The engagement of Prezi meets the speed and simplicity of Slack

Now teams can create, share, and collaborate on memorable, attention-getting Prezi videos and presentations from directly within Slack. All you need is a Slack account and a Prezi Teams account.


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It’s as easy as it is engaging

These are no ordinary chats. These are moving presentations, interactive designs, and videos that feature you and your visuals together on screen, and that people can view directly within Slack.


Use the content you already have

Have a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation you like? Prezi Video transforms your materials from any application into video-ready, professional-looking graphics that appear alongside you as you talk through your message.


Get up to speed, at rocket speed

Handy in-app commands let you start creating videos and collaborating on presentations directly from in Slack, while instant notifications let you know when there’s activity on a presentation, video, or design.


Want to present live in a video meeting?

Get our desktop app to show your visuals on screen with you in your next virtual meeting. Prezi Video works with your favorite video conferencing apps to bring more connection and engagement to your team in the hybrid workplace.


Many other productivity boosting features


Sharing notifications

See instant notifications whenever someone shares a presentation with you.


Real-time commenting

Receive comments on your presentation in real time via Slack.


Live edit notifications

Know instantly when someone edits your presentation.



Prezi and Slack — A great team for great teams like yours


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