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Transcript: Informal: weekly Tours evening programs overnight trips fun activities Volunteering Chugim and much much more! What's in it for you... Academic Aspects: You can gain up to 15 credits in a semester You may be able to transfer your credits to your future college More one on one attention than at a university Knowledge and understanding: Inspiration for a great year in Israel Understanding Israeli society better Stimulating and intellectual classes Fun, Fun and more Fun... Some of our Teachers: Dr. Shlomo Abramovich Sasha Gold Elliot Glassenberg Aardvark Israel received award of excellence in education from masa Rabbi Avi Engelhart Some logistics: Credits Registration to classes and chugim Grades Transcripts It is the colleges decision which credits to accept Moshe Levi - Formal: cooperation with the American Jewish University (AJU) AJU is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Academic classes Ulpan (Hebrew studies) Classes during COVID-19 Gender and Judaism social psychology Our Jewish History Challenges of Zionism in the 21st century Public Speaking and Communication Introduction to Kabbalah Middle Eastern Politics Jewish Medical Ethics Our educational program is built on 2 aspects - formal and informal Examples of classes: History of Zionism Israeli Politics Intro. to Psychology Modern Israeli society Intro. to Midrash The art of reading and writing Arab/israeli conflict Ulpan - Hebrew Studies twice a week small groups with special teacher according to level emphasis on spoken Hebrew Special classes for Hebrew speakers Chugim: - Yoga - Spoken Arabic - Creative Art - Drama and Improvisation - Life skills - current events Webinar Series Education and academics on aardvark Israel

Webinar Presentation

Transcript: Twitter Olivia Parker Colour Wheel Contact Information Food Packaging Monochromacy Outside the box: Accessible Package Design 4. Ergonomics of accessible design Thank you for joining us Our webcast will start in a few moments PrintPerceive The three types of colour blindness Thank you! 1. Legislation: the new law for accessibility 2. Braille and Braille applications of packaging 3. Colour in accessible design 4. Ergonomics of accessible design Red-green colour blindness European Union Joanne Lu Hue, Saturation, Lightness Email: 3. Colour in accessible design Head of Webinar Team PrintPerceive THE FUTURE OF BRAILLE 285 million out of 650 million with disability are visually impared 65% of visually impared are 50+ 1. Legislation: the new law for accessibility Dichromacy Table of hand sizes study New York Times Dichromacy 3. Colour in accessible design 4. Ergonomics of accessible design Ergonomic Packaging 1. Legislation: the new law for accessibility 2. Braille and Braille applications of packaging 3. Colour in accessible design 4. Ergonomics of accessible design Resources and Information 2. Braille and Braille applications of packaging 3. Colour in accessible design 4. Ergonomics of accessible design Q&A Good Contrast BRAILLE 2. Braille and Braille applications of packaging #Printperceive UEB Standard Agenda Different tactics to apply to your package design Statistics Who is affected by colour blindness? Colour in Accessible Design Toiletries 1. Legislation: the new law for accessibility 1. Legislation: the new law for accessibility 2. Braille and Braille applications of packaging Legislation Blue-yellow colour blindness Lead Writer & Documenter

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Transcript: Landing your Dream Job DS Logo FLEX SCHOOL Working From Home Presenter: Anne-Marie Scherrer, Delegate Solutions Team Leader, Talent Acquisition Welcome Welcome a 45 minute webinar, approx. 30 minutes for our presentation followed by time for Q & A. Chat for questions during presentation. Unmute to ask a question during Q&A Housekeeping Housekeeping 1 more possible 1 more possible About Delegate Solutions About OUR VALUES OUR VALUES bullets that highlight our manifesto OUR TEAM OUR TEAM Not sure how many team members to put here Emily Founder Anne-Marie Team Leader Joe Ops Manager Assistant Directors Department Head Assistant Directors Assistant Directors Department Head Forbes Top 50 Remote FexJob Companies and: In The news In The news History History WOSB Needs Image WOSB Needs Image Guest Speaker Guest Speaker Palette or Scope Tools Tools Hardware Tech Check Must Haves Computer Specs: ISB Speeds Upgrades/Updates & Security Navigating Bookmarks, Links & Shortcuts Software Software Basic In-box management and all about some basic software tools Mobility What & Where Communication Storage All Things Google Organizing Trends Trends Time Management PROGRAM 3 KEY RESULTS woman came to interview at Mc D with children, student who came to interview that explained they only wanted work til next session of class. Wearing a tank top to interview, laundry strewn across back wall + messy bed, screen is cutting off your face, had to stop interview to put kids in othe rroom to give them snack, interviewed at current FT job and had to whisper, guy had a FT job that didn’t take all of his time- would have stepped in on their FT situation. Remote Work Protocol Remote Work Protocol Google yourself and see what comes up bc employers are looking- Guy who had dating profile pic up - shirtless on listed on resume Building Relationships Building Relationships Commitment Commitment Recap What's Next FlexSchool What We Offer What We Offer Proven Results Tried and True Setting up your home office Referrals PROGRAM 1 LOCATION Our Creds Our Creds Our niche, for over 10 years has been providing executive support for super-successful entrepreneurs, executives and their teams. KEY RESULTS We've trainined dozens of sucessfully employed remote (workers?) KEY RESULTS over less than a 2 yr. timeframe reviewed over 2800 applicants seeking to work remotely Link Link KEY RESULTS PROGRAM 3 KEY RESULTS Sample Lesson Sample Lesson

Webinar Presentation

Transcript: The Lynx Player Let’s talk shop YouTube, Vimeo, Homepage, Product pages, How It Works page The Shopping Cart Supporting pages such as Support, FAQs, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Account Data, and Email Preferences pages. It’s part of an eCommerce platform for digital content Sharing community vs Ecommerce The Secure Delivery Solution for Digital Content Features Included: Sell/Rent Digital Content, Services and physical products Shopping Cart Unlock content via promo codes, unlock codes and redemption codes Distribute content via subscriptions and groups It’s YOUR content… Why not sell from your OWN shop? Brand your own custom shopping cart or integrate with your existing cart. Own your customer list and use triggered emails to re-market to them. Developer API Available: development must be done by customer or third-party developer. Full Documentation available. …but perhaps most importantly Digital Rights Management (DRM) Cloud-based account Number of active computer/devices Licenses are customizable DRM is OMA-2 based multi-platform The Lynx Player platform Includes: Content encoding/packaging and uploading tools Complete shop management and administration interface Brandable shops with customizable designs and shopping cart Full Technical Support included Administrative Interface Supported Content HD and SD Video Audio Music and Audiobook PDF, eBook and ePub Motion Menus Subtitles Chapter Points Multi-Language Support Full DVD Navigation The MyContent page: Presents links to the media players for different platforms Link to the Account Data page allowing customers to update their account information. Most Major Platforms supported Windows 7 and newer Mac OSX 10.7 and newer iOS 7 and newer Android 2.3 and newer

Webinar Presentation

Transcript: Webinar Increase Referrals, Increase Revenue Exclusive for DMERX or PMDRX Users Had an account at some point May not have utilized your account DMERX now has a patient referral integration called HealthSplash Patient referrals are at NO COST Only fees accrued are the DMERX transactional fees Why You're Here Why You're Here No Transparency Can You Relate? Can you Relate? Fragmented Industry No Continuity of Care for Patients Additionally Clinicians want to grow their practice High expense for patient acquistion Gaps in physican schedule Patients struggle finding timely appointments Additionally The internet is fundamentally changing healthcare Patients use the internet to Search for information Find services Interact with medical service providers Internet HealthSplash is revolutionizing healthcare Receive new patients to your practice through The Patient Portal For the clinician... Generate referrals Fill gaps in your schedule Compliant DME documentation Solution Solution DMERX PMDRX DMERX / PMDRX Power Mobility Exams DMERX also offers Orthotic Exams Physical Therapy Exams In the Future Diabetic Supllies Sleep Apnea Exams Laboratory Orders Pharmaceutical Rx TENS Unit Exams A robust, all-encompassing network of healthcare professionals True Continuity of Care HealthSplash Currently has House call practices Telemedine groups Primary care practices DME providers Physical therapists Pharmacies Labs Compliant Documentation Software (DMERX/PMDRX) HealthSplash HealthSplash In the Future In the near future Specialty clinics Urgent Care facilities Hospitals Home Health Agencies Receive referrals Refer patients to other specialists as well In the Future Ongoing stream of patient referrals Qualified referrals New practice or well established You WILL Benefit HealthSplash For You For You Schedule a personalized demo Witness HealthSplash in action Integrates with DMERX What's next What's next Toni De Lanoy 855-663-6679 Contact Me Contact Me

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