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We’re excited to present the Prezi Staff Picks 2022 — a collection of our favorite Prezi videos of the year from both business professionals and educators. Check out these videos for great insights, as well as design inspiration for your own content. Enjoy!  

Naba, Content Editor


How to create superfans


Why we love it
Brittany uses strong visuals to explain how you can use the “SUPER” model to create superfans in any industry. She also incorporates clever color coding and iconography to really help her audience understand and remember the concept. . 

How to manage your time


Why we love itJennifer breaks down her tips for better time management in clear steps, going from monthly goals to weekly schedules and daily to-do lists. We especially like that she shows off her actual calendar next to her on-screen text — something that’s only possible in Prezi Video.

How to get your message across quickly


Why we love it
Paula stresses the importance of the “soundbite” in your presentations, and she does this expertly with the help of fun GIFs and effectively using full-screen visuals to drive home her points. She definitely knows how to capture attention! 

How to work with visuals


Why we love it
Paul explains the power of visuals by…well, using excellent visuals. As he goes through the importance of relevancy, meaning, and focus in your visuals, he layers images, then GIFs, then even more GIFs (hey, we can’t get enough of those!), and even video to great effect. 

How to navigate (remote) office politics


Why we love it
There’s a lot to unpack behind the thorny world of office politics — even when there’s no office. Nikhil does a fantastic job of exploring all the different aspects of remote work dynamics, and cleverly swaps out images over his main point to highlight his advice without losing focus.  

How to share your vision


Why we love itAt the end of the day, the goal of teaching is to better the lives of students, and Vincent brings that human element front and center in his vision of learning statement video. By staying on screen next to his visuals, he can clearly explain the reasoning for his vision without coming across as distant or insincere.

How to boost sales with LinkedIn


Why we love itSalina effectively shares her actionable tips for using LinkedIn videos to drive sales by using an easy-to-follow structure and real-life examples. Then, she uses just enough animated visuals to draw attention to her most important points without being distracting.

How to design surveys


Why we love it
Dan offers excellent advice on things you need to consider when designing surveys, including question types, survey order, and even ethics. By bringing in screenshots of examples and zooming in when needed, he illustrates each point succinctly.  

How to get in sync with your team


Why we love it
Elizabeth introduces the concept of PaceSync — a method of organizing time so that teams can stay productive in the remote or hybrid workplace. What she does well is use step-by-step visuals to show exactly how the concept works in practice.

How to get book recs


Why we love it
Books are the star of the show here, and Kacey knows it. She uses a mix of presentation modes to get her point across, starting on screen to establish a face-to-face connection and then using full screen to put the focus on her featured books of the month. 


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