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Social Media Strategy Presentation Template

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Social Media Strategy Presentation

Transcript: More than 800 million people use Instagram around the world to: - Share pictures and videos - Market their organization or brand - Network and connect with others How can this benefit you? Share Live Golf Videos & Pictures from Tournaments, Interviews, and more Promote your other platforms and increased media exposure online Month 1 Goal: Develop a stable account with optimized content and "hashtags." Generate future content to post and generate followers. End Goal: Strong following, use as a promotional tool for live streams. Approx. 330 million active users on Twitter: - Share news or stories - Share pictures or videos - Promote their brand, organization, etc How can this benefit you? Promote your brand and other platforms Let people know when you are live streaming Networking tool with people that share a common interest of golf 2 Month Goal: Develop a stable account with continuous follower growth. Coordinate with live streaming platform(s). Account design. End Goal: Strong Twitter network and follower base to drive live streaming and video views; Use to provide foundation for media exposure. 2.07 billion monthly active users on Facebook: - Share news or stories - Share pictures or videos - Promote their brand, organization, etc - Network and connect with other brands How can this benefit you? Promote your brand and other platforms Link videos and live streams Networking with viewers and fans of the streams Posts to detail your experience 3 Month Goal: Develop a stable page that has all relevant media information and links. Account design created. Content posts generated about the account. End Goal: Content easily accessible on the account. One of the central hubs for information on the organization. YouTube has over a billion users that: - Create video content - Promote their brand, organization, etc - Share stories, their lives, or promote a product/service How can this benefit you? Post videos from your previous live streams for viewers to watch later Increased exposure for brands and individuals you are networking with 4 Month Goal: Develop a consistent account with some follower growth. Coordinate with live streaming platform(s). Uploading Schedule. Account design. End Goal: Large subscriber amount to drive view count on highlight videos and stream uploads. Interview tool and sponsor-driven account. With over 15 million daily active users, Twitch specializes in: - Social video services - Promoting a brand, business, individual, team - Emerging content How can this benefit you? One of the most up-to-date live stream platforms Future brand partnership(s), podcasts, etc. IRL Emerging Market: Perfect for goal of live streaming at golf events or daily adventures 5 Month Goal: Develop an account with design. with some follower growth. Set up viewer/donation permissions. Streaming Schedule. General scripts. End Goal: Large follower base with various sponsorships or brand partnerships. There are more than 1.2 billion websites. Possibilities include: - Blogging, media, business, personal, etc Websites are an incredible marketing tool that centralizes and organizes media and other information. How can this benefit you? Centralize the accounts developed Easily access a variety of information Schedule for viewers, brand-deals, upcoming events 6 Month Goal: Develop and design a simple website to provide access to information and centralize all media accounts onto one platform. End Goal: Well-developed website with strong design aspects and well-organized information. High search-engine optimization and page views. Quinn Meyer 714-316-6664 Instagram Twitter Goal: Developing a Social Media Strategy to further the success and media agenda of Mr. Davis Social Media, General Instagram is a social platform that features pictures and short live videos for people around the world to view. Twitter utilizes text and quick timeline posts to gain public attention and exposure. Contact Websites are a critical tool in developing a brand or image for your company or self. Platforms of Focus: (Initial 6 Months) - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Twitch - Website Presentation by Quinn Meyer YouTube is a unique platform lets users from around the world create and manage videos in a variety of content mediums. Website Facebook Social Media Strategy Presentation Data collected was found through various articles and diagnostics. Email Quinn for specific links following the conclusion of the presentation. Twitch allows for a variety of content creators to stream live video and upload the videos to their accounts after. Twitch Social Media is the key to unlocking marketing success and brand growth in the 21st century. YouTube Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and focuses on connecting individuals, as well as brands and businesses/organizations.

Social Media Template

Transcript: Pros and Cons of Social Media Will, Harjot, Samantha, Savarna, Darius Who We Are Social Media Users Just Like You! By Samantha, Savarna, Will, Darius, and Harjot Pros of Social Media: Marketing You can promote your business on social media by creating a business platform page This engages customers, "Engaged customers are likely to be your best customers" (Rowe) Other entrepreneurs can find what your selling and possibly collaborate with you (it's not what you know it's who you know) Being committed to social media to create brand awareness and sales "Create your own deals on your terms" (Rowe) "Manage your reputation" (Rowe) Bad reviews online are bad for business Good reviews online encourage more people to go with your brand Business Opportunities: Communication / News Updates Instant Real Time Allows Connection With Entire World Mobile Mass Interaction No one wants to watch the news Everyone has a cellular device Notified when Tragedies / Emergencies strike Social media has tons of entertainment Everyone has a different sense of humor and there is tones of accounts with various different content such as cooking fitness weird memes Entertainment Once you know someone who is successful and have professional relationship with and have them on social media, you will always that window of opportunity in your back pocket. Linkedin is basically a facebook for networking and finding other people with the same interest and mind set as you Networking Cons of Social Media: Mental Illness The Scientific American Mind states that "Teenagers who used social media on a daily basis were 13 percent more likely to say they felt depressed than were peers who did not use it every day." The depression spike increased when over 50% of the American population owned a smartphone. Con: Cyber Bullying It's not the social media that is doing the bullying, it is the people behind the screens. People can get away with bullying very easy while online. “Cyberbullying is potentially a factor in the increase of youth suicides” - New Zealand Managment magazine. Con: People can be deceiving Not everyone is who they seem to be You can never truly be sure that someone is who they say they are. Social Media can play a huge roll in task delay Seconds are minutes and minutes are hours When you get done procrastinating on your phone, do you ever think what else you could have accomplished? Time looking at social media constantly will cause you to go from peak performance to average performance Unsurprisingly popular apps are designed in a way to be addictive to the user so the company can have a competitive edge Con: Distraction/Procrastination Nothing can ever be truly deleted How personal information of yourself is on your social media? Is your password easy to figure out? Geotagging Faceprint database- tags people by face recognition without you have to tag them yourself Comments are searchable Posts that you liked are tracked Ever searched something on youtube/amazon/pintrist and all of a sudden its popped up on your feed? Con: Privacy issues Recognize the problem Admit your social media diet Model good behavior Create a better online experience How to make social media a better experience: Power of suggestion Awareness Purge Negativity Purge the models and famous people Monitor yourself Are you checking for likes/comments? Tool for good Positive groups Social revolution Survey Results Citations: CHEN, A. (2018). Social Notworking: Is Generation Smartphone Really More Prone to Unhappiness? (cover story). Scientific American Mind, 29(2), 18. Rowe, M. (2012, July). 8 Ways to Leverage Social Media. Restaurant Hospitality. Retrieved from , 32-36. Powell, F. (2015). Be kind online. NZ Business + Management, 29(11), M27. Retrieved from Fay, Laura. “New Teen Survey Reveals Cyberbullying Moving Beyond Social Media to Email, Messaging Apps, YouTube.” The 74 New Teen Survey Reveals Cyberbullying Moving Beyond Social Media to Email Messaging Apps YouTube Comments,


Transcript: Creating Ads: Only create ads on your strongest networks first. How to Organize Your Calendar By year / month / date Color code important and original content Collaborate Communicate SEO > Search ENGAGEMENT Optimization Social media is the new word of mouth Keyword searching Original content / blog posts / video Referral traffic / Pinterest Less enlisting existing employees, and see even more companies hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers. We’ll Witness the Rise of Micro-Video Fourquare will decline sharply. New ways to reach people via video with Vine and Instagram Investment in Social Media Will Become a Necessity, Not a Luxury Video launches Sales promotions Important announcements Funny content Questions (20-30 great tips to rotate through monthly) Tips (20-30 great tips to rotate through monthly) How much time does it take to have a successful social media presence? The "don'ts" before the "dos" Purchasing conversions How do you do this? It takes time if you want to do it right. Otherwise you are just added internet noise. #Ain'tNobodyGotTimeForThat How many hours? Time allocation Posting into the weekend Optimal times for engagement (varies for each network) and image 70% of brands have a presence on Google+. That’s the same percentage of Americans hate their jobs. Although we all hate it, Google is the king of search, so Google + can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. SEO, SEO, SEO! We love questions. Tweet using the hashtag #NashSocial How to Create the Perfect Post Facebook Ads Sidebar ads Promoted posts Targeting Promoting Your Events Facebook Be positive. Provide a link. Brand Sentiment Mining for it Harnessing it Manage and elevate perception and reputation Responding to negative comments Adjust the content accordingly, more on that later.. “How we cultivate our relationships if often the greatest determinant of the type of life we get to live. Business is no different.” - Gary Vanderchuck Thank you for joining us! Facebook Events 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends. 70% of consumers trust opinions of online strangers who they may never meet. - Nielsen People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Integrate with Google Analytics Welcome! Have a strategy! How do I measure the effectiveness of my social media efforts? Best Post Types Video Photo Link Each social network operates a little differently, and each brand's fans have their own tastes and preferences. Keeping a pulse on the competition Using social media as a customer service tool Thought leadership: The most effective 2 - word strategy: Be Useful. Facebooks new reporting system - Page likes breakdown / where “likes” came from Social Media Usage Up 800% For U.S. Online Adults In Just 8 Years. - Forbes Jane Doe This is an informal, intensive session, ask questions, interrupt us, challenge us, feed us cupcakes. Test everything and hold on to the good. The DONT'S DON'T just "hope" people show up and talk to you DON'T obsess over numbers Case Study #2 Social media is not a magic wand RESEARCH STRATEGY EXECUTE TEST REPEAT Establish yourself as an expert Original Content Post Performance Check to see how your posts are performing. See when your fans are online. The DOs Make a list of all your goals Map out all content on your editorial calendar for the next 1-3 months Create homes for your content (Google Drive folders) by type Commit to creating great original content and genuine engagement Reporting Eventbrite Mobile Make sure your marketing is mobile friendly You MUST have a mobile optimized website, if you don’t you’re losing money, simple as that. Older user adoption Track your links. E-Commerce Pinterest Avoid human faces. Look for red. Campaigns Ads, Promotions, Contests, Events, Sweepstakes Other Helpful Tools Hootsuite Bitly TweetReach Tweepi SocialMention Google Alerts Feedly Flipboard SproutSocial Promote on Social Media Core Content for Your Calendar Daily active users have reached 665 million Monthly active users have passed 1.1 billion for the first time 751 million mobile users access Facebook every month Mobile only active users total 189 million Mobile now generates 30% of its ad revenue up from 23% at the end of 2012 3 million companies have Facebook pages Let's break it down... Cross pollinate your shopping platform between all social channels Create a store tab on your Facebook page Integrate social sharing icons on each product Run contests Showcase your company's charitable contributions What do you want the numbers to tell you? Analyze the data, track the progress. Individual Post Promo Facebook Growth An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspaper, magazine, blog, email newsletters, and social media outlets. via: Google+ Tag people. Include large images. Know your goals. Make a list every

Social Media Strategy

Transcript: - Offerings - Services - Expertise - Direct Calls - Website Visits - Webinar & Seminar Attendance - Website Leads Connecting The Dot.coms RELATIONSHIPS - Blog to share our internal and external expertise - Ask staff members to write knowledge articles - Update blog 4 times per month Why? - Drive traffic from website to blog and vice versa - Position ourselves as the knowledge experts in the industry for our market. 2012 Strategies for growing our Social Media presence and grow our business. Exchange Engage Facebook Blog Google+ Twitter Email Blasts LinkedIn We Are The Experts - Network - Share knowledge documents, articles Why? - Position ourselves as the experts and strengthen our brand - Connect with potential decision makers Engage fans on Facebook and build brand awareness New Horizons Social Media Strategy Timeline December 2011 - Engage fans in conversation by asking relevant questions and request feedback - Contests that will engage and attract new fans - Post other interesting NH related information and videos Why? - Increase brand awareness - Position ourselves as the #1 training provider - Drive traffic to our website and generate leads - Prospects - Students - Employees What'$ Our Goal? Facebook (10,000) Google+ (1,000) Twitter (800) MailChimp (12,000) Targeted Email Lists (5-7) Blog (4 posts per month) LinkedIn (600) Ask customers who have completed a project and used NH as their training provider to write about it for our blog. Why? It's an opportunity for them to promote their business to the 10,000 people on our Facebook page, and 9,000 people who receive our monthly newsletter. They will likely share their blog article with co-workers and others - word of mouth. & Lansing Facebook (9,500) Google+ (0) Twitter (388) MailChimp (8,883) LinkedIn (415) December 2012 Other 2012 Initiatives Video Prezi's Customer testimonials Yammer Educate Knowledge - Use our social media outlets to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise Feedback - Gather feedback from our followers, fans and +'s - Provide feedback to questions, concerns or praise Information - Communicate other important information January 2012 Blog Targeted email lists

Social Media Strategy

Transcript: "MCKINSEY INITIAL HYPOTHESIS" CONTENT STRATEGY - BRANDED - CURATED - CREATED - UGC PROCESS Audit - swot - user map Strategy - Objectives - Creative Plan ROI metrics METRICS - MEDIA EQUIVALANCE - ROI - CPA/CLTV - BRAND / NPS Demographics & Forrester Content Brainstorm and Plan Process User Journey to Funnel Resource plan - set up 2 ongoing 2 scenarios ROI Resourcing and Planning In house - add value / SM concept / management tbc Specialist partners Coomodity and risk management outsource Engagement strategies - Focused vs open - Real time vs considered - Influencer outreach - ego baiting - Community Build - see Forrester - UGC - Promotions - Gamification /virtual rewards - Monetary Policy approaches - Crisis management = integrated - Empowerment = early Coca Cola - Legal = Intel / Coca Cola - Simple = Facebook - Exposed = heavy regulated areas Legal - Misrepresentation/ trades descriptions - Ad practice codes / ASA / Sector specifics - Data protection - Promotions eg sweepstakes - General = consistency High volume management Key tools - Monitor eg Social mention, viral heat - Console eg Hootsuite - Meta Search Google Technorati - Diectories: SocialMediaLibrary Twellow Wefollow Klout - Premium Radian6 MarketSentinel - SuperPremium Lithium Jive - Social CRM eg Salesforce - Apps eg Wildfire - Partners eg Tempero - In house - policy process and training - Outsource eg Elance, Samasource, Crowdflower Video Sites - Youtube = reach, content, google, trolling - Vimeo = controlled - Tubemogul = distribution - Tumblr = trial - Sector backgrounds Veoh, BlipTV, Revver, MetaCafe, DailyMotion - Big brands eg Yahoo Paid for Opportunities - CPC/CPI - Display - Pre/Post Video - Real time - New Gen Cookies - Focus on auction strategies - Quality score - Imprewssion based approach - Test new platforms eg Web Analytics Best in classcase studies Monitor Meta Search Google Technorati Diectories: SocialMediaLibrary Twellow Wefollow Klout Free Hootsuite Freemium Premium Radian6 MarketSentinel SuperPremium Lithium Jive Location based Killer concept - need app Foursquare/Gowalla slow - privacy / complex Groupon / Media Brands Facebook Places / Deals Restaurants / fastfood successes Future Proof? - Smartphones & browsers - Locational & real time - Content & experiences (video) - Integration, AR & longterm - Bitesized multimedia - SM friendly & open source - Reach via segmentation - Landgrab & bubbles! RESPONSES - CRITICAL - IMMEDIATE VIA PROCESS - CONSTRUCTIVE - TIMELY PROMO - ERRONEOUS - TIMELY INFO SHARE - DESTRUCTIVE - IGNORE PLATFORM ASSESSMENT - >20% MY TARGETS = PRESENCE - LEADS T0 >20% MY TARGETS = CHANNEL - EXPERIENCE MOTIVATES >20% MY TARGETS = MASH UP - NONE OF THE ABOVE = OBSERVE SECTOR A(HARDTOREACH) I D A A O CHARITY KIVA200M ENTS SONYFILM16% 20THCFOX26% MANUTD75K ENTS CRIMECITY7M SPORT ADIDAS20% EASTPACK+20% NIKE30% SPORT UMBRO+6%HTR RETAIL GIANTNERD100% BESTBUY250K RETAIL LEVIS000STORE RETAIL DADDIESBOARDSHOP1500ROI RETAIL BONPRIXROI FASHION LACOSTEROI SEPHORA1K LUXURY BURBERRY10% SUBZEROWOLF LUXURY CE SONYVAIO25% SHANECO COMCASTCARES250K CE BLENDTEC700% FURNITURE IKEA15% RESTOS BOBEVANS300% YOSUSHI STARBUCKS$1B RESTOS EINSTEINBROSBAGELSMAX RESTOS DOMINOS60%FSQ RESTOS DUNKINDONUTSROI RESTOS KOGI$1MTW RESTOS PIZZAHUT$1MAPP TRAVEL JETBLUE GIFT 1800FLOWERS4% KIDS SILLYBANDZ2PPC AUTO KIA13%ADS VICTORY2%TESTS HARLEYD35K SUBS TASTINGTABLE40% HOWFASTTIMEFLIES70% FIN CAPITAL1ROI CHASE1M FIN BOASME65K FIN AMEXSME1M ICT CISCO80%SAVE ORACLE IBM$100M ICT DELL B2B INDIUM MOONFRUIT600% TURBOTAX70% IMPULSE SKYTTLES WISPA20M OLDSPICE FMCG HAPASPREAD5% PEDIGREE1M P&G70% FMCG COMMUNITYCOFFEE20% MARMITE FMCG CLOROXGREEN7% STEAZ100% CHEERIOS FOOD COFFEEGROUNDZ+30% P&GBEINGGIRL400%ROI OTHER ETEACHERGROUPROIHTR E&YHR OTHER CMPHOTOGRAHICS7000ROI BEST PRACTICE mash amex content oldspice beverages sage krypton meerkat glammedia integrated avivathebigpicture ecommerce asos cadburyswispa zappos marmite levis zopa kiva dell cservice bestbuy getsatisfaction policy coke intel socialcrm sugarcrm saleforceapp;ibrary twitter bestbuy wholefoods FB chase capital pringles blog first direct credit union location groupon TOP TRENDS 2011 US MOBILE BROWSERS VIDEO LOCAL SOCIAL OLDER DEMOGRAPHICS MULTIPLE DEVICES EG TABLET TV REAL N VIRTUAL EG AR QR CODES Marketing / Ad Regulation: - B/CAP (Broadcast) Committee of Ad Practice - UK industry self regulation - codes of practice - sector specifics - kids - harm, action, promos - Ad Standards Authority = honest, legal, decent - 1st Mar 2011 full remit to monitor and correct - Data privacy - Ecommerce LOCATION BASED - Local newspaper ads - Local = consumer demand - Gowalla / Foursquare - gamify - bars/restos/shops - Facebook Places - many retailers and chain restos testing - Groupon - localised vouchers $15b - Future = Mobile, personalised - Trial now for low cost learning POLICY EXAMPLES VIP STRATEGY

Social Media Strategy

Transcript: Social Media Strategy Break Metrics & Analytics Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Made Easy: Full version (PDF): Volunteers? Email Marketing and Email List Manager: Twitter Alerts: Metrics, Analytics, Measurement, Business Value, Success, ROI Summary Social Media Awareness Index Why You Need to Monitor and Measure Your Brand on Social Media: Define your audience(s): Before deciding which social media tools to use, you should clearly define your intended audience(s): demographics, behaviors, attitudes, needs, preferences, literacy - particularly whether your audience uses social media tools. The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web (33-35): Facebook Events: How to Build a Social Media Strategy... And Why! 1. Need --> 3. Strategy --> 4. Tactics --> 2. Goals SOC 130 Monday April 4, 9:00-12:30, PC 3317 SWOT Analysis Active Social Media Users Are Brand Fans: Team: Tool Review & Tips Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages: Discussion (open floor): Do you have questions, comments or suggestions about team-based best practices, tips, tools, etc... Document (PDF): { Communication, Collaboration, Education, Entertainment } Homework Measure What Matters: Use personal tactics to help explore your 12-Month Macro Strategy. HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI: Before deciding which social media tools to use, you should clearly define your business goals: what would you like to achieve by implementing social media tools? Your goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely Common goals before implementing a social media strategy often include: Increased Traffic Sales/Conversion Reputation Management Brand Awareness Search Engine/Ranking Thought Leadership Top 5 Goals for a Successful Social Media Campaign: Twitter notification service: Team: Backup The Harvard University Social Media User Group meets monthly to discuss & demonstrate the variety, security, cost, implementation & uses of social media tools and the social web. Twitter: Review, Q&A Email: Harvard Social Research * (675-681) Many third-party Twitter applications/tools come with built-in URL shorteners that provide statistics/analytics, including HootSuite's service: HubSpot Internet Marketing Software Products: HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seesmic Other: custom, internal Manual: Search for keyword and/or hashtag usage Developing Strategy Is Fun. Implementing It Is Work. Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Made Easy: Google Insights: How do you get team buy-in? How do you get executive buy-in? Tips: Identify community evangelists (i.e. "natural adopters") Should you appoint a Community Manager? "Run Location Based Sweepstakes Contests to Reward Customers for Check-ins on Foursquare, Gowalla and Twitter" 5 Superior Social Media Management Tools: Google Analytics: Yammer: Nicholas Lamphere Multimedia/web developer and designer Social media instructor and consultant Harvard Human Resources' Center for Workplace Development (Educational Systems and Technology) Additionally, I co-chair both the ABCD Interactive Design and Development User Group & the ABCD Social Media User Group E: C: 781-718-6277 12:15 - 12:30 Basic activity and statistics: channel views, likes, subscriptions, etc... Online Video Distribution, Analytics and Advertising Platform: Promote content. Before deciding which social media tools to use, you should clearly define your content: do you have existing content you can promote? Will you generate new content? Who will be responsible for creating and publishing new content? Will you execute sample (small) content releases, or will you have large collections of the same content? Do you have

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