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C Env Strategy Map Template

Transcript: Strategy Map Environmental Issues Problem There are oil spills and pipelines that are being installed by organizers, which is causing climate change, and affecting the community. What happening? Evidence "...Stalling the construction of toxic oil pipelines, and challenging fossil fuel companies, and the banks that fund them, with a national divestment campaign"(131) "These transformers interrupt powerful econnomic systems, exposing those who profit as they destroy lives and homes"(131) Example's Values Values They value their whole community They value the people's well being They value climate change Example Thomas Muller says, "No matter what we do moving forward, we need to develop economies that don't force people to have to choose between clean air,water, and earth or putting food on the table"(133) Specific Example Trying to get people to care about our environment(Shifting the spectrum of allies) Stop organizers from installing toxic pipelines Fight to address the underlying conditions that need to be changed for environmental/social justice. Mission: Mission Power Analysis Power Analysis Coalition Constituents: Local enviromental injustice groups Economic injustice groups Bill McKibben Joe Solomon The youth Allies Allies Solar Richmond Indigenous people AgitArte Opponents Oil Companies Big businesses Opponents Targets Primary Target: Lawmakers such as mayor, congress, president, etc. Secondary Target: People who are involved & who can vote Targets Strategy Overall Strategy Coming together as a community Standing up for what you believe in Strategic non violence using social media to create memes(Creative petition delivery) Media-jacking Teaming up with experts Make new folks feel welcomed Make the invisible feel visible Tactics Tactics Example Communicating with other local groups who are fighting for environment and economic injustice Looking past what meets the eye Examples of Tactics Example Creating memes that people can relate to and be inspired by Clear imagery Shifts the spectrum of allies Increases understanding Creativity Creativity Gregg Deal Design Gregg Deal, Washington D.C . 2013 STOP FRACKING/STOP DRILLING Pat Perry's design Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2013 Stop the banks from funding the oil company so the oil company can stop installing pipelines People to come together to end this issue. What do they want? Demands Goals The enviromental movements want to protect their land and culture from climate change Goals Short Term Goals End funding for oil companies Free transportation End U.S drone attacks Open boarders for immigrants Long Term Goal Stop organizers from installing toxic pipelines Get people to care about the community Lessons Lessons Learned Lesson 1 If you want to stop a problem you should stop the people who are funding them You would especially want to stop the funding because that money could be coming directly from your own pocket Shifting the spectrum Lesson 2 Getting help from anyone and everyone who cares at least a little bit about your problem It can be people from lawmakers to everyday people DIVERSITY!!!!(138) Make some friends!!! Lesson 3 By ignoring a problem and can be the reason why something bad has happened in your life How does it benefit you? Citations Boyd, Andrew, and Dave O. Mitchell. Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution. , 2014. Print. Jobin-Leeds, Greg. When We Fight, We Win: Twenty-first-century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World. , 2016. Print. Citation

B Econ Strategy Map Template

Transcript: Strategy Map March For Our Lives Problem Problem people working very hard and sinking into debt. African American neighborhoods were targeted more aggressively for loans leading to mass evictions. Incomes and taxes were rising higher and higher Five million homes have been foreclosed nationwide and displaced ten million people People saw their Incomes skyrocket 275 percent more then one quarter of the children in the USA live in poverty Specific Example Values They valued saving homes and lives Organizing low wage workers Values Roc workers ran the restaurants and established free training programs for struggling restaurant workers Specific Example Example To take action to demand economic justice Fighting for racial, social, and gender equality by building working class power . Mission: Mission In the movement against Economic inequality, specifically the Occupy movement the power of those who oppressed those in the 99% making it extremely important to analyze the power relations within the corporate world and those who are wealthy. Power Analysis Power Analysis Coalition Those in the black lives matter movement are involved in the occupy movement as economic inequality and racial inequality are overlapping in this society those in the lower and middle class who see the raise in taxes and increase in econmic struggle willing to make change young people to old people alike share the struggle and are determined to make change. Coalition: Allies Those within the 99% are supporting each other in their struggle and trying to change it Some organizations such as the Restaurant Opportunities Center we're in support of the occupy movement and their goals Allies Opponents Big multimillion dollar corporations Those within the 1% who believe everything is fine. Big banks, they benefit from the 1% and are forcing foreclosure on the 99% Police and other government officials trying to stop the protests Opponents Targets Primary Target: Big banks, who keep foreclosing homes on the 1% Secondary Target: smaller corporations who can lead in trying to make change in the capitalist society and inequality Targets Strategy was the wall street which an attempt to inspire on Amercian version of the iconic arab spring demonstrations that topped rulers through the middle east and north africa earlier that year. in conclusion this was talking about was to make everything equall. strategy 1: chinese people came together to defeat the evictions notices that they got saying they was getting evicted because a devolper wanted to sell their affordable housing units as market rate condos. strategy 2: they had for close on the 1% strategy 3: occupy the hood is a nationwide grassroots movement is an extension of occupy wall street and of the occupy movement. strategy 4: Mass street action Eviction blockade Tactics Tactics Example occupation at Zuccotti park example 1 Example march for rights, respect and fair food example 2 Creativity Creativity Example Example 1 Example Example 2 Demands Demands Gain Public Attention bottom 70% are disenfranchished arab spring Create a clear vision for the future new day, new standard (121) ROC Goals OWS and similar organizations mainly focused on gaining the most support/ increasing in numbers to ultimately fight income inequality Goals Short Term Goals Open conversations about economic equality Create equal financial opportunities Saving homes from foreclosure/families from eviction Short Term Goals Long Term Goal End class struggle Economic stability Long Term Goals Lessons Defend yourself Lessons Learned Lesson 1 NRA fighting against low wages Communities fighting for themselves Defend Yourself Lesson 2 Work Actively Lesson 3 Double click to edit Gain Attention

Strategy Template

Transcript: STRENGTHS Combination of catalog protective products and custom molding capabilities is a differentiator Qualified vendor at most medical device manufacturers Brand recognition in the Design Engineering community Quality system that understands needs of medical customers Library of standard materials with supporting certifications increases customer’s confidence and expedites approval WEAKNESSES Lack of clear direction on types of opportunities to pursue Sales team’ technical sales capabilities Industrial manufacturing company trying to add Medical Capabilities (e.g. automation, cleanliness) organically, competing against specialized, existing Medical Molders Significant gaps in non-protective/functional catalog product offering Lack of Strategic sourcing to support Long quote turnaround on custom opportunities THREATS Updated costing on cannulas shows this is not profitable and we will likely lose all of this revenue ~$500K in addition to $550K already lost Long sales cycle and frequency of product development stalls/cancellations Decline in number of new product introductions due to FDA (recalls and slower 510k/PMA) Low cost off shore sources for functional products Directives to move away from vinyl OPPORTUNITIES Promote Extrusion capabilities to support orthopedic and other packaging Traditional and Specialized materials Focus on Custom, Manufactured Silicone Poor market perception of Qosina due to pricing Show how things would improve Pro Conclusion Con SWOT EXAMPLE Describe the next steps Describe the desired state Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro Pro Con Con Refer back to the pros and cons Idea 1 How problems can be resolved Pro Describe the idea you think is best Strategy Recommendation What if we do nothing? Medical Segment Dashboard Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Explain how it will help Con

B Imm Strategy Map Template

Transcript: Strategy Map Immigration & Dreamers Problem The problem is too many people are getting deportation (256000) Evidence The Government doesn't yet know how to properly handle immigration. When We Fight We Win! Values: values they value their future & families Values Example Families Example Immigrants usually migrate because there is nothing going for them where they come from. Future Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Mission: Mission Power Analysis Power Analysis Coalition Coalition: Allies Allies Opponents Opponents Targets Primary Target: Secondary Target: Targets Strategy the strategy was to come up with creative ways to show what we can do about the negative effects of immigration. without any type of Creativity the mission to get the rights they deserve wouldn't happen without any type of Creativity. Overall Strategy millions of people around the world, use these tactics to help expand the importance of immigration though many many many forms of protests and posters. Tactics Tactics Example protests are a very important way of expressing and getting millions of people to join with you on a important problem. in the book "when we fight we win" page 78 shows a very important picture of protesters taking over the streets of north Carolina, to stop Obama to stop deporting all undocumented immigrants. Examples of Tactics Example wall street say they care about is the "prison stock" and let undocumented works work for cheep labor. but in the book "when we fight we win " on page 73 paints the perfect picture and shows us the story of " invest in humanity" and not on cheep labor and " prison stock ". the picture shows and tells us to abolish prisons and free all immigrants in detention. example 2 people all around the word, use social media and art as a way of expression to make sure they get there message across, get millions of people to join them. art is way of expressing and showing how they feel not only by painting a picture but it's a way of making sure they say what they want to say in picture form. Creativity Creativity Example in "when we fight we win" the artist who painted the this beautiful piece of art on page 90 the art is named " no human is being illegally the art shows that all immigrants without any type of form the art is for them to show that they can live the american dream just like anyone. Example 1 in "when we fight we win" the arist who painted the this beautful pice of art on page 90 the art is named " no human is being illegally the art shows that all immigrants without any type of form the art is for them to show that they can live the american dream just like anyone. murals and painting pictures is a huge and important part of expressing how people feel about protecting the lives of immigration. people around the world love to express, the beauty of true immigration Example 2 Example murals and painting pictures is a huge and important part of expressing how people feel about protecting the lives of immigration. people around the world love to express, the beauty of true immigration Example 2 murals and painting pictures is a huge and important part of expressing how people feel about protecting the lives of immigration. people around the world love to express, the beauty of true immigration Way more independent for the immigrants to stay in the country. School Systems Housing More Jobs for the immigrants Demands Demands Goals To have the same rights as an American citizen. Overall goal Short Term Goals Being with families Being able to work understand the language Short term goals Long Term Goal Allowing the immigrants to work Allowing immigrants to get housing Long term goal Lessons Immigration has to include everyone and it has to allow peoples voices to be heard. Lessons Learned Lesson 1 In the book WWFWW the picture on 82 . Lesson's Also to get a message across was another lesson that people have done during a campaign . Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Lesson 3

C Ed Strategy Map Template

Transcript: Education Map Soul Fighting for Public Education Problem -Trying to close schools with not many resources, instead of providing those resources. Education Reform Problem Evidence Chicago take over of public schools that masquerade as reform. (27) Mayor closes 150 school of color because they don’t have better educational results.(29) Examples Values -Education - Our youth Education Reform Values Example -schools have gone from public trust to profit centers for private corporations. Poorest neighborhoods are being targeted (29) Education: Example Student: -taking our educational opportunities away(29) We want to end discrimination within schools and help all youth receive the education they need. Mission: Mission Although not everyone was on board with changing school systems we had lots of people who wanted things to change for the better. Power Analysis Power Analysis Coalition Definition: Alliance for combined action. The community and education organizations (30) Coalition: Allies Definition: People on your side. -Students of poorly funded schools -CTU(Chicago Teachers Union Allies Opponents Definition: People who are against you. Corprate takeover of education who focus on the wrong drivers. Opponents Targets Primary Target: The Government and the Mayors team Secondary Target: Teachers Targets Strategy Shift spectrum of allies within the schools Overall Strategy Protesting through art for the right cause. Tactics Tactics Example the DREAM act mural is an art piece of not only a child saying education not depletion but also a deputy holding a gun.(37) Example of Tactic Example the overpass light brigade shows words that fight against dismantling the school system. (41) Example of Tactic Students used creativity to grab the attention of all people. Creativity Creativity Example In the mural words were placed with a picture to pull the meaning together Dream Act Mural, Francisco Garcia, 2011 Example Giant letters that glow were used to form words and well as a meaning. Teacher Solitary Better education for all children Demands Demands Goals To give proper resources to schools that will attribute to the education of students, instead of closing these schools down. Goals Short Term Goals Turn the spectrum of allies and show them that they should believe in schools. Make the education of students a priority. Short Term Long Term Goal Make sure every school has the proper resources that allow students to get the proper education. Long Term Lessons Schools are based on a system that often depends on the location along with the students. Lessons Learned Lesson 1 Schools near poor or black neighborhoods are more likely to have a bad school system with little supplies. (32) First Lesson Lesson 2 Chicago struggle: More cross-collaboration of movements to be noticed and realized the issue. (44) Second Lesson Lesson 3 Constant school releases lead to poor education for students. Final Lesson

C Econ Strategy Map Template

Transcript: Strategy Map March For Our Lives Values The community The holes These family M4OL Values Example Example Problem The black community is losing their homes, due to the government destroying their house causing them to be put in debt. Evidence people of color were losing a lot of money. Which led to them living in poor enviroments.(105). Specific Example. <img src="" alt="Image result for broken down houses"/> <img src="" alt="Image result for broken down houses"/> <img src="" alt="Image result for broken down houses"/> <img src="" alt="Image result for broken down houses"/> <img src="" alt="Image result for broken down houses"/> <img src="" alt="Image result for broken down houses"/> " in late 2010 and early 2011 protest spread first throughout Tunisia and then Egypt and other countries were rulers were forced to resgn after years in power. " (112). Specific example j Specific Examples Evidence Our Missions Stop evictions of the colored communities Stop the banks from systematically taking the homes of colored people Title Power Analysis Power Analysis Constituents Foreclose on the 1% Occupy the Hood Stop Evictions Of our elders in Chinatown Eviction Free Zone Constituents: Allies Allies Activists from Brooklyn, Egypt, Greece,Spain,Japan the Bronx and many more meeting in New York City for months.(105) Opponents Opponents The federal government Banks ex:Oakland "foreclose on the 1% Targets Primary Target: Bank investments Secondary Target: Federal government equality Targets Strategy Strategic - Nonviolence was used mainly to plan a leaderless resistance movement Overall Strategy Costumes Occupy wall street protest Social media Tactics Tactics Example Examples of Tactics Example Examples of Tactics Creativity Creativity Example Example 1 Example Example 2 Demands livable wages Stop Foreclosures economic democracy and opportunities Distribution of wealth stop evictions to the elderly liveable wages short term Banks to support all communities especially people of color Even Distribution of wealth to the 99% Double click to edit long term Goals Goals Short Term Goals Long Term Goal Lessons Lessons Lesson 1 Positive: Negative:The Black community suffered from Governments power poor so they tried to fight but ended up failing. Specific Examples Learned Lesson 2 Specific Examples learned Lesson 3 some expaining s Lessons

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