The quick start guide to Prezi Video

With Prezi Video, bring any content onto the screen with you — including PPTs and Prezi presentations — for a more interactive experience for you and your audience. Say goodbye to screensharing.

Even better: It works with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, and more.



Download the desktop app

Before you dive in, please download our desktop app

to record or live stream your session in 1080p.

Download the desktop app




Get one free month

If you are interested in using Prezi Video for a virtual conference, event, or webinar, you can receive a free 1-month Prezi Video Premium account upgrade. Create an account and fill out this form with your information. Our Editorial team will email you within a week to let you know when your account has been upgraded.




Create your video

Here’s how to get started with creating your first Prezi video.



Create New Video

Build a new presentation using one of our Quick Record templates.

How-to Guide
How to create a video in the Prezi Video desktop app →

Import From Prezi

Choose from our library of video templates and import your Prezi video presentation in the desktop app.

Template Gallery
Video templates →

Import PowerPoint

Easily convert your existing slides into a Prezi video.

How-to Guide: Desktop
Turning a PowerPoint presentation into a video with the Prezi Video desktop app →


Content Creators’ Guide

Check out “A content creator’s guide to Prezi Video” to learn best practices for creating your video content and video setup from Prezi’s editors.


Go Live or record and save for later

Now that you have created your video, you can either click Video Conference to go live or Record if you want to save or share your video later.


Present your video live

This video shows you how to go live with Prezi Video in Zoom. Follow these steps to live stream and video conference with Prezi Video through Zoom, Webex, GoToWebinar, Skype, and more.

How-to Guide
Live streaming and video conferencing with Prezi Video →


TIP: Before you present live, save your Prezi video project in a .pv format on the desktop app to optimize your presentation for streaming.



Finish up your video

Once you have finished recording your video, you can trim any unwanted footage from the beginning and end and you can save the recording to your computer.

How-to Guide
How to save your video in Prezi Video →

TIP: Upload your video directly to your account to keep your content all in one place and easily share your videos with a URL.


Share and get noticed

Prezi’s Editorial team works with thought leaders like you to feature the best Prezi videos to our 100M+ registered users across our channels, including our blog (domain rating of 90), Video Gallery, email campaigns, and social channels. We’d love for your session to be one of them.


If you recorded and uploaded the session to your account and are interested in having the Prezi Editorial team promote your session, please send over your Prezi video URL.

TIP: Check that your video is public with a descriptive title, description, and tags, before you share it!



If you used Prezi Video for your live session, email the MP4 or MOV file to us with the following information:

• The title, a description, and any keyword tags you want associated with your video.

• The email address associated with your Prezi Video account

• Your express written consent as follows: “I give Prezi permission to upload my [video title] to my Prezi Video account.”





Assistance and Training

For additional assistance in getting started with Prezi Video, 
feel free
to sign up for one of our training sessions or email the Prezi Editorial team.