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Transcript: 168cm(5.5ft) vein ≒ see? nothing you can see... Is gun silencer’s sound so quiet that enemies can’t realize it?? What does Barbershop’s tri-colored light represent? a set of newspaper: $ 0.50 (약 600원) no air conditioner, no electric pan in that time Is Cleopatra an Egyptian???? In the Middle ages, all people believed that earth is flat ground Goldfish's memory is only 10second The average height of French young soldier is 165cm. not good? absolutely NOT! This information has been not confirmed as an established theory If we fold a 1mm-newspaper 42times, we can reach to the Moon Q. Who is the man tripped around the world at first and has responsibility for establishment of doctrine of spherical earth bandages Napoléon Bonaparte (1769~1821) Frequently Held Misconceptions 10 set The origin of ice cream con . chameleon changes its color as environment changes? 39 c' hot summer No, She came from Macedoinan Kingdom The Great Wall of China average 65 A french artillery officer Emperor of French Empire Eating apple at night is ......... BUT.. why? In desert, many people think that people almost die for dehydration Pigs are really stupid FHQ & Unknown Common Sense 4 set almost people pass away for drown 1904 St.Louis EXPO Impressive Prize For challengers (IQ point) MC. Yune Unless we have the brain like this kind Thank you QUIZ SHOW Does Napoleon have short height? in the medieval era, barbers not only worked as a hair cutter but also surgeons. Because it was quite easy to use various kinds of haircut tools for surgery mixture of Sticky Rice and the others average 80 artery a space shuttle price for one shot: $ 1.3 billion (약 1500억원) DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!! a week Try and Get it!! MC. Jeong

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