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Sometimes the tools you purchase solve a single problem, and sometimes they solve a few. But the best case scenario is when a tool’s impact is felt organization-wide. Such was the case when Tom Glossop, a marketing executive at Activa Contracts, helped deploy Prezi.


Every time one of our clients sees our presentations, they’re very impressed by the journey it takes them on.

Tom Glossop

Marketing Executive, Activa Contracts


Small beginnings

Activa started out by using Prezi for a variety of meetings, both external and internal. Their custom template allowed them to create presentations that were on-brand and consistent, and a few simple tweaks could easily transform a presentation’s purpose from one to the next.

“I think Prezi presentations stand out for both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons,” explained Tom. “The navigation is more professional looking than slides because you don’t have to skip around, and as the admin I can manage and update other people’s presentations rather than sending a slide deck back and forth.”

Today, Activa uses Prezi exclusively for their presentations: End-of-year reviews, sales pitches, client meetings — you name it.

“I don’t think anyone else in our industry is using Prezi; they just haven’t caught on yet,” Tom added. “Every time one of our clients sees our presentations, they’re very impressed by the journey it takes them on.”

Big alignment

Rogue PowerPoint presentations and off-brand edits are are common pain points for marketing teams, but Tom says Prezi has put a stop to all of that. “I can keep an eye on the brand now, which allows me to track how things adapt and change over time.”

He noted that this is especially key when it comes to industry reviews. “An industry review is an evolving document,” he explained. “There’s always something new happening, and Prezi makes it easy to go back and see how our presentations have evolved to reflect that. This helps tremendously when it comes to mapping future strategies.”

The full lifecycle of a presentation

Recognizing the value in data, today Tom also makes use of Prezi Analytics for prospecting emails. “We send prospects a link to a presentation and can tell that it’s been opened, who it’s been shared with, how long it’s been viewed, what’s interesting and what isn’t. We can then iterate based on this data and send better versions of the content to a more targeted audience. Prezi gives us another dimension when trying to get in front of clients.”

Activa’s use of Prezi Analytics taps into our belief that a presentation should deliver long after the meeting is over — or even before it starts! Check out some other ways to utilize the feature here, or jump in and get started with Prezi today.


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