Prezi Video for Dropbox

Upload images directly from Dropbox to Prezi

Now you can upload images directly from Dropbox into Prezi Video and Prezi Present, making it even simpler to create engaging, highly personalized visual communications for education and business.

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Why Dropbox users love Prezi

Prezi Video keeps that face-to-face connection
Prezi Video lets you appear right alongside your graphics in live and recorded video presentations, so you never lose that face-to-face connection—even when remote.

Prezi Present lets you focus on what’s relevant
Prezi Present gives you the freedom to move about your presentation at will, zoom in on details, and show more context, whether in person or online.

It’s easy to start, easy to use

Get started quickly
Prezi Video and Prezi Present are simple to use, with designer templates to get you started fast. You can even reuse your existing presentations and slides.

Upload your images in a snap
Just choose Dropbox from the Upload Image drop-down menu, select the images you want, and upload directly into your video or presentation.

Go live or record to share later

Liven up your video calls
Go live with the Prezi Video desktop app in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet to engage audiences during video conferences, virtual lessons, curriculum nights, and more.

Make a video you’re proud of
Record as many takes as you want until you’re happy with the result. Then share your video presentation with students, clients, and colleagues using a simple link.



Prezi and Dropbox bring you closer to your audience—no matter where you are.

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Works on Mac, Windows, Chrome


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start using the Dropbox integration?

To get started, you’ll need a Prezi license. When creating a Prezi video or presentation, go to the drop-down next to the "Upload image" button. After signing in with your Dropbox credentials, you can access all your folders in your Dropbox and upload them directly.


Can I add the images and videos I already have in my Dropbox to my videos?

Yes, after logging into Dropbox (see the steps above) you’ll be able to select images in the Dropbox folders you’re used to.


Can I upload my presentations or videos directly to Dropbox?

Currently, we do not support a direct upload to Dropbox. However, you can download your videos and presentations and then upload them from your device to Dropbox.
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