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Transcript: References C. La Fevers, "Durability of steel buildings - Keeping you safer in case of a fire," Real Estate: Building a Home , Feb. 2011, [Online]. Available: [Accessed Mar. 15, 2011]. Ameican University of Sharjah English for Engineering (ENG 207) Safe Buildings: Improvements of Infrastructure Team Members: Hadi Hamra @ 30516 Ali Ataya @ 31532 Mohammed Saghafifar @ 30579 Use of highly coated material that is very resistive to corrosion Advantages: The method is reliable. It is accurate and it finds the corrosion in the pipe accurately in a short period of time. Disadvantages: The cost of continuous maintenance is high. The required materials such as copper and magnified aluminium are expensive. It required specific software programs and trained people to work with it. Evaluation Usage of plastic concrete instead of normal concrete Track up the corrosion by designing a software which can alert and report about the corroded parts. M. Kharsham & A. Furman, "Vapor corrosion inhibitors in lubricants," Corrosion 2005, 2005. [Online]. Available: /Publications/Papers/05325.pdf. [Accessed Apr. 23, 2011]. Continuous maintenance of pipes and use of highly coated material Identification of Problems Collapse of reinforced-concrete buildings because concrete has huge compressive strength, but it is weak in tensile strength. Disasters resulting from the power of nature. (Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Soil settlement) Internal problems; including corrosion of water and gas pipes. Plastic concrete prevents soil settlements. Hydrocarbon lubricants can prevent corrosion on the applied parts in the metal. Blocks air Prevents oxidization of metals Thank You for Listening Plastic concrete: It is grinding up plastic and mixing it with portland cement instead of normal aggregates such as rocks and sands. We can; increase the ratio of steel to concrete Because; steel increases the sustainability of the building and strengthen its infrastructure. Plastic concrete Plastic concrete reduces the need for virgin materials in new construction. Evaluation Steel Advantages: Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. Steel is durable, safe and strong Steel is dimensionally stable. Steel is non-combustible. Disadvantages: Steel is expensive. Steel can soften and melt with exposure to extremely high temperatures. Quote and Paraphrase “Steel buildings are the only building types that won’t feed a fire. Buildings made of other materials have wooden frames that actually act as fuel to the flames. Steel gives your local fire department more time to respond before your entire building burns.” Says Cristina La Fevers, a civil engineer. Solutions Solutions Solutions / Evaluation References C. La Fevers, "Durability of steel buildings - Keeping you safer in case of a fire," Real Estate: Building a Home , Feb. 2011, [Online]. Available:[Accessed Mar. 15, 2011]. Limiting Corrosion of Pipes Comparison: Concrete has lower compressive and tensile strengths than steel. Background: Why concrete is still used more than steel? Building for commercial use and to Profit. It is faster to build with concrete. Project and Situation Safe building deals with the safety of the residents and the safety of the building itself. The project does not address environmental issues. Designing a strong and sophisticated infrastructure is the base for a safe building. Several problems might occur in buildings These problems cause failure in the infrastructure Leading to disasters. Evaluation Quote and Paraphrase Advantages: Plastic concrete is more sustainable than normal concrete. The environmental attributes of concrete can be further improved by using aggregates derived from industrial waste or using recycled concrete as aggregates. It is environmentally clean. Disadvantages: The chloride content of recycled aggregates is of concern if the material will be used in reinforced concrete.

Progress Presentation

Transcript: Any questions? & The Gallup Organisation (2010). An analysis into the amount of domestic tourism within the United Kingdom, and what attitudes and perceptions affect tourism choices. The aim of this project is to discover a new understanding of British attitudes and perceptions towards domestic tourism, and conclude by stating whether or not the UK will ever be seen as an attractive holiday by its residents. An analysis into the inferior number of British citizens holidaying within the United Kingdom in comparison to other European countries, and what determinants affect domestic tourism. Rajesh (2013) Methodology Luke Sipka Continue data collection and complete comparison of UK and NL questionnaires. Complete interviews based on questionnaires results, and highlight key points found from these. Attend 'From Survey to SPSS' event on 23rd January. Complete first draft of Literature Review by 25th January, improve based on feedback. Submit work to a high standard before 23rd April. Brida J.G, Disegna M, & Osti L. (2011) Jesus, J.D (2013). Revised Objectives Proposed Title Revised Title Plan of Action GOAL! Primary research: online questionnaire for quantitative data, and interviews based on the analysed questionnaire results for qualitative data. Secondary research: articles, journals, and webpages related to the subject found via Google Scholar and Summon. Sampling and sampling techniques (convinience, and snowball). Questions adapted from previous work. Investigate reasons behind the UK's inferior domestic tourism figure, using primary and secondary research. Conduct primary research in the form of an online survey, and interviews based on the analysed survey results. Use convinience and snowball sampling for the online survey. Collectively explore contemporary secondary data related to the subject, and draw together conclusions and recommendations. Statistics gathered and secondary research collected for proposal and feasibility report. Online questionnaire created, piloted, and made live. Proposed Objectives Progress Presentation The aim of this project is to discover a new understanding of British attitudes and perceptions towards domestic tourism. Progress so far Questionnaire results analysed. Interviews based on results started. Currently on target in proposed timescale. Revised Aim Theories and Models Proposed Aim Proving that this is not a basic issue that provides a simple answer, such as "it's because the weather isn't good". Conducting shrewd analysis into other reasons, such as economics, pressure from social media, and a search for escapism or novelty. A direct comparison shall be conducted to discover whether or not this is purely a UK issue, with residents of the Netherlands; a country chosen due to its similarity in terms of weather, location and economics, as there is only a 0.31% difference in the two countries CPI.

progress presentation

Transcript: Initial Concept Block Diagram 2nd Order Cut-off frequency References Switch Opened Low-Pass Characteristics with simulation Close coupling What is Wireless Power Transfer Progress Output voltage for square-wave input voltage Explore the boundaries Power System Communications Time Restraints Chopper Circuit (Step-up Style) Block Diagram (1st degree) Conclusion Electric toothbrush using wireless charging technology. Wireless Power Transfer Next Step Scheme of Work (Gantt Chart) Notice the descending amplitude Researching from New Zealand Concept of magnetic Inductive Coupling Output Voltage for low pass filter with sinusoid input Transmitter & Receiver Communication Qi;s version of the wireless power transfer concept Voltage Supplied to the transmitter DC Chopper Circuit receiver Circuitry Low-pass Filter Lander, C.W. (1993) Power Electronics, 3rd ed., Berkshire: McGraw-Hill. Mohan, N., Underland, T.M., Robbins, W.P. (1995) Power electronics: converters, applications, and design, Canada: John Wiley & Sons. Provakis, J.G., Manolakis, D.G. (1996) Digital signalling processing: principles, algorithms, and applications, 3rd ed., New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. Smith, D. (2009) ‘Wireless power spells end for cables’, The Observer, 04 Jan, available: (accessed 08 Dec 2012) Wilson, T.W. (2006) ‘How Wireless Power Works’, How stuff works, available: (accessed 08 Dec 2012 New Technology? What are its advantages? (Three main) Companies Involved (PowerBeam & MIT) PowerBeam (Solar concept) MIT (Resonance Concept ) Chopper Circuit Qualcomm Aim & Objectives Switch Closed Increase in amplitude Notice the slight distortion at the output General Cut-off frequency as filter order changes (in dB) Step-up Chopper Circuit simulation By Kayode Tinde

Progress Presentation

Transcript: What are the magic 8? A transcriptome analysis was conducted Analyzed 349 genes differentially expressed RNA at 2, 4, 10, & 30 minute time points separated genes chronologically 8 Genes differentially expressed at 2 minutes not expressed at any other time point during treatment. Magic 8 first response team? No other expression times during gps treatment More up regulation than down regulation • AT3G16180 (suppro)- • AT3G28340 (GATL10)- • AT3G59900 (ARGOS)- • AT3G61060 (PP2-A13)- • AT4G34770 (SAURL)- •AT1G64370- codes for unknown protein 1 •AT2G25510- codes for unknown protein 2 •AT2G44080 (ARL)- auxin regulated All in the Family Finish up root time course project (so close!) extract tissue from potted plants confirm gene mutations in desired genes (when the primers come in) Problem 1: Germination of Col (WT) Problem 2: glare on plate covers Problem 3: Germination of HSP81-5 learned to design primers using geneious and NCBI BLAST designed primers for all 8 genes, even though only 5 SALK lines obtained root curvature and length analysis from last year Craig's manuscript Future Plans Designing Primers major facilitator proteins (ARGOS) Troubleshooting photograph root time course GSTF9-2 and HSP81-5 mutants and Col (WT) at least 3 runs with 10 plants of each type 135 degree rotation for 24 hours the superfamily proteins (SUPPRO) The Genes Why all the trouble? The project: auxin-responsive protein family (SAURL) 3 pots per mutant seed type 5 mutant seed types Significance Solutions what went wrong? solution 1: sterilized new Col (WT) seeds Solution 2: constructed setup with low reflective surface; phototropic response issue? Solution 3: sterilized more HSP81-5 seeds Origins Potting Plants Root time course Project glucosyl transferase family 8 (GATL10) Magic 8 Project

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