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Software Solution

Transcript: How to use Prezi Adam Kraefft What is Prezi Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs such as PowerPoint. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows you to pan and zoom to various parts of the canvas and emphasize the ideas presented there. Prezi supports the use of text, images, and videos and also provides a collection of templates to choose from to help new users get accustomed to the interface. What is Prezi How to use Prezi There are many things that you can do when using Prezi. Here are some of them How to use Prezi Selecting a template Firstly, you will need to select a template. Prezi offers a large variety of templates to choose from. Selecting a template At the top left of the page. You are able to change the name of the presentation. Make sure that it relates with what you are trying to demonstrate Give your Prezi a name Give your Prezi a name When on your main screen. At the bottom left you are able to add topics. Adding subtopics is very similar accept that it can only be done when you wish to further discuss a topic Adding a topic Adding a topic Clicking the insert button will show a list of items that can be inserted. Images and shapes are some of them. Images and shapes Images and shapes Support available When using Prezi, lots of technical support is available. There are many websites which you can look at to receive help if something is going wrong. However the best place to receive support from is Prezi itself when on their website. Support available

Bridge Software Solution

Transcript: Bridge Software Solutions Ihab Mishriki Bridge Software Solutions Our company Change your creative thoughts from idea to software. who am I? Who Am I? Ihab Mishriki/ Founder Pain Pain Our area now faces a chronic shortage of some 15,000 skilled engineers. The proportion of high-tech staff in the business sector as a whole actually fell, from 12.6% to 11.7% (2011 to 2015) The high salaries are not affordable for the start-ups and the small businesses . Resource technologyreview Solution Bridge Software Solutions The solution is just few kilometers from here. Hundreds fresh graduate students in Westbank. well educated. Good quality. Less Expensive software. The team The Team Fahed /Developer Samer /Developer ****** / Sales Competitors Competitors Competitors Competitors It is an open market Why us? Why Bridge Software Solution Communication. Quality. Same or less expensive cost. Time Zone. Following up. Analysis the customer needs. Products & services Products & services Web Apps Web Applications 60% Normal Simple website 40% Web application Mobile Apps Mobile Applications 10% Andriod App 5% IOS App 85% Working in the both OS UX/UI Services Business Model Business Model Fixed Price Project Based on the working hour Roadmap Roadmap Processes Analysis Services 2025 Quality Assurance Services 2022 UI/UX Designing Service 2019 Software development 2019 Facts Facts Hundreds start-up events yearly US$5.2 bn in 2015 Increasing by 20% in 5 years Bridge Software Solutions Vision Change your creative thoughts from idea to software.

Proposal Software Solution

Transcript: A fully searchable database (with Google-like and Boolean search - i.e., combining keywords with "AND", "OR", "NOT") Content management capabilities to track versions of documents to ensure that we are using the most accurate and up-to-date information The ability to house our current ad hoc proposal library (initially 50 proposals) as well as every proposal yet to be written Ease of use - a tool that requires minimal training and minimal work to become fully functional Secure system Transferring/ uploading/ content migration that requires little work on our end Access for our team as well as proposal writers (transferable licenses that offer this flexibility are preferred) What Chatter does: Allows users to easily communicate across practice areas and the company about projects. Currently houses a limited collection of resumes and quals, and will eventually house many more (perhaps even all of them). Has “libraries” that are searchable and require tagging when the resumes/quals are uploaded (to make the search function more useful). What Chatter does not do: Chatter does not have the robust searchability offered by the software tools we evaluated. It also does not offer the easy “copy and paste” functionality offered by the other tools. Chatter does not offer templates or a “uniform formatting” option. Chatter does not contain “best language” content (although it could be used to house entire proposals in a library, if PCG elects to use it for that purpose). Chatter also does not offer a Graphics library. PROS: Library can store and search both Word and PDF documents Google-like search and Boolean search No tagging required – library is exactly what we want Document management – can restrict who can view/ edit what Transferable licenses (can add/remove users) Privia web interface and Privia platform both available - easy to work offline Can upload files and folders straight to Privia platform - "drag and drop" option Create system of folders specific to our library Can edit in Word and upload straight back to Privia from where you found it Comment tool for collaboration tracks dates and details about revisions The tool is specifically designed for responding to state and federal government RFPs CONS: Offers more than what we need Main feature included is proposal creation/ automation - which we do not need DIFFERENTIATORS: Specifically caters to public sector companies, such as Optum and Molina PROS: Web-based (no software to download) Proposal Assembly Center with customizable templates - makes it easier to create a uniformly formatted document Easy and intuitive to navigate Fully searchable library (Google-like search or through tags) Can search entire library or make a Q&A library Can track revision history of documents (who & when made edits) Tracking and reporting technology - generate win/loss reports in Excel Adjustable settings for read-/review-only permissions Collaboration and communication tools CONS: Offers a lot more than we need and does not cater to our specific needs They do not offer services to upload initial library Tagging requires more work DIFFERENTIATORS: Well-know in the proposal field PROS: Robust content management system – aimed at making first draft easier to gather info from past proposals Has ability to store graphics Can create RFP specific templates Reinforces best practices and makes them reusable Centered around a searchable content library smart search tool Can house both completed proposals and Q&A – library organized in folder structure that we personalize Can upload full proposals straight into content library (or can hire Qvidian to automatically break into Q&A) Can search like Google or Boolean search Content properties – can make notes on documents, titles, dates, review cycles with alerts With quality control it's possible to "submit or enable" or give permission to edit Edits become "global" - will update with new info Option to assign tasks/ Qs/ deadlines Biggest name in the business – currently helps over 1200 organizations, including Deloitte CONS: Includes more than we need with proposal automation tool Tagging for library is more work for us - tagging is completely optional but would lead to more fruitful searches - all uploaded documents and Q&A are indexed fully searchable regardless of tagging Licenses are for named users (non-transferable), but they are willing to negotiate this DIFFERENTIATORS: Industry leader - tried and true They will upload our library for us - least amount of work on our end Ongoing, dedicated customer service always available PROS: Entirely browser-based; simple, easy-to-use interface, so no downloading is necessary Centered around a fully searchable library Can house complete proposals or Q&A documents Unlimited storage Google-like and Boolean search; also searchable via tags (optional) "Magic" smart automation tool can import Q&A to quickly assemble a proposal Customizable templates Ability to restrict formatting when creating

LIT Software Solution

Transcript: LIT Software Solution Reduce time spent distributing manual property assignments to employees OPERATION THANK YOU! INSPECTION WHY US? RESERVATION REAL-TIME STATUS UPDATES SEND INTERNAL NOTIFICATIONS PERFORMANCE REPORTING INCREASE HOUSEKEEPING EFFICIENCY DEVELOP EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT DECISIONS SAVE TIME AND CUT COSTS CUSTOMIZED REPORTING TRACK EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE PHONE INTEGRATION SOLUTION LIT Software Solution HOUSEKEEPING Reduce time spent making property cleaning and inspection assignments TIME BENEFITS DASHBOARD MANAGEMENT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT USER MANAGEMENT GIS MAP AUTOMATED NOTIFICATION AND ALERT REPORT MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION WITH CURRENT RESERVATION SYSTEM Increase overall performance with real time status updates CUSTOMER Manage callbacks with detailed callback reporting "CUSTOMER SERVICE" Reduce time spent searching for properties with built in GPS functionality HTTPS://LITSOFTWARESOLUTION.COM Reduce time spent manning company phone lines receiving status updates Eliminate labor hours spent creating manual documents "QUALITY SERVICE" Reduce the number of administrative calls made between reservations, housekeepers, inspectors and maintenance "REPAIR SERVICE" WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS Make sound business decisions using visibility of housekeeping and inspection trends WE LISTEN AND RESPOND TO CUSTOMERS WE DELIVER SOLUTIONS TO BUSINESS PROBLEMS WE BELIEVE IN BUILDING LIFETIME RELATIONSHIPS YOU NEED IT, WE BUILD IT "CLEANING SERVICE" FEATURES Housekeeping excellence Quality assurance inspectors Guest satisfacation Accurate, timely, and courteous response Comply with all local, state, and federal regulations Safety and security Property performance Reservations Maintenance Marketing MAINTENANCE Increase the visibility of housekeeping and inspection status Reduce time spent sending alert notifications to employees COST

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