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Youth Leadership Presentation Template

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leadership template

Transcript: = Quality Conversations! What needs to happen? Joined up Shared Specific Outcomes Consistent Quality Competition Based on Outputs A Learning Mentality Continuous Improvement Training Agree what good looks like Gather Evidence Develop Learning Organisations; - intrinsic motivation - raised awareness - responsibility SOLUTION Influence NGBs and Partners Agree Outcomes Measure Change One Set of Outcomes Reward Innovation Develop Learning Organisations Assessment Talent Summary text here what we have got v what we want 'QUESTIONING FOR INNOVATION' leadership in sport Succession Delegation Linked to assessment High Performing Teams Fragmented Defensive Vague Variable Competitive We know best 'People who repeat the quotes of others probably won't be inspiring originality.' Steve Woolland Support WHAT WE WANT Joined up Shared Specific Outcomes Consistent Quality Competition Based on Outputs A Learning Mentality Behavioural / Performance Assessment Links to overall NGB performance Employee engagement Joined-up analysis Listen Resolve Conflict Have Difficult Conversations Give Feedback UK CEO Leadership Programme Leadership and Management Programme Other Packages; - bespoke - off-the-shelf Great Leaders NGB Leaders 'Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.' Bernard Baruch Acountable Focussed Non-technical Think Laterally Rate Attitude Take Measured Risks Impactful Vision and Storytelling 2 Day Networking Sessions One-to-One Coaching Support Peer Support Action Learning Online Modules Adaptable Solutions

Youth Leadership

Transcript: Vision for Youth To empower the next generation to build a safer and more affordable future for New York City. Chapters help fill the large financial gap between what Habitat receives from the government and private donors and being able to complete and fill homes with hardworking families. By building at least once a semester chapters help with critical repairs to both homes and communities. Chapters help educate their school and community about the mission and work of Habitat NYC to help build awareness and understanding on issues facing all residents of our city. Habitat for Humanity New York City transforms lives and our city by building quality homes with families in need and by uniting all New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing. Chapters inspire action through advocacy by changing perspectives on affecting change by putting their idealism into action. Growing Your Chapter What is a leader? Build every relationship with “CIA” — Communication, Involvement and Appreciation We can only be effective by strengthening existing relationships, and building new ones. Accordingly, we must all become experts building, maintaining and intensifying relationships. There are three critical aspects of relationship building: (1) Communication, (2) Involvement and (3) Appreciation. Communicate constantly — both the positive and challenging information. Involvement is at the very heart of what Habitat is about. If you involve people, they become committed. Finally, appreciate people and institutions: a thank you letter, a phone call, a note from the whole team, a plaque, or a small gift. For every relationship you manage, do a CIA check periodically. Every important task gets a team! If you find yourself (or see another) working on an important organizational task largely alone, putting in extremely long hours, trying to implement a million details and beginning to feel a bit like a martyr, then something isn’t working right and you should speak up! Get a team around that big task! Use the Honda Recipe for excellence. Each year, we are told, Honda Corporation buys one of every car made in the world, rides them, takes them apart, and then designs the best elements of what it learned into its own cars. Use this same technique for building your chapter. Remember that someone may already be working on — or have already solved! — the same problem you are working on. Seek her or him out. Always debrief — look for the “unexpected” success or failure. After every major team task, assemble the team and “debrief” — analyze what went right, what could have been done better, and why. Figure out how we as an organization can learn the lessons your team learned. Then you can put the lessons learned in writing. Organizational expert Peter Drucker points out that we can always learn the most when we get results which differ from what we expected to get. Be especially on the look out — and learn the most from — the “unexpected success” or the “unexpected failure.” How Can I Tell If I Am An Effective Leader? Self Assessment Perception Goal Setting Preparedness Responsiveness Knowledge of Organization Team Building Thank you for coming! Structure Resources Individuals Preparation Not fulfilling Requirements Fundraising 2012-2013 Bike Event $1,000 Guatemala Tithe $300 Partnership Are we holding up our end of the bargain? Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how.- Edward T. McMahon Strengths Dream board What are your chapter's goals? What are we doing well? Heart Mapping Involvement What is the structure of your chapter? Calender Creativity Chapter Planned events 2013-2013 3 Fundraiser 1 Educational event Inefficient planning Meaningful Engagement Goals 2013-2014 Concert Campus Chapter Leadership How will you measure your success? Are these activities in line with your goals? Are their clearly defined roles and responsibilities? Share back & Discussion Weakness Education 2011-2012 Poverty Assembly Invited Habitat Staff to speak 2012-2013 Weekly Meeting Videos Partnership Communication! What do you care about? Preparation How are you acknowledging successes and failures? Activity One Appreciation Goals Riverdale Country Day Where would you like to see improvement? Chartered in 2011 Are you as inclusive as possible with your chapter members in making decisions? (i.e- committees) Is your service in line with Habitat NYC's goals for the year? Are you offering diverse menu of activities that is inclusive to all? Structure Membership potential What do you want? Super enthusiastic Building 2012-2013 2 BWK Elevator Speech WHO ARE YOU? Leadership Goals Accomplishments Are you fulfilling your four functions? Advocacy 2012-2013 Recruitment Ambitious Meaningful Engagement What kinds of activities would your members find meaningful? Is there a simple means of communication and do you communicate regularly?

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