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Time Management presentation

Transcript: 13 NOVEMBER 2018 SLS1122 Professor Stewart Skylar Larsen, Makayla Merrell, Stephanie Vaughn, Ashley Sturla MANAGEMENT TIME What is Time Management? What is Time Management? The ability to use one's time effectively or productively. Challenge Challenges A situation where someone is being faced with an obstacle that needs great effort and hard work in order for that task to be done successfully. 1st Challenge Procrastination The response of putting off a task till a later time. In other words, postponing or delaying something. Ex. Studying the day of the test. Meanwhile, the test date was given to you a week ago. Steps to help you get out of procrastinating: 1 Have clear realistic goals 2 Create a task/reward system 3 Use negative reinforcement 4 Anticipate distractions and prepare for them 5 work your way up 6 Quit making excuses 2nd Challenge Distractions Somehing that averts someones full giving attention to something else. Ex. Noise, phones, multitasking, interruptions, clutter, crowds, and attention span. Steps to get through Distractions: 1 Create a distraction free environment 2 Ignoring and Overcoming Distarctions 3 Work more Efficiently Overload 3rd Challenge To load too heavily. Ex. Schoolwork, sports, family, friends, and work. Steps to overcome Overload: 1 Identify the sources 2 Filter the infomation 3 Review it 4 Act on it or delete it Strategies Strategies Strategies to over overload: 1 Create folders 2 Filter the information 3 Make time to review it 4 Make a to do list 5 Establish a to do list 6 Designate one day every week as a free day 7 Minimize to maximize Strategies to overcome distractions: 1 Use applications 2 Use two accounts 3 Clear your space 4 Put your thoughts on paper 5 Have some background music 6 Create a distraction free ritual 7 Set an artificial project deadline Strategies to overcome procrastination: 1 Do the one thing 2 Set deadlines 3 Done is better than perfect 4 Take a walk without thinking 5 Get to work Tools Tools Use a time planner and create a master list. The first tool that any student needs is a time planner that holds everything you need to schedule and organize your academic career. Any good time planner will have a master list where you can complete any goal and task. Some examples may include the Pomodoro Technique, the DSC assignment scheduler, the vision board, the outlook calendar, your DSC Student Handbook/Planner, the Pulse app, and much more. Resource Resources The Daytona State Library is an excellent outside resource because the staff is willingly to help you find everything from finding sources for a resource paper to suggesting strategies and plans that will best fit you and your academic career Goals for the school year GOAL FOR 2018 Makayla: Organize my studying and to be prepared. Skylar: To plan and control an efficient schedule that will help me throughout the school year with hopefully achieving my goal of straight A's. Stephanie: Ashley: To balance and control my schedule and still earning my straight A streak. Resources This article demonstrated how to use Time Management using the Pomodoro strategy "Time Management with Pomodoro Timer." Money Life, 28 May 2018. General OneFile, Accessed 7 Nov. 2018. This article showed us what time management is and how to properly use it in your daily activities Bruckenstein, Joel P., and David J. Drucker. "Chapter 6 Personal time management." Tools & Techniques of Practice Management, edited by Stephan R. Leimberg, National Underwriter Company, 2004, p. 23+. Tools & Techniques. General OneFile, Accessed 7 Nov. 2018. This is where I got the DSC logo that is illustrated on the front of our presentation. “Daytona State College.” Daytona State, Daytona Help Desk, 7 Nov. 2018, This site explained to me what time management is and how to deal with it. "Managing Your Success: Time Management." DSC Library. N.p., 30 Oct. 2018. Web. 12 Nov. 2018. references

Time Management Presentation

Transcript: 2 5 6 1 4 7 0 3 Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especiallly to increase effectiveness, efficiency, or productivity What is Time Management? What is time management? Motivational Video on time management Why is time management important? Time Management It is more important than you think... Work Time Managment is Important in the Workplace Businesses want someone who knows how to handle their time effectively. A lack of time managment can lead to negative impacts on business productivity in the long run. Ineffective time management can cause a loss of money, can increase stress in the work environment and cause frustration between team members and employees. 8 reasons time managment is crucial: There are only 24 hours in a day. If you want to be successful in the workplace, you have to acknowledge the importance of finding a way to manage this limited resource. Reason #1: Time is limited Once you start to take control of your time, you improve your ability to focus. With increased focus comes enhanced efficiency and you will soon start to complete tasks more quickly. Reason #2: You can accomplish more with less effort A benefit of good time management skills is the ability to make better decisions. When you begin to master the ability to effectively manage time, you also improve your ability to make important decisions. Reason #3: Improved decision-making ability When you can accomplish more in your workday and make better decisions than your fellow co-workers, business leaders will take note. This could lead to advanement opportunities within your job. Reason #4: Become more successful in your career When you work more efficiently, you have more time to take advantage of learning opportunities within the workplace. Reason #5: Learning opportunities are everywhere When you don't have any control over your time, you end up feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Once you learn how to manage your time, you no longer are subject to the stress. Reason #6: Reduce stress Everyone needs free time and having good time managment skills allows you find the time to do fun and relaxing things. Reason #7: Free time is necessary When you practice good time management, you don't have room for procrastination. The better you get at this, the more self-discipline you learn. This is a valuable skill that will impact other areas of your life as well. Reason #8: Self-discipline is valuable How to not Manage time Well Top 5 reasons why Time management is hard The reason people procrastinate is simple. You are given tasks you did not decide to do, so your brain decides to push it off until you can't anymore. #1 Procrastination It is hard to do things you do not want to do The worst thing you could do when trying to work on a project or paper is working on it when you have not had enough sleep. No sleep and not a good diet can make you less productive #2 Not having enough energy If you say yes to a lot of tasks or are in to many clubs it might be worth it to cut down in those areas. Do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle. Do not be afraid to say no to a co-worker if they need your help at work finish what you need to do first to get your stuff done. Taking to many responsibilities on at once #3 Feeling Overwhelmed This is a dangerous habit to get in if you don't prioritze then you might get distracted by scrolling on your phone and 30 minutes being wasted on your phone can really hurt your productivity. Not prioritzing your time #4 Being Easily Distracted by less important things If you do not know what your goals are in school, career, or life in general it is hard to accomplish what you have to get done. Take time everyday to think about what you want and write them down as a stepping stone and take action. Not knowing your goals #5 Not knowing what you want Video 7 tips to practicing good time management Tips to improve time managment 1. Set Goals 1. Goals help us keep track of what we are trying to achieve Daily goals SMART goals Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely Different time management applications Cirkus, ATracker, Google Calendar Effectivitly use a calendar or planner 2. Pick a system and commit 2. Time of day Location Efficiency does not equal effectiveness Find a place that reduces distractions and interruption Items that increase your productivity Coffee, water bottle, stress balls 3. Find your productivity zone 3. Make items with deadlines first priority Knock boring items out first Don't let less important items take up your day 4. Know your priorities 4. Helps you focus on the task at hand Finish tasks in alloted amount of time This allows you to track time spent throughout the day Helps identify changes needed to be made 5. Track your time 5. What tasks can I have other help with? Use group scenarios to accomplish big tasks Allow those with specific skills to take on specifc projects 6. Determine what to

Time Management Presentation

Transcript: Making Time for Time Management Task 1 Understand what time management is Prioritize our responsibilities in life Gain useful tools to manage our own time better Use time management as a career tool Our objectives for today: What is Time Management? DEFINITION: Time management refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity IT's A SKILL! Time management doesn’t “just happen” for anyone – it is a skill that must be worked on, and that most people find to be a life-long challenge School Family Work Social Life Community Service Co-curricular activities Social Media Nutrition Exercise What do YOU have to juggle? Task 2 Find two- three partners and grab a box of the front. Box contains: one glass jar, rocks, gravel, sand, and stones. You are tasked with filling the jar as much as possible with these items before time runs out! Time Management Game The Mayo Jar Task 3 Reduces stress and anxiety Helps you to complete college assignments on time and efficiently. Career asset Helps you make time for things you actually want to do... Skill that carries over into every aspect of life!!! Why is time management so important? Task 4 Where to begin.... 1. Make a list of all your assignments, responsibilities, tasks... 2. Start by plugging the structured tasks into your calendar. I.e. Class times, appointments,work, etc. 3. Then plug in your non-negotiables; sleep, eating, exercising. 4. Plug in times to do important tasks such as studying, working on papers, etc. 5. Finally, we all need a social life...make sure to make time to hang out with friends, family, or whatever else you like to do! Consider this: Do you get enough sleep now? Do you work best in the morning, afternoon or evening? Are you eating too little or too much? What are your study and work habits? Do work best studying for hours at a time or is it easier for you to break it into smaller sessions? Task 5 Schedule Example Task 6 Step 2: Monthly Schedule When making your weekly schedule, it's almost important to know big assignments that are coming up.... -Take a look at the beginning of each semester to note all big assignments. Task 7 Keep your organizer somewhere you will see and your desk or the background of your computer Find an accountability partner. Buy a calendar whiteboard for your room (Can be found at Staples and most drugstores) Keep your schedule consistent, when possible. It gets easier to study and manage your time when you know what to expect. Consistently switching leads to stress and anxiety! Helpful Hints to Keep you Organized Our top recommendations: Timeful (calendar and to-do list) (calendar, to do list, events, reminders) Finish (to do list with the satisfaction of check marks) Apple Phones: Reminder Alarm Notes Calendar Keep it on your phone... Task 8 Creating your own schedule can be daunting... come see someone in Academic Support who can help you to work one on one to make your schedule Schedule time to Schedule (i.e Sunday Mornings!) Consider this...are there things that you can remove from your schedule? Next steps... Task 9 Let's Meditate!

Time Management Presentation

Transcript: overload your days! YOU Question #2: Presented by Brothers... Any Ideas? Write a list of tasks to be accomplished as they enter your mind Number them according to the following guidelines: You're right! It does! Time management reduces work-related stress and increases the amount of respect you receive at work. Make visuals for yourself Go post-it note crazy Use calendars Invest in a planner Be creative and have fun! In fact... So let's get a head start! “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” -Anonymous How important is time management in your life? A few extra tips... Monster Career Resources rates time management as one of 6 business skills every new graduate needs to develop. Question #1: What are some methods that you find effective in managing your time? Biggest tasks during times of most energy Most people, beginning of the day Save small jobs/busy work for less pep One job at a time Allow sufficient time to complete first task FIRST Decreases errors experienced during multi-tasking Be realistic in what you can achieve in a day's time!!! Schedule “interruption” time Distractions or unexpected problems will not throw your whole day off when they are scheduled in Eliminates stress associated Schedule personal time Exercise, relaxation or indulging in favorite hobby recharge your body and revitalize your mind "To-Do" List Ask yourself... Is it crucial or not crucial? (Number 1st) When is it due? (Soonest - Latest) Are there additional steps I must take leading up to the completion of this task? If so, add individual steps to list and number accordingly, amongst all other tasks (Or at least knows what it is) Alexis Duke Brooke Miller Gee, this [awesome presentation] makes me want to create a schedule/to-do list RIGHT NOW! ( But First... The Classic ( Parkinson’s Law: a project will tend to expand w/ time allocated to it. Give ourselves one thing to do during the day, it will take us all day. (Sound familiar?) Having a lot to do in a day creates a healthy sense of pressure on us (more focus, more things get done). This force automatically makes us better time managers, less likely to suffer interruptions, not waste time in meetings, etc. Looking to add more to your to do list? Build a daily action plan that includes not only the things you “have to do”, but the things you “want to do." Who uses Google Calendar?? ( Professional Skill Session: Time Management WRITE IT OUT Time management shifts individual attitudes from reactive to proactive, increasing productivity, and giving you a better chance at moving up in the company. Not really a technology person? It might sound crazy but... Okay, great! Now, we'd like to share with you a few of our favorites!! Does the ability to manage your time efficiently mean much in the business world? Use the "Old Fashioned Way"

Time management presentation

Transcript: Definition: It is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on a specific activity. Time management may be aided by a range of skills,tools and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks,projects and goals and complying with a due date. *respect your time and make it respected* *time management is life management* *thanks for listening* *If you have any questions don't be shy* *Many thanks* *Abu* Main themes of time management Create environment conducive to effectiveness Scheduling. prioritizing. Planning. Allocating. Self monitoring. Organizing. Setting goals. Delegation. Analysis of time spent. Clear headed. Reduce stress and anxiety. Increase self esteem. Feeling of accomplishment. boast the morale. Other possible results could be socially the user will probably have a relaxed life in home without any stress. Prioritize make a list of things to do and number them in order of importance. Schedule set a start and stop point for each activity. Activities need to be done *R-A-C* At the end of the day go through your day planner and highlight any chunks of time that you feel unproductive in it. Pick up your 5 biggest time wasters in your day 1) It will increase: effectiveness. productivity. efficiency. 2) Make en individual punctual and disciplined. 3) Achieve goals and targets in the shortest amount of time possible. Professionally Keep focused on the fact that important things will help you achieve your targets. Be clear about what you want to achieve and what you want you avoid. Urgent and important . Do it now ! Important not urgent . Decide when to do it ! Neither important nor urgent . Dump it ! Urgent not important . Delegate it ! Recording Analyzing Get organized. Protect your time. Recover from bad time habits. Carrying activities around those priorities Changing *Time management* Psychologically Note down everything you do in your day planner as the day progresses. Setting priorities Results: Psychologically. Professionally.

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