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Transcript: SWOT Analysis & TOWS Matrix Prepared by: Group 3 Real Estate Real Estate "property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this (also) an item of real property, (more generally) buildings or housing in general. Also: the business of real estate; the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing." Start David M. Consunji acquired the knowledge of construction when he was a young, concrete inspector. He was armed with in-depth facts and the precise system about construction through his Civil Engineering degree that he earned from the University of the Philippines. After some time, he decided to eventually start his own contracting company. He incorporated David M. Consunji Incorporated (DMCI) which was founded on December 24, 1954 in a quaint room in Pandacan, Manila. He had a vision of “Building a generation of Filipinos.” DMCI started building chicken houses for the Bureau of Animal Industry. This earned him a reputation for timeliness of service delivery and punctuality, and quality output. After that, the Tacloban Coca-Cola Plant and Bacnotan Cement Plant projects were awarded to the company. Through DMCI’s unwavering quest for progression, its development and research aspect paved the way for the pioneering of several advanced construction application technologies in the Philippines. Now, DMCI enjoys the patronage of both its new and repeat institutional clients. We are the leading integrated engineering and management conglomerate in the Philippines. Through our investments we are able to do the following D-eliver exceptional shareholder value M-otivate and provide employees with opportunities and just rewards to achieve their full potential C-ultivate progress in remote areas, unserved markets and growth industries I-ntegrate sustainable development with superior business results through principle contracting andinnovative engineering Vision Vision To invest in engineering and construction-related businesses that bring real benefits to people and the country. Mission Mission DMCI Holdings Inc. SWOT Analysis for DMCI Holdings Inc. Strengths Strengths Q3 vs Q4  Greater control of quality due to strong sustained synergy with other Consunji-owned businesses, particularly with DM Consunji Inc. (construction)  Cost advantages over key rivals; developments are priced lower than developments by competitors  Distinctive competence in architectural design concepts among its development projects; quality amenities and other add-ups for leisure Weaknesses Weaknesses  Small geographic coverage; lack of adequate global distribution capability; weak dealer networks  Small capitalization in its developments compared to large amount capitalization of the huge and strong players in the industry  Behind rivals in e-commerce capability and R&D; subpar performance in advertising and promotions Opportunities Opportunities  Record liquidity, low mortgage rates  Promotion of the Philippines as a retirement haven for foreigners by the PRA  Growing population with favorable demographics and a large base of more financially empowered young professionals Threats Threats  Increasing intensity of competition among the industry's numerous players which may squeeze profit margins  Heightened risk of flooding in key metropolitan areas in Manila which are deemed below sea level Cont... TOWS Matrix for DMCI Holdings Inc. Matrix Matrix

Wargaming SWOT - TOWS

Transcript: Opportunities - New product World of Warships that has yet to be released - New product World of Warplanes while receiving a lot of criticism still has potential - Gamescom in August 5th Cologne, Germany is a good chance to show off their new product World of Warships. - Lots of youtubers use their game for video material which is free advertizing. - Gaijin's free to play flight simulator game "Warthunder" recently added tank combat and plans to add naval combat as well. - Obsidian Entertainment is working on a modern tank free to play MMO game "Armored Warfare" - Since its main product "World of Tanks" is an MMO any updates they make tend to get criticism from some players. - Largely dependent on one main product, World of Tanks - Games are strenuous on computers and a lot of customers can't play since their PCs can't handle the game - New product World of Warplanes got a lot of criticism and has yet to make a profit Opportunities - Creator of most famous and widely known tank game, World of Tanks - Independent publisher - Products are available internationally RU, NA, SA, EU, AE, AW - Products are free and are supported by macro transactions Threats Strengths Threats They could improve world of warplanes to avoid further criticism With their new products they won't be as dependent on world of tanks. - International MMO developer and a leader in the market - Founded in August 12th, 1998, Victor Kislyi is the CEO with over 2200 employees - Publisher HQ in Nicosia, Cyprus - Known for creating "World of Tanks" - 217.9million Euro revenue and 6.1million Euro net income Strengths They own the most well known tank MMO so they will attract a lot of attention at Gamescom. Their best product is world of tanks and its much more well known then warthunder or armored warfare also neither of the other two products have a naval MMO ready Weaknesses Weaknesses What is Wargaming? Wargaming By: Pedro By making their games less demanding on the PCs like warthunder so they can target consumers with a lower budget

SWOT analysis and TOWS matrix

Transcript: SWOT AND TOWS ANALYSIS Weaknesses/Threats: SWOT analysis is a framework for analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats you face. This will help you to focus on your strengths, minimize weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available. STARBUCKS SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis and TOWS matrix ARCILA, Ellaine AGNO, Audrei Bonifacio, Chris Villacorta, Kristine Consider all weaknesses one by one listed in the SWOT Analysis with each opportunity to determine how each internal weakness can be eliminated by using each external opportunity. Consider all strengths one by one listed in the SWOT Analysis with each threat to determine how each internal strength can help you avoid every external threat. Opportunities Is there a gap in your industry that hasn’t been filled? Are there different demographics of customers that you can reach? Are there new products or services you can offer? Consider all strengths one by one listed in the SWOT Analysis with each opportunity to determine how each internal strength can help you capitalize on each external opportunity. Is an effective way of identifying elements within an organization that may increase or hinder the organization’s success. Internal factors are classified as Strengths and Weaknesses and External factors are referred to Opportunities and Threats WHY? A SWOT analysis guides you to identify the positives and negatives inside your organization (SW) and outside of it, in the external environment (OT). It can help with both strategic planning and decision-making. SWOT is not the only assessment technique you can use, but is one with a long track record of effectiveness. it can be used to determined whether change is possible in an organization. it can explore possibilities for new solutions to the organization. It is an effective tool that uses information collected in a SWOT analysis and pairs internal strengths with external opportunities. Knowledge of internal weaknesses safeguards the organization through the development of defensive strategies from external threats. EXTERNAL FACTORS Consider all weaknesses one by one listed in the SWOT Analysis with each threat to determine both can be avoided. Weaknesses/Opportunities: WEAKNESSES What could your organization improve on? What does your organization do poorly? What should be avoided? Strengths/Opportunities: INTERNAL FACTORS Strength/Threats: KEY POINTS SWOT analysis becomes a useless exercise if it is not extended TOWS where: • the strengths are used to capitalize on opportunities and to counter threats, • the weaknesses are minimized using opportunities and both weaknesses and threats are avoided Threats What external elements or threats are working against your organization's weaknesses? What are some obstacles your organization is up against? Are there factors outside of your control that may be a concern? STRENGTHS What are your organization’s advantages? What does your organization do well? What resources do you have access to? What would people outside of the organization see as your strengthd TOWS matrix SWOT analysis

Samsung SWOT & TOWS

Transcript: SWOT & TOWS Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean business conglomerate. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a trading company. Over the next three decades, the group diversified into areas including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail. Samsung entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s. Since 1990, Samsung has increasingly globalized its activities and electronics; in particular, its mobile phones and semiconductors have become its most important source of income. Samsung's revenue was equal to 17% of South Korea's $1,082 billion GDP. It serves worldwide in 80 countries with a revenue of USD $177.365 billion and 319,000 employees for 2016. Their main competitors include: Apple Inc. Nokia OYJ Intel Corporation Samsung operates three business divisions: • Consumer electronics • IT and Mobile communications • Device solutions Strenghts Samsung is the world’s most successful electronics manufacturer World’s largest manufacturer of television sets, liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, mobile phones and smartphones World’s number one marketer of mobile phones Samsung has impressive research and design capabilities Largest patent portfolio among its key rivals Strong manufacturing and marketing capabilities Many awards the company has received over the years Weaknesses Samsung has not been able to match Apple Inc.’s marketing capabilities for smartphones Some Chinese competitors are catching up to Samsung in the smartphone market Huawei’s share grew by 48.1% Xiaomi’s share grew by 29.4% Google Android - many consumers seem to view Android as an inferior product to Apple’s iOS Samsung is a hardware leader but has too much of dependence for software from other parties The demand for LCD panels is expected to decline in the future Korean culture Opportunities Growing market for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in developing regions Future plans of launching customized products for Indian market Increased demand for tablet and smartphone-based solutions such as Samsung Pay Wearable tech Growing online market Official ‘Olympic partner’ Threats Apple has emerged as the dominant smartphone and tablet brand in some markets Declining or stagnating middle-class incomes Economic instability that occurs in each country Wide variety of product lines - failure of one product line will have impact on the other Entry of foreign players in new markets is likely high Chinese manufacturers could emerge as serious rivals Apple could enter more consumer products most successful electronics manufacturer opportunities for expansion increased demand for its service new technology entering developing regions utilizing the online market sponsorship with the Olympics improve their digital technology and product differentiation innovate and modify smartphones diversify its business software advertisement company change in its operating system Samsung is a company that focuses on technology and innovation. The company has a very diversified lineup of products, ranging from memory cards to refrigerators. This diversification has given Samsung the edge in the worlds market and made it one of the most popular brands today. Strategies performed have a tremendous impact on its achievements. It focuses on brand image, product innovations, sponsorship, R n D, and design, all of which yield excellent results. Although Samsung maintains impressive research, design and manufacturing capabilities, it appears to have lost its edge in marketing. New capabilities like Samsung Pay will be critical if this company wants to maintain its position as an industry leader. In the long run, if they manage to succeed in revamping their marketing campaign, penetrate new markets and deal with its competitors, Samsung will solidify its place as the most powerful and widely known electronics manufacturer in the modern world. Thank you for your attention! Presented by: Ivan Karamanov Kaloyan Kirilov Milen Stefanov SWOT TOWS Conclusion


Transcript: S.O W.O DRIVINCI.CO S.T Threat W.T DRIVINCI.CO INVICTUS • Hire a high skill worker to make the quality of the job would be efficient Strength • Ensure that our worker always stay keep up with industry guidelines or regulation and knows the latest technology • Biometric system • In off the job training this can give high cost to the because need to transfer workers outside from their workstation Weakness • debt or excess amount and the group and company financial statements are insufficient • more wire that needed use • first local Malaysian car using fully electric system Opportunity • the location or place used to reach customers is considered in this affiliate marketing element. Also have a own service center •Car look more compatible and futuristic. • more competition to improve their product • The durability of the car depends on the correct installation process • too many other company advertise their product through at media STRENGTH AND OPPORTUNITY TOWS • We want to hire a high quality worker to make a car with a fully electric system (S1,O2) The location and the work environment that what we build can make the worker being actively to make the product and follow the guideline and there know the latest technology (S2,O1) • Biometric system that we use on automobile manufacturer that effect the price of the material cost will increased. ( S3, T1 ) STRENGTH AND THREAT • Even we have a more wires needed but the car are look compactible and futuristic.( W3,03 ) Weakness & opportunity • too many expenses at administrative expenses due to send people out of area for training and development but it will be the first local Malaysian car using fully electric system. ( W6, O2 ) • In off the job training this can give high cost to the because need to transfer workers outside from their workstation so that the durability of the car depends on the correct installation process . ( W1, T2 ) Weakness & threat

SWOT Analysis & Tows

Transcript: Presenter: Muhammad Amirul bin Azizul Muhammad Najib bin Shaiful Fitri Norizaty binti Ibrahim Nur Azlinda binti Che Zawawi Siti Norhadawiah binti Josman Farah Nabila binti Noorazmi STRENGTHS Trustworthy suppliers Strong Marketing efforts Competitive prices Hygiene food preparation and Quick service STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Newly establish company Relatively unhealthy with a high calorific content No variety of food Low brand loyalty WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES Demand for healthier food Creation and popularity of social media In-trend for Korean food Ability to develop additional stores OPPORTUNITIES THREATS THREATS Threat from local competitor in different countries Rising price of ingredients Changing consumer eating habits Insurance cost are continually increasing S - O S2+O2 strong marketing efforts + creation and popularity of social media. We create a good social media account for our company to promote our business. S4+O3 Hygiene food preparation and quick service + in-trend for korean food. We could attract more people as our food is a korean style food hence our service and preparation are hygiene. TOWS MATRIX W - O W3+O1 No variety of food + demand for healthy food. At the same time, we can improve by added a healthy menu to fulfill customer needs and give a healthy lifestyle. W1+O3 Newly establish + in-trend for korean food. Nowadays, people prefer to eat korean food compared to other foods because of due to latest trends. At the same time, we use recipes from korean to attract people. TOWS MATRIX S - T S3+T1 Competitive price + Threat from local competitor in different countries. In this part, we keep the price close to our competitors. So that customers will have more option to choose. S1+T2 Trustworthy suppliers + rising price of ingredients. Our company focuses on quality and maintain the price of our products even the price of ingredients increase as we have a trusted suppliers. TOWS MATRIX W - T W1+T4 Newly establish + Insurance cost are continually increasing. Since our company is new in this business, a lot of choices on insurance package attract us to subscribe into their packages. W1+T1 Newly establish + Threat from local competitor in different countries. Our company keep the price close to the competitors to make sure that our company can maintain in the business market. TOWS MATRIX

tows matrix

Transcript: TOWS MATRIX Reported by: Shairyll Kaye B. Malleta What is the TOWS Matrix It is an extension of the classic analytic tool, SWOT Analysis What is the TOWS Matrix The acronym TOWS was developed by the American international business professor Heinz Weirich. The Other Way Around The Other Way Around First, an external environment analysis; the threats and opportunities. Next the company’s strengths and weaknesses are considered. It is to write several strategies in four different groups by: a) Strengths with opportunities b) Weaknesses with opportunities c) Strengths with threats, d) Weaknesses with Threats Strategic Options Strategic Options Helps businesses to identify their strategic options Finding out the strengths and weaknesses within an organization and what opportunities and threats there are in its environment. External Environment External Environment It emphasizes the external environment. Strategic tactics emerge by opposing: a) S-O (Strengths-Opportunities), b) W-O (Weaknesses-Opportunities), c) S-T (Strengths-Threats) d) W-T (Weaknesses-Threats). Transform the SWOT analysis into a TOWS Matrix Transform the SWOT Analysis into a TOWS Matrix SO strategies: Strengths are used to take advantage of opportunities. WO strategies: They aim to overcome weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities. ST strategies: These strategies use strengths to avoid risks. WT strategies: It aims to reduce weaknesses to avoid risks. TOWS Matrix Template TOWS MATRIX TEMPLATE TOWS Matrix Example TOWS Matrix Example A medium-sized maintenance and painting business that mostly works for large housing co operatives and office. Example Template Example Template Strategies (Strengths) Strategies (Strengths) S-O – How can the organization employ the expertise of its own professionals to respond to the needs of vocational education centers? S-T – How can the organization use its skilled staff to compete with cheaper workers employed by competitors? Example Template Example Template Strategies (Weaknesses) W-O – How can partnerships with vocational education centers help the organization to improve itself and put more effort into customer acquisition? W-T – How can the organization better position itself in the market and thus reduce the threat posed by competitors? Strategies (Weaknesses) Example Template Example Template Key Points Key Points The TOWS Matrix is a relatively simple tool for generating strategic options. It stands for: • Threats. • Opportunities. • Weaknesses. • Strengths. It's a variation of SWOT analysis, but differs because SWOT focuses on internal factors (strengths and opportunities), while TOWS focuses on external factors (threats and opportunities). References: References powerpoint-template Thank you! The End Shairyll Kaye B. Malleta 4bsa

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