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Security In Schools Presentation Template

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Security in our Schools

Transcript: Security is a vital factor in our school systems. In the past decades their has been several incidents involving mass murders in schools. Why is it Important to have security? Columbine High School massacre-15 dead|24 injured| Sandy Hook Elementary School-28 dead|20 of them were children Virginia Tech University-32 dead|17 wounded Security is important to have have in schools because, it provides a safe,healthy and comfortable environment to help our students reach their fullest academic potential. Positives of Security Introduction Security in our Schools Having Metal detectors will secure and ensure the schools safety because it is near impossible to get a large knife or gun in. Having security cameras also helps because most intruders or wrong-doers don't want to get caught on camera committing crimes. Another positive that with security cameras it can help police catch the intruder The biggest pro for security is having a security guard. They are better at being able to deal with dangerous people, have a stronger presence and a more flexible reaction to threats Conclusion Famous Incidents In Conclusion without the proper security we cant provide the right education for our students, due to the fact that we would be in an environment where we wouldn't feel secure enough to learn and strive for academic success. Some schools cant afford the extra security intimidates students and always reminding them of the potential dangers Could decrease attendance, drop grades and an increase dropout rate, due to the uncomfortable setting. Negatives of Security

Security in Schools

Transcript: Security in Schools Helping to protect or fostering an atmosphere of unease and suspicion Pro it is a double edged sword See security Cameras as an improvement on child safety and to protect against theft and vandalism The Facts 98% of schools require all visitors to sign or check in at arrival 85% of schools lock or monitor entrances during school hours 49% of schools don't provide lockers for their students only 1% have metal detectors that the students pass through daily But... 6% require transparent book bags or have banned backpacks all together 1. To Protect the school premises from property damage. 2. To deter Property damage 3. To ensure the safety and security of individuals who are on the school premises 4. To monitor and deter criminal activity from occurring Against "The Fargo Public Schools uses electronic surveillance systems in order to help ensure that school premises and individuals on school premises are safe and secure.Any Person entering a school facility, on school property, or at a school function, or riding a school bus is subject to being videotaped." Many educators believe that the fear of getting caught is enough to deter vandalism and theft 86% of schools reporting crime (not including vandalism) that is about 1 crime for every 20 students My Artifact School Violence has declined most school age homicides occur at residences School associated violent deaths was at its height in 2007 with 63 Camera Locations while bullying is still a plays part in schools with the cameras around kids are more conscious of their actions That information can be abused administrators have used it as a time clock if the students are constantly being controlled the schools can't prepare them to be responsible adults if it's there it will be used for purposes other than what it was designed for it will take away funding from preventative measures such as anti-bullying campaigns In the Classroom Being on Camera isn't what it used to be we are on camera all the time Both North Dakota and Minnesota have anti-bullying legislation BUT... bullying is not illegal 28% of kids grades 6-12 and 20% of kids grades 9-12 have experienced bullying with an adult being notified 20-30% of the time There is transition time but eventually everyone forgets they are there one on one situations: even the accusations can ruin a career no audio: if you can only see are you getting the full story one teacher compared it to having the principal sit in some believe that if a teacher is uncomfortable with it they are doing something they shouldn't in and outside school building(s) all cameras shall not be concealed and clearly visible Cameras shall not be in areas where staff, students, and others have a reasonable expectation of privacy School Violence is exaggerated

Security in Schools

Transcript: German schools 1. Place your card on Pro or Con Spyware Marcus' school -> to counteract against criminal pupils -> Spyware, Finger Print, Face Recognition, Metal detector, ID-Cards 1. Surveillance in Marcus school 2. Surveillance in schools in the USA 3. Surveillance in German schools Task Sources Surveillance in schools in the Biometrics Pictures Microchip Cameras ->There is no determining in the law Surveillance in Schools What do you think about surveillance in schools? Face Recognition Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow Gait Recognition 2. Give reasons for your choose could restrict the childrens developement stage -> HeroK12 Gait-Cycle USA Books ->Radio-frequency identification (RFID) - Video Cameras Laptop

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