy to manage. Tools like Prezi Video, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams are great learning tools because they help students and teachers connect.


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