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Live stream your content in webinars, virtual events, and online seminars to connect with audiences in real time.

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big impact on big audiences
Have a big impact on big audiences

Connect with your audience on any social media or video-sharing platform and use Prezi Video to create rich media experiences and memorable live streams.

personal engagement
Boost personal engagement

Add that one thing to your live-streamed video presentations that no one else has – you! Go live with your visuals such as text, video, images, and gifs right next to you on screen for a more personal and engaging live stream.

increase brand recognition
Increase brand exposure

Ensure your live stream is branded with the proper logos, colors, and fonts when you customize your brand kit. Once your assets are in place, your brand kit automatically creates templates using your color palettes and font styles.

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Make your presentations pop
Make your live stream pop

Interactive types of media, like GIFs and video, spruce up your content, add a little character, and can evoke an emotional reaction in your audience. Nowhere is it more important to use eye-catching imagery than in a virtual setting, where gestures and body language cues are harder to convey.


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Connect with communities in real time on social media and video platforms.



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Prezi Video

Prezi Video

Appear right alongside your content while presenting to your audience.

Prezi Video
Prezi Present

Prezi Present

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

Prezi Present
Prezi Design

Prezi Design

Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

Prezi Design

Frequently asked questions


What exactly is live streaming?

Live streaming is when you show a video online in real time, without recording it beforehand. A live stream connects one person or brand to a large audience through a social media platform or a video service.


What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live streaming is a great way to connect with a large group of your followers at the same time. You can create inclusive content that reaches out to people in remote locations who are unlikely to attend a virtual event in person. If your streaming platform allows a chat for your audience to use, you can engage them in more conversation and get feedback immediately.


How do you go live?

To go live, the most important things you need are a camera and a strong internet connection. You can live stream directly from Prezi or you can connect your Prezi content to a media platform like Facebook or YouTube and live stream your content there.


Can you watch a live stream later?

If you want to let your audience watch your live stream later, make sure you record a version of the live stream and share it with your audience. One of the benefits of live streaming is the ability to connect with your community in real time, but if that’s not possible for some, recording and sharing a video file or link is the next best thing.


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