Why Prezi is better than PowerPoint

Words won’t do it justice. Neither will a simple video. But here are just some of the things that make Prezi a more engaging way to present.

The best presentations are conversations

Only Prezi’s unique format allows true conversational presenting, the ability to adapt your presentation on the fly to focus on your audience’s interests.

Showing is better than telling

The visual context provided by Prezi makes your message easier to understand and remember. A picture’s worth a thousand bullet points, especially when it pans and zooms.



Know who’s viewing, what they’re interested in, and how to target your follow-up.


Cloud-based collaboration and commenting means you’re always on the same page.


Tell the stories behind your data with beautiful infographics, maps, and diagrams.  


Just a few of the 85 million who present better with Prezi

Ready to break the confines of PowerPoint?