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Best Product

Transcript: Best Product- An educational book A Fun Loving Youth Enroute to Success would want a educational book. They would want one to study for a big final exam, that could help them graduate and get a job. GLAM Greying, Leisured, Affluent, Middle-Aged CHUMPS Children of Upwardly Mobile Professionals Best Product- IPhone 7 They are always on the move because of their parents.They would want an Iphone 7 because they would want to keep intact with their other friends. Best Product- A Swiffer sweeper In a family with a single income, there is a stay-at-home mom. A mom would want a Swiffer because then she can clean the house. FLYERS MARPIE Middle-Aged Rural Person Best Product- Ramen A NILKIE would definitely buy Ramen. Since they don't have an in come they need to buy cheap, and Ramen is 18 cents at the grocery store. Best Product- A new pair of glasses They would want a new pair of glasses. they would use it when they a rereading. They are leisured so they would spend their time to read a nice book and relax. Best Product- Poster A PANSE would want a poster board. They would want one because them they can use it for protests. YUPPIE Young Urban Professional By: Abby Solak WOOF Well Off Over Fifty Fun Loving Youth Enroute to Success PANSES Politically Active Not Seeking Employment SKIPPIES School kids with income and purchasing power Best Product- Hover Board A skippie would gladly buy a hover board. A kid with an income with buy the latest gadget, which is a a efficient want to get around. Best Product- A vacation A WOOF would like a vacation because they have lots of money to spend. Older people lose their patients so a vacation could help them become more relaxed. Best Product- cow boy boots A MARPIE would want cowboy boots. Rural means in the middle of nowhere. In Utah, there are a lot of farms in the middle of nowhere, so they could use the boots if they live one farm. NILKIE No Incomes, Lots of Kids Best Product- A Chevy cruse They would want a car. They would buy this small model of the Chevy so they could fit in parking spaces. Best Products SICK Single Income Couple Kids

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