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Six Flags

Transcript: Over Georgia Gift shops Guest Inn, Wingate and Sleep Inn Both hotels are 0.6 Miles away from the park. Other Information Cost of Admittance Six Flags Ramps Bathrooms Hotels Near By Special Packages Adults/Seniors: 56.99 Kids: 39.99 Car parking: 20.00 Closed from November to December. June open 10:30 to 8 and in July it was open 10:30 to 9. Season passes: 49.99 each when you buy 4 or more passes plus one free parking pass. Description Fulton County Airport Brown Field 3.8 Miles from the Amusement park. Services for special needs Nearest Airport You need to rent a baby stroller. Also you need cash we have many ATM posted around the park. We are prepared to make your day a good one. Also have a family-friendly manner. No line jumping,profanity,and unruly behavior. Smoke in designated areas only.No pets or outside food or drinks is permitted in the park. History Made in 2007 Located in the Pomade at the main entrance guest relations is always happy to answer questions about the park, rides, policies or just general knowledge. Days of Operations Contact Information Mon Stone, Scorcher Cort, Six Flags Photo too Attittudes, Caricature Artists, Goalicth Gifts, Antique Photos,Glad Hatter, Plush and Stuff, Big Top, Emperors Brim. 275 Riverside Parkway Austell, GA 30168 Phone Number: (770)739-3400 Website: Georgia Dining/Food Services Primos Pizzeria, Ben and Jerrys, old south Confectionery, Scorcher Hot Dogs, Dees Jays Diner, daddy's Os, Dippen Dots, Mix it up, Panda Express, Big Mos,

Six Flags

Transcript: "Start your Adventure" To provide families and young adults a place full of entertainment, so that they can uncover their adventure through our theme park. Banners Summer E-mailer Advertising THE END Media Buying & Breakdown Goal design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Mail Flyer Facebook Advertising Radio Social Media Tactics Target & Objective Audiences Primary: families ages 18 & under Secondary: young adults ages 18 to 24 Objectives: Increase revenue drivers by 13% To promote and appeal to the desired target audiences through our newest attraction the Tsunami Soaker and promotional efforts *Television: Prime time/Non prime time Channel Fox 2 News & Channel 5 KSDK *Cable: Fox & ABC during Prime time *Billboards: Highways I-270 & I-44 *Exhibitive Advertising: In the St. Louis Galleria & West County Mall *Internet Banners: STL & & * Radio: Drive/ Non Drive Time On stations: 98.1, 102.5, and 107.7 *Direct Mail: coupons & promos *Cinema:WEHRENBERG RONNIE’S 20 CINE & WEHRENBERG DES PRES 14 CINE & WEHRENBERG ARNOLD 14 CINE *Promotional items: t-shirts Text Messages S. W. O. T Analysis Promotions & Advertising Twitter Advertising Billboards & Advertising Creative Budget Breakdown TELEVISION: total spent $ 650,000 BILLBOARD: total spent $126,000 EXHIBITIVE : total spent $16,000 INTERNET : total spent $114,500 RADIO: total spent $38,400 CINEMA: total spent$30,000 DIRECT MAIL: total spent: $3,150 PROMO ITEMS PER MONTH: $21,500 Total of Media= $999,550 Fright Fest E-mailer Advertising Competitor Analysis Customer Analysis

Six Flags

Transcript: Sam Lambert Address: 1623 Main Street Agawam, MA 01001 How to Get There: Prices & Hours General Admission $54.99 Under 54" $44.99 2 & Under FREE Park hours vary by day. It is closed for the season right now! It opens, again, on April 13, 2012. Attractions: Catapult Goliath Balloon Race BATMAN: The Dark Knight Flashback 1909 Illions Carousel Cyclone Mind Eraser Bizarro WHY? Everyone should go to Six Flags if they get the chance. It is a great way to spend your day with friends & family. They have rides for people of all ages from young to old. Six Flags has some of the biggest rollercoasters in the area, and if you're brave enough you will have a blast. They also have rides that younger kids will enjoy. Six Flags is lots of fun and everyone should go! 8. Take exit 1A toward I-91 S/​Hartford Ct 1.1 mi 9. Merge onto I-91 S 1.4 mi 10. Take exit 3 to merge onto US-5 N toward Agawam/​MA-57 0.7 mi 11. Take the MA-57 exit toward Agawam/​Southwick 0.2 mi 12. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto South End Bridge Cir 0.4 mi 13. Continue onto River Rd 2.8 mi 14. Turn left onto Main St Destination will be on the left Goliath Park Map! 1. Head south on MA-12 S/​Central St/​Monument Square toward Manning Ave Continue to follow MA-12 S 4.7 mi 2. Merge onto I-190 S via the ramp to Worcester 13.8 mi 3. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-290 W/​Auburn and merge onto I-290 W 8.0 mi 4. Take exit 7 for I-90/​Mass. Pike Partial toll road 0.8 mi 5. Follow signs for I-90 W/​Springfield/​Albany and merge onto I-90 W Toll road 39.1 mi 6. Take exit 6 for I-291 toward Springfield/​Hartford Ct Partial toll road 0.6 mi 7. Turn left onto I-291 W

Six Flags(SIX)

Transcript: #1- In this article it says that McDonalds was fined $650,000. They were fined this money for Beijing’s biggest-ever pollution fine for releasing dirty dirty waste water. #2- In this news release it says that McDonald's has the worst burgers. It was rated 5.8 on a scale to ten. The next least was 6.6 leaving them in last by 1.2. If I were to invest in one of these stocks it would be Wendy's. I would do this because people are already satisfied with the products. Also in the past year the price of the stock has almost doubled. In the past year McDonald's has only raised $2 from an already high stock price. So not only is the trend better but the people like it better. So investing in Wendy's would give me a better return on my money. 1) They are in the food and entertainment. 2) General entertainment 3) The headquarters is located in Sandusky, OH. 4) They have 2,000 employes 5) They have sold $3,362,631 in the past three years. 6) The net income in the past three years is $314,276. 1) They are in the food and amusement park. 2)They are in general entertainment 3) Head quarters located in Grand Prairie, TX 4) Six flags has 1,900 5) Total sale = $3,098,708 6)Net income= $560,509 #1- In this article it talks about adding safe attractions to their park. They will ad Broadway shows and more plays throughout the park. These were put in so when you aren't on a ride you still can enjoy your time. #2- This article talks about a problem Cedar Fair had with a cable for a ride. This problem resulted and two people hurt and many in shock. 1) McDonalds sells fast food to people all over the world. 2)It is in the fast food industry 3)McDonalds Corporation is located in Oak Brook, Illinois. 4) McDonalds has 420,000 full time employes. 5) Total Sale= $83,114,000 6) Net income= $15,808,500 McDonalds(MCD) McDonald's vs. Wendy's #1- In this article its shows the new product the Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries. With this product they are trying to draw in more people that like spice food. #2- Wendy's and Honest Tea Bring Exclusive Real-Brewed, Organic Green Tea to Wendy's Restaurants Nationwide. The Tropical Green Tea blend gives Wendy's customers an organic beverage option that can only be enjoyed at the convenience of your local Wendy's. McDonald's News I would rather invest in is Six Flags. The stock price of Six Flags has rose $7 in the past year and Cedar Fair stock has only produced $.50. Six Flags may have a little more safety problems, but people are still going to the parks and having fun. I would invest in Six Flags because they are going up and Cedar Fair has been at a stand still or little gain for a long time. Six Flags vs. Cedar Fair #1- This article is about the death of a women on a ride at Six Flags. This women died do to failure of a roller coaster car. This could cause problems for them because people might not go now because they are concerned that this might happen again. #2- Twisted Colossus: New Hybrid Coaster in 2015,park introducing new record-breaking roller coaster.Twisted Colossus will set a record as the longest hybrid coaster in the world, offering a four-minute ride experience on nearly 5,000 feet of track. This will draw people from all over the world. Stock comparison Six Flags(SIX) 1) Wendy's is a fast food company 2) They are also in they fast food industry like McDonalds 3) Wendy's corporation is located in Dublin, Ohio 4) Wendy's have 31,200 employes 5) Total Sales= 47,053,715 6) Total net Income= $174,004 Cedar Fair News Wendy's News Cedar Fair(FUN) Six Flags News Wendy's(WEN)


Transcript: Very expensive Always crowded Lower level of excitement Company Overview In efforts to re-strategizing target markets, profited $275million Six Flags Timeline Expansion 2003-2007 Neglecting Safety Disneyland Worst Practice #2 Worst Practice #3 1962-2003 Not selective Employee Benefits Dalia Arreola, Sabrina Blando, Andre Vu, Sophie Koester Employee duration New Ownership Worst Practice #1 Dan Snyder & Mark Shapiro takes over Six Flags 6 parks close down to reduce debt CONS Rosy Esparza, 52, died on the tracks of the 14-story-high Texas Giant ride at the Arlington park after falling out of her seat as the roller coaster descended its first large hill. - most recent SIX FLAGS 1961 Six Flags partners & manages other parks around the world Cohesiveness Quantity vs. Quality Disneyland vs. Six Flags Six Flags Employee Selection/Hiring 11 other Accidents and Deaths: 2008 Lack of Brand Identity Improvement Astroworld, Great Adventures, Magic Mountain 2009 Not for young children Not open year round Short Hours No free flash passes Angus Wynne’s company, Great Southwest Corporation, opens Six Flags Over Texas. Worlds largest regional them park company Owns and operates regional theme, water and zoological parks. 1st park opened in 1961 in Texas 16 parks located in United States, one in Mexico, and one in Canada Filed for Bankruptcy Best Reaction @ Six Flags Could not meet deadlines for stockholders--file for $1.8billion debt

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