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Text Message Presentation Template

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Text Message

Transcript: How to Create/Input Text DEMO How to text? Enter text, numbers and symbols using your 9-digit keypad or QWERTY keypad You can use either Normal/Basic mode or T9 mode to type your text message Some cell/mobile phones ask you to enter the recepient number before creating/writing the text A cell/mobile phone with text messaging capabilities Access to a cellular network/Internet Recipient 10-digit phone number or any web generated number as destination address Apart from person-to-person messaging text messages can be used to - Interact with automated systems e.g. order products and services for mobile phones like ringtones Advertisers and service providers send promotion sales and payment due dates University of Hawaii uses text messages to send security alerts In the QWERTY keypad press each button once to enter the text/number. Press Space to input "space" e.g. Use the shift key in QWERTY keypad to input puctuation and capital letters In the 9-keypad press 1 time for the first letter, press 2 times for the second letter, 3 times to enter the third letter and 4 times for the fourth letter. Press the key with sign to input "space" e.g. To input numbers in 9-keypad press one more time after the last letter in the key e.g. To input punctuation press the number 1 key till you see the desired mark e.g Press the key with upward facing arrow or aA to input capital letters e.g. Cellular What is text message? What is needed? Uses Only 160 characters in a single text message Characters can include numbers, letters (capital and small), symbols/emoticons and alpha numeric charaters Mobile phones today come with either QWERTY keypad or the normal 9-keypad You can send local, national and international text messages based on the service you have Once done with the text input click "Ok", "Send" or "Continue" Enter the recipient number Text Messages Click on "Menu" to open the list of applications on the phone Click/Choose the "Message" icon/name from the list (can press any shortkey for messages if there is one) Click on "Create Message" or "New Message" or "Write New" Text Message in Education Arena T9 stands for "Text on 9 keys" It is also known as "Predictive" or "Dictionary" Its a software that comes pre-loaded on many of the mobile devices It makes typing faster and easier Most mobile devices these days have T9 capabilities Text messages can be created in two ways Normal/Basic mode T9 mode It refers to the exchange of a brief written electronic message between two mobile/cell phones over a cellular network. The number of children carrying personal cell phones has doubled since 2005 With the advancement in technology today we have stronger and bigger cellular networks, Internet and "Smart Phones" We can send text messages from the Web/Internet to the cell phone and vice-versa Will texting be the next mode of delivery for short bursts of learning? According to Gartner total number of messages exchanged in 2005 was 936 billion and is expected to reach 2.3 trillion in 2010 T9 Mode Things To Know About "Texting" Just press one key 1 time for each letter, T9 predicts while you type e.g. Press "space" key to accept the word and add a space e.g. If desired word is not seen press the next/down arrow key to see options e.g. To input numbers just press and hold down the key e.g. To add punctuations just press the key 1 e.g. You can add your own words to the T9 dictionary when it does not find the word e.g. You can create compund words using T9. By pressing the right arrow key after a word or segment of word you lock it and then add the rest e.g. You can also add symbols /emoticons using T9 Also called SMS (Short Message Service) and "texting" "Texting" originally included only text now it includes pictures, music and videos; also known as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Normal Mode/Basic Texting Click "Send" to send your text message The phone should show "Message Sent" Status of the message sent can be known if you activate "Delivery Report" option

Text Message

Transcript: The Letter "Tonight you are mine. There is only one thing you choose. Am I your Master, Sir, or Daddy? If I am your Master then I will show you my dominance. Make you beg me to have your desires fulfilled and only when I want will I fill them. You will understand that you are mine to do what I want with. If I am your Sir then I will seduce you. I will make you want me more than anything. You will plead to have me take you as mine. Your only thoughts will be about wanting me. If I am your Daddy then I will care for you. Show you that above all else I will protect you. I will guide you and teach you of pleasures you never knew existed. Let me know which of these you want me to be by texting me your answer. Whichever you choose that is the only thing you may call me the rest of the today. If you break this rule severe punishment will be handed out." -She will text you her choice -You text back asking for a safe-word to stop -She picks safe-word and you tell her about the 3 packages. She opens the one with the name she chose. It contains what she is to wear for the day The Setup Thank you! Outfits -Pick a day like Friday -She has to be home from work while you are not -Come home at lunch, go into her closet, place boxes on the bed -Hand her sealed envelope. "Don't open this for 15 min." -She texts back which she chooses which determines what type of night you'll be having -She also chooses a safe word -Master: black lace panty & garter stocking set and an elegant robe -Sir: purple lace stockings & garter lingerie set under gorgeous evening dress -Daddy: short plaid skirt, white button up top Daddy Text Pics -You come home, and make her dinner -While she is enjoying dinner ask her to confess her sins and following dinner spank her over your knee. -After her spanking get some oil and give a full body massage ending in sex. - A night with master consists of being tied up and spanked, using dildos and buttplugs on her, (whatever I can think of that puts her in a submissive role). -For dinner I will order some food in and I will make her answer the door. She will be dressed in her robe but will have a vibrator in her pussy. Or she will be in her bra and panty set. (snap a pic of this scene from behind both for you to have and to send her as a reminder of that night) -This option requires the remote vibrator -Come home already dressed for dinner. Call her by a different name and pretend like it is your first date. -Once we are in the car I will explain to her how naughty it was to be showing such sexy pictures to a guy she has never met -In the restaurant, tell her to go to the bathroom and take off her panties, bring them back and hand them to you. -Since she is now not wearing panties, tease and torture her throughout dinner and on the way home. Once home we will enjoy a night with wine (champagne, whatever she likes) by the fireplace and then each other -At some point there is the 'unveil' to see her lingerie. Spin her around Nik Richie style -The sex should be passionate, slow and connected. More making love than fucking. Try to include that face to face, her in your lap, legs wrapped around you position for the connected feeling. -Once she is wearing the outfit, she takes some pics in sexy poses and sends them to you Sir MasterSirDaddy Master Response

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