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Vegetarian Presentation Template

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Vegetarian Presentation

Transcript: Vegetarian Presentation We feel that becoming a vegetarian is a personal choice. Either way you choose there are risks and benefits. Generally vegetarians are healthier because they are more aware of what is going into their bodies. Before you make your decision do yourown research and consult with your doctor to insure your total health. Our Opinion Why? Global Food Shortage: Raising cattle requires massive amounts of water that could be used elsewhere; more than that, the amount of grain grown to feed cattle could be used to feed starving nations. According to The Vegan Society, more than one-third of the grain grown worldwide is fed to animals. Imagine how many people those grains could feed. Benefits: Lack of : protein vitamin B-12 calcium Iron bone mineral density omega-3 fatty acids 1. Lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer. By: Annette and Lainey Risks: Benefits & Risks Ethical Reasons: Still other vegetarians and vegans choose to adopt a meatless lifestyle because they care for animals. Many people don't want to eat something that had to die just so they could be nourished. Environment: There are several ways in which a vegetarian (and especially a vegan) diet protects the environment. Excessive amounts of water are used in raising beef and other livestock, water that could be used for other purposes. 2. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes. Health: Many people choose to go vegetarian or vegan for the health benefits this lifestyle has to offer. While it is possible for a vegan to eat unhealthy foods such as eating foods made with trans fats or foods with sugar and salts. However most vegetarians have much healthier diets. 3. Healthy skin. 4. Chemical-free food. 5. Hormone-free eating. 6. Increased energy. 7. Lower blood pressure. 8. Improved digestion. 9. Lowered risk of diabetes. 10. Lower grocery shopping bills. 11. Toxin-free food. 12. Healthy amino acids. 13. Low or no saturated fat. 14. Increased life span. 15. Appreciation for simple flavors. 16. Healthy cholesterol levels. 17. Lower risk of cancer.

Vegetarian Presentation

Transcript: - Cholesterol is unique to animal cells. The body has a shortage of red blood cells, due to a lack of iron. Red blood cells carry oxygen and other essential compounds to cells. Non-meat sources of iron include spinach, kale, soybeans, and prunes. B-12 is important on the cellular level. It helps with DNA replication and cell division, and, to a smaller extent, cell development. Symptoms include confusion, sleeping limbs, sore mouth, weight loss, and pale/yellowish skin. Lack of B-12 can lead to a lack of red blood cells, because they cannot develop correctly. Zinc is crucial to the healing of injuries and immune system health. At the cellular level, zinc assists in DNA synthesis. Zinc can be found in seafood (oysters have a particularly high concentration), grains, nuts, and beans. Proteins are crucial to cellular function. Enzymes are composed of proteins, and the macro-molecule is essential to organ health. Calcium is crucial to bone, muscle, and nervous system health. Dairy is a well-known source of calcium. Calcium is also found in soy products, almonds, and dark, leafy greens. Disease Fighting Properties This can damage the nervous system. Blindness has been induced in severe cases. B-12 shortage has also been tentatively linked to osteoporosis. Protein Charring meat can create carcinogens on the surface. - less likely to smoke Non-vegan vegetarians tend not to have a problem with calcium deficiencies. Deficiencies There is also a decreased amount of cholesterol in the diet. Healthier Lifestyle Vegetarianism and an omnivore diet are as healthy as an individual wants. They can be equally healthy; all depends on what is eaten and how much. - exercise more Zinc Symptoms of zinc deficiency: "growth retardation. . . changes in taste acuity, delayed wound healing, decreased immunity and impaired cognitive functions." Plants are suspected to contain chemicals- known as phytochemicals- which may help prevent cancer. Conclusion A study of over 9,000 Australian women found the vegetarian portion had a "lower body mass index. . . and tended to exercise more." These include lentils, nuts, beans, peas, and edamame. Health Risks of Vegetarianism Vegetarianism Protein is found in multiple plants. Makes for a healthier heart and less chance of obesity. Zinc Meat. Meatmeatmeatmeatmeatmeat. Eating an excessive amount of meat results in unnecessary intake of fat, particularly saturated fat. Calcium Benefits of Vegetarianism Protein Vegan: consumes no animal products. At all. Lacto-vegetarians: will eat dairy products. Lacto-ovo vegetarians: will eat dairy and egg products. Especially red meat. Iron "The American Dietetic Association asserts vegetarians have a lower risk of being obese, diabetic, getting heart disease, certain cancers, and hypertension." Plants have high levels of antioxidants, which are suspected to prevent a number of diseases. Oklahoma State University found that vegetarians were more likely to avoid smoking, exercise, and generally lead a healthier life. Vegetarianism: Vegetarian is a broad classification. More exact definitions include: Vegetarians have an increased fiber and decreased saturated fat intake. Moderation is counseled as the best path to balancing the risks and benefits of eating meat. Vitamin B12 Can cause severe fatigue, vertigo, brittle fingernails, paleness, and a taste for dirt. Vitamin B-12 Therefore, ingesting plants can reduce vulnerability to illnesses such as Alzheimer's and various cancers. Meat provides high quantities of the nutrients just discussed. Vitamin B-12 The body cannot create Vitamin B-12; all of the substance comes from the diet. Iron Anemia Extreme weight loss, brittle hair, decreased healing rate, paleness, fatigue, and insomnia are all symptoms of protein deficiency. Vegetarians tend to have a healthier lifestyle. "Processed meats contain certain additives that in high quantities are believed to promote cancer.

Vegetarian outlets presentation

Transcript: - Upright Glass fronted display fridge Benefit of the product - Only available in 1 area - Piccadilly Gardens - They’re willing to spend more for products that they support Vegans eat no animal products at all, including eggs, dairy and honey - Vegetarians are more likely to be female and the average age of vegetarians is 47 percent Premises Equipment and Pricing Property worth £100,000 in rent Marketing strategies Our Veg food outlets ``Paying extra for the basics & no seating’’- JB ``A disappointing vegetarian experience’’- Bebe ``Bland taste, slow service & bad customer service’’- Aziz ``No seating & nothing outstanding about the meal’’- Jenny ``No special offers or variety in what they are serving’’- Gee - Customers who are seeking for non- meat product (Healthy) - Low class and Middle class - Age between 20-50 years of age - Male and female - But mostly female (62 percent female, 38 percent male) Veg out Fast Food Outlets Free taster stalls placed at (Arndale and Food festival) - Doesn't offer delivery - Available Online delivery or phone calls Target Market Soups Burgers Curries Stir - fried Juices/smoothies Water Coffee - Fallowfield is another possible area - Counter top display fridge Competitors Insurances Description of the product Quotations There will be also questionnaires given at the free taster stalls Flyers and posters situated in areas where young adults care about the product - Average about 2.50 Pounds Social Media (Facebook is used to advertised our product) • Business contents Are covered against loss or damage • Replacement of locks Up to £1000 following theft of keys included • Loss of licence cover Option to include protection against loss of income • Loss of stock cover up to £15,000 automatically included due to refrigerator breakdown • Business interruption Loss of profits arising from insured perils such as a fire or flood - Available in 3 areas - Oxford rd, Northern quarter and Arndale Food court Pricing/ Investments, etc. - *Estimated start-up cost will be between £125,000- £350,000 depending on whether we rent or buy a property and where that property is located - Rent would be the better way to go to see if our business is successful and to see if we have the right business aptitude and business idea. - Rent in Manchester is dependent on location. Within the city center (Piccadilly, etc.) people charge businesses rents of £100,000-£200,000 per year. However, outside Manchester business rent per year could be £10,000 a year or higher. Business Rates: - For a property worth £100,000 in rent, we will be paying approximately £45,000 per year to Manchester City Counsel. Facts - Fresh vegetarian food - Seeking Healthy product - Go Falafel Pricing Menu - Average about 3.50 Pounds

Vegetarian Presentation

Transcript: Having a healthy diet ,such as being a vegetarian, can reduce obesity overtime. Healthy/Unhealthy Eating Albert Einstein Moral, human condition Why is eating vegetarian a healthier life choice? “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~Albert Einstein Vegetarianism Natalie Portman In Europe, the largest number of obese people is in Great Britain (27.3 percent) Obesity is the result of consuming more calories than your body uses overtime Eating large portions of high calorie foods will cause you to gain weight Diet foods: Foods marketed as being low in fat and low in calories tend to promote over eating It can keep your weight healthier if you eat right It has a lot of health benefits It makes your body feel better by cleansing it from toxins A long-time vegetarian of 20 years, Portman adopted a vegan lifestyle after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals. "Perhaps others disagree with me that animals have personalities, but the highly documented torture of animals is unacceptable, and the human cost Foer describes in his book, of which I was previously unaware, is universally compelling," Portman said in Poland, obesity concerns already 23.2 percent. of population. More than one third of U.S. adults(35.7%) are obese Ariana Grande Myke Tyson Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson went vegan in 2010, choosing a plant-based diet for health reasons. "I just felt like changing my life, doing something different. And so I became a vegan," Tyson said. "Becoming a vegan, it gave me another opportunity to live a healthy life." What foods decrease obesity? What is a vegan? By Julya Pek Why do people become vegetarians? What is a vegetarian? Olive Oil- replace your fatty oil for olive oil. It's almost free from bad fats and contains a considerable amount of un-saturated fats Berries- Berries are also good for weight loss. There are many different types of berries: blue berries, strawberries, blackberries, ect. average in Europe is currently 21.5 percent A single man - if he is not a vegetarian or a vegan - eats about ... 7 thousand. animals. Let's give for accuracy: 11 cows 27 pigs 30 sheep 80 turkeys 2400 chickens 4,500 fish. Liam Hemsworth Announcing on Twitter in late 2013 she is "100 percent vegan", singer and actress Ariana Grande made the change for animals and her own health. "I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person," Grande said. What are the countries obesity rates? What is obesity? Famous vegetarians The least obese on our continent is in Serbia (17.8 percent) What foods increase obesity? People become vegetarians for all different reasons such as: Ethical Reasons Dietary Reasons Environmental Reasons Religious Reasons Also there are so many benefits and some people become them just for all the possible benefits(promotes heart health, reduces grocery budget, reduces cancer risks, maintains a healthy weight, and cleanses the body. Hemsworth recently made the change to veganism for both health and ethical reasons, and proves you can still be healthy "After all the information I gathered about the mistreatment of animals, I couldn't continue to eat meat. The more I was aware of, the harder and harder it was to do," Hemsworth said. What is obesity?

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