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UC Berkeley

Transcript: 1.Number of Students: 36,142 students 2.Undergraduate Gender: 53% female and 47% male 3.Popular Major : Electrical Engineering 4.64% of undergraduates receive some of finical aid 5. Some 5,700 undergraduates received a total of $33 million in scholarships, many of them privately funded. 6.37% of all Berkeley undergrads were eligible for Pell Grants (family incomes generally less than $45,000 a year. 7.Living on campus, off campus, or with relatives all cost the same amount of money which is $12,834. 8. Average student at UC Berkeley would have a total budget of $37,614. 9.In 2008, UC Berkeley's University Library was ranked the No. 1 public research university library in North America. 10. 458,000 living alumni. UC Berkeley's: Campus Map and USA Map. "A-Z" Requirements for UC Berkeley Clubs & Organizations Alex Morgan (age 24) Born on July 2, 1989 in Diamond Bar, CA. Went to Berkeley and played soccer for UC Berkeley Played for National Women's Soccer League Was drafted to the Women's Professional Soccer 3 Living Options : Some clubs & organizations are based on culture, politics, professional, sports, religious, public service, academics, and greek life. For example the Spanish club. U) UC Berkeley selects students by their personal and academic presented in their application. V) The kind of high school preparation that is needed for UC Berkeley note taking and involving in community voluntary. W) The popular majors at UC Berkeley :Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Political Science. X) Student life at UC Berkeley is in a small city and is near San Francisco. Y) Yes, UC Berkeley does have computers available and has free WI-FI. Z) The kind of sports teams at UC Berkeley are: Man's & Women's Golf, Football, Rugby, Field Hockey, Man's Water Polo, Man's Water Pollo, and Volleyball. UC Berkeley's: Housing, Financial Aid, Clubs and Organizations, Athletic Programs, and Top 10 Fast Facts. UC FAMILY HOUSING -For married students or students with a domestic partner, with or without children, and single parents -Two and three bedroom apartments, and two bedroom townhouses - Located 4 miles west of campus -Has its own child care, cafe, laundry rooms, and community center. 2 Bedroom (single occupancy) $1,133 3 Bedroom (single occupancy) $1,090 4 Bedroom (single occupancy) $1,068 5 Bedroom (single occupancy) $1,018 6 Bedroom (single occupancy) $963 Here is Two Pictures of my Favorite parts of the School. I) Alex Linz(plays the kid on Home Alone 3) attended UC Berkeley J) Most of the students attending UC Berkeley live on campus. K) There is about 67,665 undergraduate at UC Berkeley. L) The percentage of 54% of women and 46% of men in UC Berkeley.The racial makeup of UC Berkeley is 16.2%. M)There are 36,142 students plus the 25,885 undergraduates which is 62,027 students graduate. N) The percentage of students at UC Berkeley who apply are admitted is 25.6% O) The due date for UC Berkeley applications is Nov. 30, 2013. MANVILLE APARTMENTS FOR SINGLE STUDENTS -this is for students who want to live alone -unfurnished / studio apartments Gordon Moore (age 84) Born on January 3 1929 in San Francisco co-founder of Intel Corporation Got a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at UC Berkeley Minor in Physics from the California Institute of Technology UC Berkeley mascot is a bear UC Berkeley is named University of California The California Flag has a bear on it. So that is why UC Berkeley mascot is a bear. Standard Bill By Month is: $1,o50 USA MAP A) UC Berkeley is a public school. B) The school is located eastern side of San Francisco Bay. C) The school's colors are Yale Blue and California Gold. D) UC Berkeley is 145 years old. E) Henry Durant is the founder of UC Berkeley. F)Standard University is UC Berkeley's Rivals. G) An unusual customs at UC Berkeley are that they have a group day where do different programs with your group. These programs are: Boating, Backcountry, Rope Course, Team Building, Clients, and Pricing H) UC Berkeley is most know as UC Cal. Another name for UC Berkeley is CAL. UC Berkeley Provides: FAFSA, Scholarship Data Sheet (SDS), Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) ($400), Parent Grant $8,000 per academic year( if you are a parent of child), Pell Grant Federal grant providing from $200 to $5,645,and etc. There are many other grants. Famous Alumni Athletic Programs BY: Yusra Alaqwari Financial Aid Campus Map Housing 1 bed, 1 bath $1,298 2 bed, 1 bath $1,550 3 bed, 1.5 bath $1,765 UC Berkeley has many athletic programs: Football, Baseball, Water Polo, Lacrosse, Volleyball,Basketball,Ice Hockey, and etc. UC Berkeley UC Berkeley MASCOT Wheeler Hall Financial Aid is money to support a worthy person or cause usaually for college Like: Grants, Schoolarships, and Loans TOP 10 Fast Facts: P) UC Berkeley requires SAT and if you took the ACT Berkeley requires the scores for the ACT. Q) About 40,081 students graduate from UC Berkeley and its takes the average person going to UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley

Transcript: Art groups, Music, Sports, Intramural Museum of Art and Science Libraries of: Career counseling Non- resident, Faculty and Staff, Summer Doctorate Let there be light November 30th $1, 214 Non- resident, Faculty and staff, Summer Cross - Country, basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer A.C.T. or S.A.T. \ AP Classes At Home 40, 081 $9, 976 590 - 720 Buildings Works Cited Agricultural Economics and Biology On Campus: $4, 164 630 - 770 $1, 614 Enrollment Cal Fight Song Master of Arts and Master of Science Dance, Jazz Band, Student newspaper Reading scores: Admissions public Mrs. Smith $15, 000 107 Cal Agenda, Cal student store, Air Bears 1, 232 acres 1st year 95% in College Financial Aid Writing scores: November 30th 231.9 square miles \600.6 km2 $1, 214 10% for both Men and Woman Graduate assembly and Cal corps public service December 31st California, Berkeley 8th Grade March 3\2 Rare books, Architecture, Astronomy, and Art History $15, 000 Card Stunts $9, 976 Isidro Virgen 25, 774 Math scores: Soups, Dinner entree, Dessert, Rice, Pizza, Steak THANK YOU Are there any questions? Art teacher 30% White, 37% Asian, 12% latino University of Co$t$ Scholarships Student Life Ed lee, Jonny Moseley, Bill Joy School Culture Urban Degrees Offered Apartments and Hotels $15, 000 Housing Options Blue and Gold Apartments, Fraternities\ Sororities San Francisco $17, 116 Social Sciences, Biology, and Engineering $9, 976 1:00 to 2:00 hrs Oski the Bear Semester Calendar Sunny Off Campus: $1, 214 $350 per year in included housing $4, 164 AVID 620 - 750 Financial Aid, Career, Tutoring, Study Skills Bachelor of Arts Student Life 71% 2 or 3 per dorm 17: 1 $4, 164 Residential Campus Location Federal grants

UC Berkeley Presentation

Transcript: In order to get into UC Berkeley, you must: Maintain a 3.91 unweighted GPA Or a 4.41 weighted GPA A score of 2171 on the SAT or a 33 on the ACT Detailed research of your mayor/program UC Berkeley has over 350 degree programs to offer. Some examples are: Astronomy Nuclear Engineering Demography Economics & Law ROTC Programs Neuroscience Psychology and many, many more Programs Life living in UC Berkeley is exciting and rapturous. The students that attend UC Berkeley are lively, dynamic, and interconnected. The dorms are spacious and secure, with quiet hours and free WI-FI. There are many events and recreational sports available for all students to attend. Intro to UC Berkeley College Requirements University History Student Life The University of Berkeley was discovered in 1898, with a mission to “contribute even more than California’s gold to glory and happiness of advancing generations.” Berkeley started off with only 10 faculty members, 40 students, and only three fields of study. Now it has grown to over 1,600 faculty, 35,000 students, and over 350 degree programs. UC Berkeley UC Berkeley, the home of the Oski was established on March 23rd, 1868 with a purpose to to “contribute even more than California’s gold to the glory and happiness of advancing generations.” Berkeley has over 350 different degree programs so you will have no problem finding something you like here. The Berkeley Blue and California Gold as their colors, it matches the colors of the other California universities.

UC Berkeley presentation

Transcript: Football baseball, basketball, crew, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis, water polo, boxing, wrestling, field hockey, lacrosse, softball, and volleyball The Big Game The Sather Tower is 307 feet tall and can be seen from almost any point on campus. This is one of the most known places on campus. Its nickname comes from its resemblance. UC Berkeley is ranked the 4th in the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and 9th globally by Times Magazine. As of 2012, there are 71 Nobel laureates associated with Berkeley. 28 alumni are Nobel laureates. 9 Nobel laureates are faculty members The Big Game Week precedes the playing of the much-anticipated Stanford-California football game each fall, and continues to be the campus's most popular tradition. Early manifestations included the singing of California songs for five minutes at the start of each class, spontaneous rallies between classes, and a rally on the night before the game. "Blue Monday," a day on which students who were discovered wearing red, Stanford's color, were singled out for public embarrassment University of California, Berkeley Colleges and Schools 4.0 Ball: The stone ball in front of the Campanile is more than a century old, but the tradition associated with it is much newer. Nobody knows exactly when students began referring to the sphere as the "4.0 ball." Apparently, rubbing it right before taking an exam is good luck, along with wearing your lucky socks and getting a good night's sleep. Berkeley was founded during the gold rush by leaders that formed the newly 31st state Berkeley was made up of two institutions: the private college of Oakland, and the mechanical arts college. It received its name from an eighteenth century irish philosopher George Berkeley. The Sather Tower (the Campanile) Nobel Laureates Motto: Fiat Lux "Let There be Light" UC Berkeley has 350 degree undergraduate programs and over 7000 courses. Examples of degree programs are: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Bioengineering. Tuition "4.0 Ball" UC Berkeley is located in Berkeley California. What is UC Berkeley? California residents: Resident=$32,886 Non-residents=$28,492 Living with relatives= $23,772 Berkeley's Early Stages Sather Gate is a prominent landmark separating Sproul Plaza from the bridge over Strawberry Creek, leading to the center of the campus. The gate was donated by Jane K. Sather, a benefactor of the university, in memory of her late husband Peder Sather. Student Life Berkley has many different dining options for residents and non residents. some of the options include: Crossroads, Cafe 3, Foothill, and Clark Kerr. All of these places have executive chefs and are only available to residents. There are also many other dining options for non-residents and residents. Dining Hall Involvement of Berkeley in World War II The Sather Gate There are a total of 36,142 students attending Berkeley. (As of 2011) Berkeley has 14 different colleges and schools for students to attend to. The most attended schools are the Hass School of Buisiness, the College of Engineering, and the School of Law. Courses and Degree Programs The students at Berkley all stay in dorms, like everywhere else. There are multiple dorms, with multiple levels. The students are paired up with a roommate and share a room. Students are responsible for themselves and their chores. Non- California residents Resident=$55,764 Non-Resident=$51,370 Living with relatives=$46,650 Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley is the flagship campus of the UC System. 10 faculty members and nearly 40 students made up the new University of California when it opened in Oakland in 1869. Construction of South Hall and North Hall on the northern site was promptly begun. In September 1873, the University and close to 200 students, led by UC President Henry Durant, moved to the new campus in Berkeley. Academics Berkeley's whole campus is 1,232 acres, but its central campus is 178 acres. The eastern portion of the campus is within the city of Oakland. The Northern portion of Berkeley is taken up by high quality restaurants. Last but not least, the south portion of the campus is a shopping district. Famous Alumni Cal Athletics The California Memorial Stadium Traditions at Berkeley Berkley has many programs for disabled students, students that have medical needs, and for people that have financial trouble. Berkeley's History Can Take You To New Hights UC Berkeley physics professor J. Robert Oppenheimer was named scientific head of the Manhattan Project in 1942. Berkeley's male undergraduates had to go through military training and there was even an armory on campus. The football team began in 1885, and have played their games in memorial stadium since 1923 The program has produced seven NFL players, including Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers) The Dorms About the Campus Robert Gordon Sproul served as president from 1930 to 1958. By 1942, the American Council on

UC Berkeley

Transcript: ACT: 27 - 34 SAT: 600 - 770 Is it a competitive school? Summary Female The mascot & School colors Room and Board is not included in your tuition. It is an extra $15272. My Thoughts on the School. It is a public university There is an application online. The link for it is : In State $12834 Out of State $35712 Majors I would be interested in would be, Education, journalism, and Naval Science. Extracurricular activities I would enjoy are Navy ROTC, women's volleyball, and women's swimming. What I like most about this school is the location of it, because I have family who lives in Berkeley, California. The University of California - Berkeley is a public school with 35855 students, with more females, than males. As a very competitive school only 38% of applicants receive an acceptance letter. Opening in September of 1869, and later helping the U.S. Army create the atomic bomb during World War II. All in all it is a great school, where you would never be bored with their diverse population, and many activities for females, and males. Bibliography Total Population, Male to Female Ratio, Class Size, & Diverse Population •Men's Baseball •Men's Basketball •Men's Crew •Men's Cross Country •Men's Diving •Men's Football •Men's Golf •Men's Gymnastics •Men's Lacrosse •Men's Soccer •Men's Swimming •Men's Tennis •Men's Track & Field •Men's Water Polo Female & Male Sports •Women's Basketball •Women's Cross Country •Women's Diving •Women's Field Hockey •Women's Golf •Women's Gymnastics •Women's Lacrosse •Women's Crew •Women's Soccer •Women's Softball •Women's Swimming •Women's Tennis •Women's Track & Field •Women's Volleyball •Women's Water Polo Male Public or Private school? Is there an application online? Tuition It is a very competitive school, only 38% of 50374 applications receive an acceptance letter. If your a tourist! The University of California - Berkeley Tuition & Room & Board White non-Hispanic Students 30% Black non-Hispanic Students 3% Hispanic Students 12% Asian/Pacific Islander Students 39% Race/Ethnicity Unknown 7% Non-Resident Alien 7% The golden bear is their University mascot. Their school colors are navy blue and yellow. The total population of UC Berkeley is 35855 students There is more females than males. With 53% of the population being females, and 47% being males. The average class size is under 30 students. They have a very diverse population with: Emily Daigle ACT & SAT Scores that you will need to be accepted Somewhere you could stay would be at, The Claremont Hotel and Spa. You could get from place to place on the AC Transit Bus The major airport you could fly in and out of would be Oakland International Airport Some places you could go could be, Eastshore State Park, the beach, or Centennial Drive.

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