Prezi's PowerPoint Converter: Turn your deck into a moving, zooming presentation


In 10 minutes or less, make your slides more engaging and conversational with Prezi


1. Start by uploading your deck

We'll automatically convert your finished slides into images you can use in Prezi. You'll be able to add icons, graphics, images, and other stunning design elements to breathe new life into your favorite presentations.

2. Drag and drop into your layout

Select the slide images you want to use and organize them by topic to create the “structure” of your presentation. With a conversational presentation path, you'll be able to better engage your audience and convey a clearer message.


3. Create your own style

Customize your newly-dynamic presentation with a beautiful background, smarter layout, and stunning colors that reflect your brand, story, and topic.

4. Add visual impact

Explore our vast ibrary of graphics, images, and icons to perfectly enhance your message and tell a visual story. Your go-to deck will be transformed into a more compelling, memorable, and impactful presentation that grabs (and keeps) people's attention right from the start.

You’re ready to make moving presentations with Prezi