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Start Up Investment Presentation Template

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Start-up Presentation

Transcript: 1. Immersive VR Education – Waterford Ireland. Transforming the delivery of educational content to students 2. Unimersiv – France. To help students of all ages learn faster through virtual reality. 3. Google Expeditions Pioneer Program – US. Learning for everyone, anywhere 4. Alchemy VR – UK? Narrative and documentary experiences made for Virtual Reality 5. Discovery VR – USA Entertainment based VR company 6. Space – USA Real World Virtual Reality 7. Curiscope - ? Educational Adventures in Virtual & Augmented Reality. Virtuali-Tee 8. WoofbertVR – UK? Arts education 9. Nearpod - ? An all-in-one solution for the use of mobile devices in education! 10. Eon Reality - USA RE:imagine is an open media production business that provides visual solutions for business and companies – big or small. At Re:imagine, we aim to create immersive visual adventures by bringing together two important ingredients, storytelling and technology. For education, Microsoft HoloLens will help make incredible leaps forward in productivity, collaboration, and innovation. See how Microsoft HoloLens transforms the way we teach anatomy and our understanding of the human body as we help to prepare the next generation of doctors. VR Australian Companies Viewing VR is starkly different than watching a traditional film: With conventional movies, the director dictates your focus of attention. Virtual reality puts you in charge. The headset allows you to observe any aspect of a setting and, in some cases, even affect the way the story unfolds depending on where you look. Top 10 Companies working on VR for Education – Touchstone Research - June 2016 USES OF VR IN EDUCATION • Virtual Reality Ventures – Ballarat/Melbourne • RAPID VR – Sydney • Virtual Reality Australia – Perth • PIXELCASE – Sydney/Nottingham UK • Zero Latency – Melbourne Product brand names i.e. Samsung/ EB Games Australia/ HTC etc. Companies in Sydney/ Melbourne and Perth predominantly While VR is providing bonus stories for fans, it has the potential to shape entertainment in other ways. For TV watchers, it could completely alter the experience. VR in Australia Technology is important this day and age to efficiently get information out there. If you yourself don’t understand the potential of what the equipment can do for you, you’d never be able to use it to the most effective strategy that you’ve got for your particular case. The world is in this weird media revolution and here at RE:imagine, we will use Virtual Reality (VR) technology as the driving platform to build the foundations of our business. The arrival of virtual reality appears to have further strengthened the relationship between military training and games. Google Jump, GoPro, and YouTube 360 have virtual reality pushing towards the mainstream ANDREW SADAUSKAS | MULTIMEDIA USES OF VR What is Re-imagine Job Training Uses of VR in Education Cinema Video games, television and movies, they’re very powerful media, but you’re still looking at this world through a window. With VR, you’re able to step into that world and that kind of changes the ballgame.” Chris Waldron, vice president of Cartoon Network Digital. VR in Australia Online sales are driving business revenue but what about in-store purchases? How can a business show off its business space in order to attract customers? How can they maintain that face to face customer interaction? Games, Training Experiences Virtual Reality Ventures (Ballarat, Melbourne and US) MD, Stefan Pernar, is the president of the Australian Virtual Reality Industry Association. Television The Solution Creative Entrepreneurship Marketing and Video Production RE-IMAGINE John, Gloria, Rory, Margaret The Problem Key announcements by Google at its annual Google I/O developer conference have put virtual reality on the cusp of going mainstream, according to two key figures in the Australian virtual reality community. During the conference, Google unveiled a new virtual reality ecosystem known as Jump, as well as new camera arrays that can capture 360-degree vision, and streaming stereoscopic virtual reality videos on YouTube.

Start-up presentation

Transcript: When it comes to food, you know who to call. From noodles to grapes, we have it all. :| Nature: Korean restaurant, quick service, quality food. We cook the food in front of the customer. This company is a start up partnership. The Market : Our company has many competitors such as, Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Quick. However they sell a fewer number of products while we provide a large field of products. Our business idea is better because we have a largeof field of products combined to a delivery service. People: Name: Remi Donnadieu, What he does:: financial management. experience 5years in the business. Name: PV Matagrin, what he does: CEO of Noodle&Grape. Experience 25years in the Managing business. Name: Felix Boiron, what he does: PR manager, experience: 12 years. Name: Hughes, Theo Hughes. What he does: Developpement enterpreneur. Experience, 35years, He's a boss. Marketing and advertising Our competitors promote their ideas with intensive advertising, using many communication ways such as medias, partnerships with other companies or partcipation to cultural events. We have many partnerships with other companies and participation in many cultural events such as the chinese new year, and also we have a campain of advertisment on telvision and enwspapers. Price: The full korean menu, First Course, Main Course and dessert included as well as a drink is 5€. We have korean slaves, who we don't pay that is why our prices are so low :| Our "employees" work in the kitchens of our restaurants. Or in the premises of the company. The management team works in a skyscraper that overlooks the sahara desert, in mordor. No but really, our HQ is located in Paris. At first we loaned ut as our company grew, we could afford to buy our premises straight away. The company took around 5million€ to set up. We loand the money from the HSBC bank to finance all these funds. These debts have been fully reimbursed. Noodle&Grape. We created this business in order to fulfill hunger of people in desire of good quality food for a low price. Our Start up enterprise .

investment presentation template

Transcript: Presented by Brian Garbutt Senior Vice President Lee & Associates 23 Corporate Plaza Newport Beach, CA THANK YOU! Investment Sales Presentation OUR OFFICE Lee & Associates, Inc. - Irvine 9838 Research Drive Irvine, CA 92618 Our Experience TEAM 22 Years Experience Over $3 Billion in Commercial Transactions #1 Low Rise Broker in OC Our personal stall includes a full-time support team. Our team also includes: a full-time appearance coordinator, marketing department, and a junior broker dedicated to working on your property. Brian Garbutt Allen Basso Our Team OUR VISION… To provide the highest quality, most effective real estate services available in the industry. What Makes Us Different? 18 Years Experience Completed over $75M in transactions over the past 12 months Market Overview OFFERING Click to edit text COMPETITIVE BUILDINGS FOR SALE COMPETITIVE BUILDINGS FOR SALE 01. 02. 03. 2260 University Drive Newport Beach, CA 25,561 SF $15,250,000 $574/PSF 20151 Birch Street Newport Beach, CA 23,089 SF $8,900,000 $390/PSF 18071 Fitch Irvine, CA 25,125 SF $9,500,000 $378/PSF TENANT IDENTIFICATION TENANT IDENTIFICATION Attorneys Technology Firms Finance Companies Mortgage Companies Software Companies OWNER/USER $9,999,000 or $385 PSF INVESTOR Lease the building at $1.75 NNN, increasing NOI to $545,639, valuing the building at a 5% cap rate at $10,912.000. Cost to lease the building would be approximately $260,000 in Tenant Improvements and $90,000 in commissions Net asking price of $10,562,000 for approximate value between $10,000,000 and $10,500,000. MARKETING SUGGESTIONS Value SALES COMPARABLES Access To Capital CASH FLOW Timing March 31, 2019 Close of Escrow November 23 - December 1, 2018 Listing Signed Gather Information / Prepare Marketing Materials Distribute Information and Market Property January 1 - 14, 2019 Offers Due Counter Offers February 1, 2019 Open Escrow January 21 - 31, 2019 Best & Final Offers Negotiate Purchase & Sale Agreement Ten Reasons Top 10 Reasons to Hire Lee & Associates 1. Have sold more low-rise office buildings in Orange County than any other team. 2. Have an in-depth knowledge of the OC Market, the competing buildings and what makes Buyer’s choose one property over another. 10. Have an exclusive database of foreign and domestic buyers in exchanges. 7. Are market experts for this submarket focused solely on leasing and selling low rise office buildings. 4. Know how to sell the advantages of this submarket to get record pricing for properties. 6. Offer a full service team, from brokers to graphic artists. 5. Have set record comps for buildings sold numerous times in this submarket. 8. Will personally meet with prospective prospects thus overcoming any objections 9. My team is the #1 brokerage team in low rise office transactions in the Airport Area all firms. 3. Offer creative marketing, and will utilize local print and direct marketing to ensure exposure.

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Transcript: F2F interview process Validate Web Crawler Listing on Fintech Portal Registration Score Calculation Rating Calculation ScaleUp self-declaration Monetization We Connect. We Find You. We Find You. Employee of Capgemini identifies an interesting ScaleUp to be qualified. Registration Employee provides details on ScaleUp: name, location, vertical, contact details etc. You Find Us. You Find Us. ScaleUp, looking to be qualified by Capgemini . Registration ScaleUp provides details on the online-platform ScaleUp: name, location, vertical, contact details etc. ScaleUp Details Shared With Portal Admin Admin validates the potential ScaleUp Validate. Validate. Once Admin approves, confirmation email sent to: ScaleUp: selection, process details + NDA for digital signature. Web Crawler Algorithm Web crawler algorithm runs for the ScaleUp and a questionnaire is partially self-completed on the 4 pillars: “People, Finance, Business, Technology” ScaleUp self-declaration Partially self-completed form is shared with ScaleUp ScaleUp is asked to: - confirm data - modify data - add missing data Score Calculation Scoring process run on collected data. Results shared with Tech, Business experts & AIE Team for F2F interview F2F interview process Talk Talk Tech & Business domain experts notified about the ScaleUp and its score -> conduct F2F validation interviews AIE AIE Visit to AIE center and interview with AIE Team. Validate Validate ScaleUp’s clients are contacted for feedback. Rating Calculation Based on feedback from experts & clients, final scoring process is run -> rating is defined: Advance, Intermediate, Emerging, Promising Listing on Fintech Portal Based on final rating: ScaleUp is listed on the portal Digital partnership agreement signed (non-exclusive, non-binding) Monetization Advance and Intermediate ScaleUp -> promoted to clients Emerging and Promising ScaleUp -> fee-based services to upgrade Journey of a Client on ScaleUp Qualification Portal searching for a ScaleUp to solve a problem Bank comes to the Portal -> Register / Login -> Search by ScaleUp -> Name, Country, Industry, Subcategory, Use cases Result -> List of ScaleUp and qualification rating If no results found, client can ask for ScaleUp to be qualified Information page for the ScaleUp -> Unregistered/Free user – Name & Certification rating. Level 1 user – Free content + Qualitative data. Level 2 user – Level 1 content + Quantitative data + Other information Monetization - TBD

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